and on the 5th day of christmas... i bought 5 AR-15's

no joke, we really did... got four .223s and one .308.. just in case the retards up in the white house decide that we should have an assault rifle ban again... *rolls eyes*

Anyways.. last night I was in full out panic mode.. I went to get my horse (Kismet) and ride her before it got dark and all.. and she wasn't acting herself.. I'm walking up to her in the pasture.. and she usually comes over... she just stood there.. so when I got closer to her.. i realized that she was all cut up..  I loved on her for a minute, then put her halter on and tried to get her to walk out of the pasture.. and she didn't want any part of walking.. it took me like 20 minutes to get her from next to the barn to the round pen outside... and it's not that far....  she was limping so bad... I get her to the round pen and I took off running towards the house, because I didn't have my phone with me... I placed a quick call to my Veterinarians phone and left a message and got to inspecting what happened...  this pic is before I washed it out.. It was so swollen and skin hanging.. ugh.. Now that I look at it, It's not really that bad... that's what my Vet and my cowboy told me..
 The Vet got to the ranch about an hour later.. and cut off the hanging flaps and all, and she had a puncture wound on her stomach...  He said she must have jumped something..
I'm not sure what.. she's a 4 foot jumper she can jump the fence if she wanted to.. but, I didn't see anything along the fence line.. so I just don't know..
She broke a sweat last night and I could tell she was in pain, I gave her antibiotics and pain meds this morning when I fed her.. and sprayed he wounds down with scarlet oil...
my poor poor horse... :(

What a way to ruin my mood...
but, we did go and check on the cows..

they are doing good.. and we have two new calfs...

one more day of work and I have a week break.. I wish I had a break from people during that time.. but, that won't happen..


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