Everyday life

So here is Dominick my Rooster..  He a big boy isn't he?
I love that guy.. even though he crows all day and night.. 
after being gone for Easterns for the week, I finally got to see Kismet..  she threw her head up and had her ears pointed towards me and I yelled to her.. and she neighed a big neigh and came running over..  I love when horses do that :)
Not much has been going on.. I've been in overdrive trying to get 2 weeks worth of laundry done, and get back into the groove of things..
We went to North Carolina this weekend, and I rode my cowboy's new horse Tattoo...
He's pretty darn awesome.. that's for sure..
I came in second on him, and I was thoroughly pleased with that..
I do miss Maggie, but I'm giving her the rest of the year off and I'll start slowly legging her back in after the Georgia State Shoot in October.
Maggie is doing great, I've got her on some joint supplements and in a paddock all by herself.. she is walking and running just fine on her own, so I think she might have just did a little sprain.

Jay Bird.....
When I got back from Tennessee, Jay had absolutely NO feathers on his head..
I asked my parents what happened.. and they didn't know.. so I wound up googling this. and found out that at the end of summer, songbirds with molt their head feathers, and they grow back in a couple of weeks.
Poor little fella.. he looks pitiful..

I was thinking about guns the past few days.. and I carry a Walther PPK.. and I was thinking I wanted to start carrying a judge..  5 shots of .410 bore... I'm going to experiment with it.. see how much it weighs in my purse compared to the walther, I think they are really close in weight though...


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