My flight down here to Tampa was a good one.. Kind of weird traveling by myself.. My cowboy decided to go qualify his horse for the AQHA worlds... So he went to Arkansas... I wish I could have qualified my horse too.... It I'm here making a career advancement move...
My seminar starts at 8am this morning..
On my way down here to Tampa, I was siting next to a lady from Jamaica and every time we hit a bump she grabbed my arm..  It was pretty funny... You could obviously tell that she was nervous, so I decided to tell her that since we were sitting on the wing we were in great seats because, if the plane crashed it either hits the front or the tail, and the wing is always preserved...  Somehow I don't think she liked that much.... Well, once landed safe and sound in Tampa, I went to the rental car agency and shopped around.. Went with Avis, because I got a free upgrade to a mid size car for my military Id.  So I told him I wanted something red...  And I asked about a corvette.. And all they had was mustangs.. So I told him about my experience with the mustang and how it rates to my corvettes... And decided to give me a dodge avenger.. Lol... It's red though..
I pull up to the hotel which is only about 20 minutes away from the airport... And holy crap once I got into my room.. It's a studio apartment... I mean complete with kitchen, dinette, refrigerator, stove and dishwasher..  Score!  I also have a little living room which has a chase lounge in it..  I am completely happy with the living quarters here...the bed was quite comfy too.. And smelled of clean bleach hahaha..
I looked around for some place to eat last night and nothing seemed to fancy me so I went to publix..  Now we don't have those up where I live.. I bought boars head hard salami, provolone and some 3 pepper cheese that was absolutely awesome....
Then low and behold in the produce section.... I found something that I love and haven't seen in ages... Arugula! So I grabbed that, a rotisserie chicken, so peanut butter and a bottle of wine.. Now the wine I got was my favorite... A ruffino.. I was shocked they had it.. Me and my bitter chiani's...
Anyways.. I returned to my little studio.. And unloaded everything and set me up a great meal..
If you know me.. You know that I had a high faluting job in New York City when I was in my early early 20s..  And this reminds me of good memories of NYC..
Speaking of NYC.. I have recently been having dreams of New York.. Like running to catch my ferry in the mornings and packing in on the subways... I miss that stupid place sometimes... I'd like to go visit just to reminisce.. It I am afraid I would get all pissed off and hate New York.. Lol..
I better get going to my seminar..


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