The first weekend home in months....

Thursday I rode poor ole Maggs in a English saddle... she wasn't too pleased with me :)
But, we were just trotting and working on some leg pressure stuff.. and about 45 minutes into it.. I hear a BAM, and It sounded like it was coming from over where my cowboy was bush hogging... so I figured he shot at something.. then I heard BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM.. he unloaded the whole clip.. So Maggs and I decided to go over there to see what the fuss was about... and about the time I got to the gate, My cowboy was coming back.. I said.. What was that.. he said "coyote".. I was like.. "did you miss it?"  he said "nope, but I shot it with a .380 so I wanted to make sure it was good and dead.."
hahah. So begins a story about Shotguns...  Friday, after work. I called him to see what was going on.. and we had lunch.. and he was talking about our coyote problem.. then I went and got my father, and he went down to Columbia with me to go get a dress for the Marine Corps Ball in November, on our way back we stopped at a Dunkin Donuts express.. haha and we had to make our own Iced Coffee's..
there is a list of directions like 10 lines long, on the proper way to make those jokers...
anyways, it was good.. so we get back on the highway.. and I'm like "hey, want to go check for deer tracks?" and My dad was all for that.. then I suggested riding out there on horses.. and he didn't really want to, because Pokey's bridle was at his house, and stuff.. but, I talked him into riding Maggie.  So I called my Cowboy and inquired where he was and what he was doing... he said he was on his way to the Pawn shop.. I said to myself.. hmm ok...  I didn't ask, but, I asked if he wanted to go ride, I'd tack up Tattoo for him and we'd be on our way.. he said no, he was going to start bush hogging.. so I rode Tattoo...  I'm glad we started bush hogging, because my normal trail through the pastures was like a wilderness... see the picture of us getting through the tall grass and weeds and junk.. it was over the horses heads..
we had a good time, checked fences, saw where deer were jumping the fence from the bordering national forest, and got some good ideas where to put some new tree stands on the property.

I was just saying Hi to the Heifers :)

Anyways, This has to be short today, I'm busy today :)
I'm about to head to Phoenix  for a seminar, and I think I have 5 days worth of patients to see in 2 days :)
I got some silkie chickens.. I got 1 rooster and 5 hens... So, I'll see how this little buggers do :)

Some say they are ugly.. Some say they are cute... I think they are interesting :)


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