The first of the holidays

The Thanksgiving season started off with me baking pies... Caramel apple pie and pecan pie..

And then I remembered I had Buccia di Sambuca in the bar.. so I made Biscotti cookies :)

Thanksgiving was pretty good..  turkey, ham and fixins.. I ate to much.. as usual.. but, hey.. it's the holidays and we are celebrating turkey and dressing here.. hahah
But, honestly I missed my family.. and my mama's dressing.... 
After thanksgiving dinner.. there was a lot of lounging around going on... Until my sister-in-law decided we should go black friday shopping....  which I finally agreed to.. and viola... My ma-in-law, sister-in-law and niece loaded up into the car and headed out....
we were real rebellious.. we went to Michael's Craft store.. hahaha
I got some yarn and that was about the extent of our Black Friday shopping experience.. which really wasn't an experience at all...

The next morning I woke up to this..  ->
 they were laying on me waiting for me to get up.. and we got up and went shopping for propane..
Someone is supposed to come out to the house to figure out where to put the tank... and all that.. but, the main thing in this story.. is the fact that I'M GETTING A GAS RANGE!!!!!!!!!!!
and some logs in the fireplace.. that we broke open and found a nice little fireplace in there..
but, none-the-less.. I'm excited about getting gas... lol..

This weekend I am going to study Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation on horses, dogs and cats.. I'm thinking this might be a strategic career move.. especially since we rodeo all the time, people always need someone to look at their horse and all...   I leave tomorrow.. and yes.. it's just me..  because my cowboy is heading off to Arkansas instead of with me... he wants to qualify his horse for the AQHA worlds crap.. so he's headed to Arkansas..
other than that..
I have some bad news.. a dear friend of ours was trail riding in the north Georgia mountains.. and she got hurt.. let me explain..the last time we went up there, it's called war woman, we were on some pig trails and I was nervous going up this mountain my horse sioux was on her belly climbing up this hill, while she was sliding down.. it was pretty bad..  so bad that my cowboy and I said we'd never ride that trail again...
but our friends were up there with another couple and they took them back on that trail... well my friends horse tried to get up the hill and fell over backwards on top of her.  she was life flighted to Greenville memorial.  They are from Georgia.. but, that hospital was the closest trauma center... so there is where she was.. she had a subdural hematoma and a subarachnoid hematoma in her left temporal lobe.. it was touchy.. the neurologist said that she wasn't going to wake up for at least a month.. but, by God's graciousness she has started to come to as of yesterday, she doesn't remember the accident or know where she was.. but, things are starting to look up...


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