Weekend not as planned

This weekend, we were supposed to be at the Virginia State Championships. But, as it seems, My cowboy got caught up at work late on Friday, and we were just going to leave out early in the morning.. but, wound up staying home :)  I can't say I was too bad disappointed..

Friday after work I wound up having the Farrier look at Maggie's Feet...  She had been limping and not running and riding like a plow horse.. So I was a bit worried about her..
and here is what he found..
her darn hoof wall was separating from the sole of her hoof and all.. so. big girl got her first pair of shoes...
and I put her in the front yard.. so she could mow the grass while I'm making sure she is ok..
I also have put her on supplements for her joints and this magical supplement called Mare Magic.. because she has a maretude. and this is like midol for horses :)

This weekend is Tennessee State championships.. I can't wait for it... big arena.. lots of people.. high stress situation..
I love it!!

Maggie Getting her Shoes

Not too much went on this weekend.. My mom and I went shopping..  and brace yourself... I bought a pair of high heels.. yes I said it...  I'm going to buy a dress to match them for the Marine Corps Ball!  It's going to be awesome...

I did manage to make Mini doughnuts, an apple pie and a pork roast...
then biscuits for breakfast..  We managed to throw down in the eating department this weekend..

Oh, I broke out with a rash.. and come to find out.. it's Poison Oak.  I'm not allergic to Poison Ivy.. but, apparently Oak is bad news for me..  Zeus jumped into the bed with me and loved all over me around my neck and shoulder.. and viola! I have it behind both ears and on my shoulder..  Kinda. sucks..
what was left of the apple pie

Zeus pretending he's not on the bed this morning

Dominick the Rooster


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