Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains

Thursday we hooked the harley up to the motorhome and got ready for our dash out of town on Friday afternoon.

We were meeting a few friends up there to ride the tail of the dragon..

Friday, we both got home fairly early.. and we headed up towards the Great Smoky Mountains...

before we hit Asheville, my cowboy looked at me and said.. "i'm getting tired.. you need to drive".. I said "ok" and I was completely figuring that he was going to pull over.. nope.. he set the cruise control and said.. get ready.. so we switched seats driving up I-26...  I think he conveniently got tired so he didn't have to drive through traffic in Asheville.. Well we finally make it onto I-40 west.. and he made me drive through all those winding mountain turns on the west end of Asheville... I felt like a granny driving like 40 miles an hour.. but holy crap the motorhome felt top heavy... We finally cross the Tennessee state line and got off about 9 miles later...  Once we hit the foothills parkway I pulled over and let my cowboy drive us there the rest of the way..
we roll up into our campground.. where it was definitely a nice campground.. but was totally ran by two type A personality people...
she told me where and what to do.. and how to ride the motorcycle through the campground and when quiet time was.. and what trolly line ran us back here... and i just nodded and smiled....
then her husband tried to tell my cowboy how to unload the trailer and where to put it.. and holy crap.. it was comical...
Souvenir photo from the show
But, shortly after I got the slide outs put out, our friends Eric and Sharyl showed up. and we headed off towards the Hatfields and McCoy show...
which was hilarious..
and during the intermission, like after you eat and they play some music.. which was all blue grass.. it was awesome..
anyways.. the intermission.. they start showing closeup shots of people in the audience and writing captions underneath their picture.. well I'm watching the big TV screen and I catch a glimpse of my cowboy on there. and he leans back all nonchalantly and stick his finger in his nose and starts just a diggin' for gold... I was laughing so hard I couldn't breath...  he diggin' in there real good.. pulls out a fake booger rolls it around and flicks it off his finger and goes back for more... the whole place was hysterical laughing.. I was crying I was laughing so hard..
The Old Mill
then after the show, people were coming up to him and saying.. that was funny.. and all.. and this one lady said "i'd shake your hand, but I know where it's been" hahahaha..
that was great...
that pretty much ended the evening..  we woke up and met our other friends at this place called Flapjacks.. holy crap.. i usually don't like buttermilk pancakes.. but theirs was awesome.. hahah
I ordered an omelet and it came with 2 "flapjacks" I ate all my breakfast.. but skipped lunch.. :)
Once sharyl and Eric were done with their 'time share seminar for staying in Gatlinburg for free', they met us at the old Mill..  which they were having a heritage festival..
holy crap..  I went into the candy shop.. and i bought like way too much fudge.. and then went into the old mill shop and bought some stone ground grits and cornmeal :)

Well we had originally planed to Ride the Tail of the Dragon..... *insert eerie music*

and we were all on our way to go there.. until we found out it was going to be like a 5-6 hour trip there and back... and my butt did not want to be stuck to the motorcycle that long..
so.. we opted to go to Cade's cove instead.. I love me some Cade's Cove..  Here are some of the pictures from Cade's Cove

Yes we saw a bear... and I tried to get closer to it.. but, this is as close as I could get.. before the joker ran off.. I reckon he's afraid of loud pipes hahah..

After our ride through cade's cove we wet to the Apple Barn, another favorite of mine.. and we all had supper there. then went to the winery for some nasty wine tasting...  the only one I liked was the muscadine wine.. so I bought a bottle of that and stuffed it in the saddle bags on the bike..

and that was pretty much our little 2 day trip to the smokies..  it has always been a favorite memory of mine... I have a lot of great memories of going there with my parents and it was just really nice to see that place again..

On our way home, we stopped at the western north carolina farmer's market.. and I got some produce and two big ole pumpkins :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apple Raisin Butter :)

 I'm so excited that the mornings are finally starting to be cool, and cool enough to wear a light jacket :)
I love autumn and fall.  It is my absolute favorite time of year.

Yesterday when I got home from the clinic I decided I needed to make Apple Raisin butter.  I was completely out by the way.  So I diced up some apples, that my father had brought me from his apple tree, and started simmering me up some apples....  a few hours later it was time to can them.  And I got 12 jelly jars full.  Plus I still have about 2 bushels of apples left.  I need to figure out what else to make :)

Like fried apple pies... and another apple pie.. :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Everyday life

So here is Dominick my Rooster..  He a big boy isn't he?
I love that guy.. even though he crows all day and night.. 
after being gone for Easterns for the week, I finally got to see Kismet..  she threw her head up and had her ears pointed towards me and I yelled to her.. and she neighed a big neigh and came running over..  I love when horses do that :)
Not much has been going on.. I've been in overdrive trying to get 2 weeks worth of laundry done, and get back into the groove of things..
We went to North Carolina this weekend, and I rode my cowboy's new horse Tattoo...
He's pretty darn awesome.. that's for sure..
I came in second on him, and I was thoroughly pleased with that..
I do miss Maggie, but I'm giving her the rest of the year off and I'll start slowly legging her back in after the Georgia State Shoot in October.
Maggie is doing great, I've got her on some joint supplements and in a paddock all by herself.. she is walking and running just fine on her own, so I think she might have just did a little sprain.

Jay Bird.....
When I got back from Tennessee, Jay had absolutely NO feathers on his head..
I asked my parents what happened.. and they didn't know.. so I wound up googling this. and found out that at the end of summer, songbirds with molt their head feathers, and they grow back in a couple of weeks.
Poor little fella.. he looks pitiful..

I was thinking about guns the past few days.. and I carry a Walther PPK.. and I was thinking I wanted to start carrying a judge..  5 shots of .410 bore... I'm going to experiment with it.. see how much it weighs in my purse compared to the walther, I think they are really close in weight though...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It was good to touch the green green grass of home.

Wednesday afternoon I headed to the airport with aluminum stirrup in my carry on bag, which was just really my purse... I got shook down in the security gate.. because they didn't know what the stirrups were in my bag.. so the supervisors supervisor had to come over.. and I had to explain to him I was on my way to the rodeo and last weekend my stirrups broke.. and then he asked me how did the metal ones break?  I said.. the other ones I had were made out of leather and rawhide so, I got a pair now that is guaranteed not to break....  I think he saw my blood pressure rising and he just said.. ok you can go on...

So finally I flew from columbia to charlotte, where my plane was delayed getting to the gate, because some dumb woman fell off the stairs of the plane onto the tarmac.. which I had no sympathy for because there is what, 6 stairs... so that made me have to run across the stupid airport to get to my plane that was leaving for Nashville.
Once I finally got to my connecting flight.. I was out of breath and in a bad mood..
I sat down in my upgraded First class seat.. and just wanted to catch my breath and relax... 
Titan and I
after we taxied and took off.. the flight attendant came over and asked what I would like to drink.. I said "jack" and he looked at me funny and said "and??" I said "a cup of ice".  The guy sitting next to me asked "are the drinks free"  I said "yeah".  so he got himself a whiskey and ginger... I told him he messed up by not asking for jack, he was given some Canadian whiskey..

we landed shortly after we took off.. and I was so glad to see my cowboy waiting for me outside the baggage claim... I haven't had to miss him in a long time, like a few years.. so we made a scene like I just got out of jail and then headed back to the arena.
The next day I got up and decided that I was going to give Titan a chance.. and we got out to the first stage of the main match.. and he blew it...  I was so pissed. it wasn't even funny...
and that was the story of the whole match.. waste of money and time..
Titan is a great horse.. just not for a Eastern United States Championship...

I missed Maggie like you wouldn't believe.  The last day, I decided I didn't want to fight with Titan anymore so I talked my cowboy into letting me ride his new horse Tattoo..
His real name is Rope a Wild Cow.
He's a roping horse and he took to gunfire like a champion.
Well anyways, I'm going to let Maggie rest for the remaining part of the year, and My cowboy thinks that is the best thing to do, and in a few month start riding her and bringing her back slowly. just to avoid any other problems that may occur due to her little limping spree that she did..
So the rest of the state competitions I'm going to be riding Tattoo and My cowboy is going to be riding Titan.  I'm also going to get my Father's horse back in shape so I can at least have him as a back up horse, because he's a darn good shooting horse.  He just hasn't been shot off of in a few years..  and I've been riding him english for a while..
Tattoo and my Cowboy
I rode Tattoo last night, and I think I'll ride Pokey tonight.  Then Tomorrow I get to See my Kizzy :) I miss that horse.. but, she's in good hands getting her little head put on straight!
I've decided I want to move up to a ladies level 4 in shooting, so I'm 2 wins away.. and I have 3 more state competitions to go.. so I'm going to make it happen with this Tattoo.. He's faster than any of the ladies 3 and 4 horses now, so all I gotta do is hit my targets and I should be good to go.
I sure do wish I was riding Miss Maggie Mae though..  It's amazing how much I didn't realize how lucky I was to have her.  She's honest and smooth and gets you where you need to be.
Someone told me at the competition that If I was a horse I'd be Maggie and if Maggie was a human she'd be me.   We are just made for each other :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

the Griswald's ain't got nothing on my weekend.

50 miles from Nashville
Well, I was excited... like loose sleep over going excited, to get to Tennessee..   I got up Friday and went to work, came home and was getting out of my corvette.  I turn around and there is my Cowboy. He says "we need to talk". So I'm all "alright, what is it".  He says "Maggie's limping".  Well I just went downhill from there..
I walked over to her.. and she wasn't limping.. she was plain out right gimping on her right rear.  she didn't even want to put weight on it..  my heart just sank.. she wasn't doing anything to get hurt, just bucking around the front yard at some point that morning. I was pissed to say the least..
So I was like, I'm not going.. I don't want to shoot, I don't want to go, end of story.  but, then I remembered I bought a non-refundable plane ticket and entry fees were already paid...
So I sucked it up, got on my broom and was full on out in b**** mode.  I put maggie back out in the pasture, and we loaded up Titan.. our 5 year old..
And off we went... My cowboy was driving the RV and trailer filled with food and tack for the 10 days.. and I was in our truck pulling the trailer and the horses....  after winding through the beautiful mountains on the North Carolina/Tennessee border we get to knoxville, where I proceeded to hang out the window yelling at this jerk that cut me off in traffic and made me go in the median.. he's lucky I didn't have a pistol handy.  Then we stop at a Flying J. Some guy in front of me just stops and parks practically in the middle of the entranceway.. I also yelled at him.  Then some lot lizard came up and asked for fuel, while we were pumping.. and my cowboy said "no, HELL NO".  Then some other fella comes up asking for money.. "I'm so sorry to bother you, we are out of gas and in need of some help"  I was about to come unglued and my cowboy let into him. told him he was a piece of crap etc.
well.. lets fast forward to getting there.. we got our stalls and then I was giving tattoo water and I bent over to pick up the water bucket and he came up behind me... blew warm breath on my neck and then nipped me... hahah.. that horse has the best personality ever.
I woke up early to ride titan in the arena.. and honestly I haven't ridden titan in a long long time..
so, I saddle him up and I get him up to the arena.. and put my foot in the stirrup and start to pull myself up and bam.. I was on the ground.. I'm thinking to myself.. did I miss the stirrup?  oh no.. I didn't.. it broke..
after a long day of trying to learn this horse and how he rides.. I put him back in his stall.. and I really miss Maggie.. she's like my best friend.. and it dawns on me.. I've never been at a competition without her.. I got all emotional in the stall with Titan.. poor guy....
but, after that.. I headed off to tractor supply to find a pair of stirrups.. which they didn't have.. so I asked the guy behind the counter at the service desk. He says.. oh about 13 miles down the road is another tractor supply and a tack store.. so I drive the 20-30 minutes down the road to the tack store.. closed..... then I go to the other tractor supply and check in there... no stirrups.. so again I ask the dude behind the counter and he said "yeah we don't have any", so I said "well do you know where I could get some?" and he said "yeah, at the stirrup store". and Apparently that was the straw that broke the camels back.. because I let loose on him.. and they asked me to leave.. so whatever..
I headed back to the arena..  but, not before stopping at publix.. where apparently I was the circus freak...
so I was not happy by the time I got back to the arena..
Sunday was no better... especially when it came time to go home..  My Cowboy drops me off at the airport... I check in and get my ticket.. then the TSA dude is looking at my id... then my ticket.. had me take my hat off.. then asked me how old I was.. and then asked me about my belt buckle... I refrained from the urge to tell  him it's so I can smack retards upside the head with it... and went through security....
While sitting at the gate I find out my plane is more than likely going to be delayed, but they weren't sure... how that happens I do not know..
so I decided to get something to eat to tide me over...
I sit down at some tennessee something or another restaurant.. had a bunch of pictures of jack daniels and stuff.. so I figured it would be ok..
well, the foreign waitress comes over and asks me what I want to drink... I said "sweet tea".. she said "we don't have sweet tea, only unsweetened iced tea".. I said "ok I'll have the unsweet tea" and she said again "we don't have sweet tea, only unsweetened iced tea" I proceeded to stare real hard at her.. then I asked her if she understood the word water.
so I decide on the bourbon ribeye with steamed vegetables and side salad.. she says "they are out of ribeye".  I said ok just give me any steak.  well apparently they don't have any steak at all.. I sighed deeply and said ribs.... the ribs was the neely recipe.. and the neely's suck and so do their ribs..
well we get on the plane about 45 minutes late.. and they said they were going to automatically change all of our connecting tickets... so up in the air and over to charlotte I go..... I get to charlotte.. and wow.. imagine that.. I missed my connecting flight to Columbia....
so I walk half way across the airport to find out that now my new connecting flight has been delayed...
I just want y'all to know.. I decided to fly because I didn't want to drive back the 6 hours home...
I left Nashville at 4pm and got back to columbia at 12:30am.. then the drive home..
I really could have driven home and made better time then playing airplane hop...