Who Stole My Provolone?

Sometimes, I have flashbacks of my childhood and all these old Italian classic songs.. especially Lou Monte... So I bought some Provolone cheese at the grocery store... and thought of this song "I went to work this mornin, down at the grocery store, I got a funny feeling as I walked through that door.  oh how I started shaking, for when I took a look, what hung down from the ceiling, was missing from that hook. oh who stole my provolone, whose got my great big cheese.." hahah
Anyways.. Tuesday night I decided to make yet a Different kind of meatloaf.
Here is what I did..

19 oz of Italian Sausage
1 lb of ground beef
3/4 cup chili sauce
1/4 cup water
3/4 cup rolled oats
1 egg
1 tbsp hot mexican chili powder
1 red bell pepper
1 cup corn
fresh baby spinach
and Provolone Cheese

I put half of the meatloaf mixture in the pan, then put provolone cheese and spinach on top.. then put the rest of the meatloaf in the pan.. and baked that joker for about an hour on 350..

So that was reallllly good.. right? So last night I decided to have it for left overs.. and after I had just finished telling my parents how wonderful it was, and they were over for supper...  I heat up the meaty goodness.. and head towards the table... and right through my fingers it slipped... and fell and there was meatloaf all over the floor... I was shocked... stunned.... disappointed even....
I had been looking forward to that stupid meatloaf all day... and there it was.. plastered all over the floor...  so we all went out to eat.... and I had wings.. and they sucked.. I'm about to the point where I will just stop eating hot wings altogether because they just suck now-a-days anyway can't find any that are good... at all.....

Maya thinking she's the queen of the house.

Jay Bird still washing dishes with me

Bought these two birds to decorate for fall with

My jalapeno omelet from Tuesday Morning :)


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