Georgia State Championships and stuff

Well we had ourselves a wedding :) and everything was perfect..
At the beginning of the awards ceremony Robert got the high point cowgirl in Ga and High point cowboy to come up and he gave them their awards.. and when  they were taking pictures, Robert ran behind the corner, and I got him fixed up in his black hat, western jacket and colonial sanders tie.. and he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him... and she nodded..  I'm not really sure what happened because I was behind the scenes... but I know she said yes...
and then the frenzy was on.. I was decorating and running around like crazy...  and GJ was getting her pick of dresses that were already picked out for her..  It was a beautiful ceremony and they are two very dear friends to us, and I am so happy for them :)

I changed the bit In Maggie's mouth.. she had a port bit, and it was a training bit.  I'm not real sure why I didn't change it before.. but, I put a fancy snaffle with a small shank on her bridle... that mare loved it..  she was running harder than I have ever seen her run before.. we kicked some major ass.. until I missed a target.. but, I ran down one of my penalty times.. so we came in 3rd.. which was still in the money, and I broke even. so I was happy about that... My cowboy did really well too he was like 4th in his class with a miss..
I got this new camera.. right.. well..... I tried to download the videos I took... and for some reason the video clip is faster than the sound... and I'm not sure what iMovie did to it.. I'm going to try again and get them uploaded..

and with that being said... Let me get onto what I made for Supper last night :)
I made stuffed peppers, and grilles sausage with home made fried apple pies with vanilla ice cream.. :P
mmmm mmmmmmm goood!

Fried apple Pie

Stuffed Peppers before I baked them

My dad enjoying the fried apple pie


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