Jingle Bells..... well Bells the kitten

A bunch of junk has happened since I was in Tampa..  and I got too busy to get on here to write about it all...  Last weekend I was in Lexington Virginia at the Equestrian center.. I was pretty pissed off at most of the people there and the attitude of some of the contestants...
but, I did ride my horse up in the middle of a "christmas in camelot" party. It was really a renaissance fair.  People all dressed up in pretty gowns and stuff, a minstrel band and everything. They were singing christmas songs and the such...
Maggs and I walked on over to the food tent and got us some delightful dish called "pig on a stick" came with a roasted apple and everything..  I also got me some spiced cider.. I was tempted to try her bubbly potion but, I wasn't sure what that was all about..
Oh then on the drive home we get to Roanoke, and my cowboy is like.. "oh I'm tired, you need to drive" well.. that was all fine and good it was about 7:30pm... I'm driving through Virginia.. he's asleep in the back... I get to the intersection of 81 and 77.... get onto 77 an start heading back towards the carolinas and I'm steady climbing this mountain... and for the life of me, I couldn't remember what side was the bleeding side..  You know.. which side was imminent death, and which side was the side of the mountain..  and I mention that because I started to see signs that said "dense fog ahead, adjust speed to visibility" so here I am, with this motorhome pulling  horse trailer with our horses in it... going down a 7% grade and can't see more than like 15 feet ahead of me...  I was doing like 25 mph... by the time I hit North Carolina and the end of that mountain, I was pretty awake.... until I got to about Charlotte... I was passing over Norman Lake and some big gust of wind gets me and makes me drive brail for a hot minute... and from the peanut gallery in the back I hear "are you ok"  I said "yeah why". He says "stop driving brail"..... uh huh... so I said.. "I'm not, it was a gust of wind... are you up now?" he says all irritated "no, I'm going back to sleep".  well i'm sitting here thinking to myself... nice.. i've been driving like 5 hours and he's still sleeping... so I call my mom and talked to her until I crossed into Southern Carolina and stopped at the welcome center... My arse was going to take a nap....  my cowboy gets up and he's like.. why did you stop... I said.. I'm tired... then explained what happened with the fog, and the wind and we were in South Carolina.. and he couldn't believe it.. he though he had dozed off for about 5 minutes when the wind hit us... hahah.. so needless to say.. I slept the rest of the way home :)

And onto this past weekend, my Mom and Dad are up here.. and we decided to go riding on the palmetto trail on Saturday... had a great time.. packed in some MRE's and had a picnic lunch type thing on the banks of the river.. then road back to where we parked the trailer.. it was a good 8 mile ride :)
Maggie Mae and Me
Dad and his trusty steed Pokey

Clint in the woods with Tattoo
Some of the woods

Very pretty stuff up in here

After we got back from riding, and got everyone settled.. My Cowboy and my dad went to go check on the cows.. while they were doing that.. I decided that maybe I could get in the Christmas spirit and all that crap..

So here is the tree.. with the light up snoopy I bought...
I wound up watching The Charlie brown christmas special and wished I was a kid again... then decided to make Oatmeal raising and chocolate cookies... then ate that for supper with some milk.. hahahaha
any ways... no garland.. just ornaments.. It is like 7 days before Christmas and stuff..  so less crap to take down :)

I did wind up buying some christmas stockings...
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... I re-arranged alll the rooms in the house..  The room depicted in the picture to the left, is the old like formal sitting room....
I totally took that over, because there is a fireplace in there.. that was boarded up, well We have been getting quotes from the gas companies about running propane to the house, so I can get a Gas range and gas logs.. so we opened the fireplace up.. and viola.. new living room... :)

Now, last Friday my assistant came into the office with a kitten.... and what do you think happened?  I brought it home with me...  I don't think my cowboy was too happy, but, she's a sweet little thing :)
I named her Bells.. as in Jingle Bells..


And in closing I will say this... I am working on another cooking video... It will be a christmas edition, with some italian favorites :)


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