It was good to touch the green green grass of home.

Wednesday afternoon I headed to the airport with aluminum stirrup in my carry on bag, which was just really my purse... I got shook down in the security gate.. because they didn't know what the stirrups were in my bag.. so the supervisors supervisor had to come over.. and I had to explain to him I was on my way to the rodeo and last weekend my stirrups broke.. and then he asked me how did the metal ones break?  I said.. the other ones I had were made out of leather and rawhide so, I got a pair now that is guaranteed not to break....  I think he saw my blood pressure rising and he just said.. ok you can go on...

So finally I flew from columbia to charlotte, where my plane was delayed getting to the gate, because some dumb woman fell off the stairs of the plane onto the tarmac.. which I had no sympathy for because there is what, 6 stairs... so that made me have to run across the stupid airport to get to my plane that was leaving for Nashville.
Once I finally got to my connecting flight.. I was out of breath and in a bad mood..
I sat down in my upgraded First class seat.. and just wanted to catch my breath and relax... 
Titan and I
after we taxied and took off.. the flight attendant came over and asked what I would like to drink.. I said "jack" and he looked at me funny and said "and??" I said "a cup of ice".  The guy sitting next to me asked "are the drinks free"  I said "yeah".  so he got himself a whiskey and ginger... I told him he messed up by not asking for jack, he was given some Canadian whiskey..

we landed shortly after we took off.. and I was so glad to see my cowboy waiting for me outside the baggage claim... I haven't had to miss him in a long time, like a few years.. so we made a scene like I just got out of jail and then headed back to the arena.
The next day I got up and decided that I was going to give Titan a chance.. and we got out to the first stage of the main match.. and he blew it...  I was so pissed. it wasn't even funny...
and that was the story of the whole match.. waste of money and time..
Titan is a great horse.. just not for a Eastern United States Championship...

I missed Maggie like you wouldn't believe.  The last day, I decided I didn't want to fight with Titan anymore so I talked my cowboy into letting me ride his new horse Tattoo..
His real name is Rope a Wild Cow.
He's a roping horse and he took to gunfire like a champion.
Well anyways, I'm going to let Maggie rest for the remaining part of the year, and My cowboy thinks that is the best thing to do, and in a few month start riding her and bringing her back slowly. just to avoid any other problems that may occur due to her little limping spree that she did..
So the rest of the state competitions I'm going to be riding Tattoo and My cowboy is going to be riding Titan.  I'm also going to get my Father's horse back in shape so I can at least have him as a back up horse, because he's a darn good shooting horse.  He just hasn't been shot off of in a few years..  and I've been riding him english for a while..
Tattoo and my Cowboy
I rode Tattoo last night, and I think I'll ride Pokey tonight.  Then Tomorrow I get to See my Kizzy :) I miss that horse.. but, she's in good hands getting her little head put on straight!
I've decided I want to move up to a ladies level 4 in shooting, so I'm 2 wins away.. and I have 3 more state competitions to go.. so I'm going to make it happen with this Tattoo.. He's faster than any of the ladies 3 and 4 horses now, so all I gotta do is hit my targets and I should be good to go.
I sure do wish I was riding Miss Maggie Mae though..  It's amazing how much I didn't realize how lucky I was to have her.  She's honest and smooth and gets you where you need to be.
Someone told me at the competition that If I was a horse I'd be Maggie and if Maggie was a human she'd be me.   We are just made for each other :)


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