Cowboys Like us, sure do have fun

Every morning I'm greeted by Dominick and the chicky-poos.  They will wait for me on the front porch and If I don't come out soon enough, they start pecking on the door and making a racket trying to get their morning scratch feed.

I love walking in the yard and seeing them come running towards me.. The chicks know where the food is :)

Well a lot has happened... the TV broke, after I totally told my cowboy that we didn't need a new tv...  the one I have is a Sony.. and it's been working for about 10 years now.. and thursday night.. it wouldn't turn on.. so I unplugged it.. and tried again.. no.. so after about 10 minutes of me pressing the on/off button.. the joker finally turned on.. so Viola!  the tv didn't turn off until we went to Costco and bought a new one..
and holy crap...  have you seen the tv's now-a-days?  they are all light and flimsy.. the picture is pretty amazing through..  I couldn't believe the prices on those things though... holy crap there was like some huge 70" tv for like 3 grand.. I stood in front of it with my mouth hanging open.. it was like a kid at disney land.. everything was sooooooo big and lifelike...  I immediately came back to reality when I realized I was standing there looking like a retard... and went back to the other aisle.. that had the more practical tv's...  we went for the 40".  that's big enough..

i had a problem with my targa top on my corvette so I brought it to the Dealership.. I figured that was the right thing to do... then.. they give it back to me... and told me they checked it.. and it wasn't leaking....  Well  I know you are not supposed to run these cars through the car wash.. but, I did.. and it leaked like a faucet... so I brought it back... and they kept it another day.. and gave me back this: 

I hit the roof, but, they opted to fix it before I flipped completely out..  so.. I got it back and all seems to be well.. We shall see...

I've been kinda busy.. trying to can what's left of the stuff I had gotten out of the garden and farmers market.. and for some reason.. my jalapeno's have popped back up and going nuts... and I have a squash plant coming back.. as well as a zucchini.. so I'm thinking the garden is coming back to life.. hahah

but, I've made this so far:

Scuppernog Jam

Hot Salsa (not sure how hot yet)

As well as another batch of Apple Raisin Butter.. :)
Pecan Pie
then the other day my cowboy was having a rough few days at work.. so I decided to surprise him with a pecan pie..  So I whipped that together.. and baked it.. then left it on the counter for him, they headed off for my jumping lesson.. which brings me into my beautiful mare Kismet..

Camilla has really turned her around... that horse is a power house.. you can feel her motor and she's more balanced and becoming an awesome horse.. we have decided that next year I'm going to run the Show Jumping circuit with her.. and not so much the hunters.. she's just a very forward horse and would make a really good jumper.. so I told my trainer.. I just want to jump stuff.. haha.. so she said alright!

and last weekend I got to ride my Maggie Mae.. holy crap.. I missed her..  I missed all her bad attitudes and bad looks.. the way she slams into the entrance gate and starts hopping around and  rearing to go... man I had a blast on her.. and this weekend is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!
 I can't remember what else I wanted to write about....  So:


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