Bad Mama Chickens

Well, after a lot of advice from some Farmgirl friends, I wound up putting up a heat lamp and getting the babies all settled in the coop.... and at work yesterday I decided that I wanted to put them in their own brooding box... sooooooooo, after I went and got that all made up and all.... I went to get the chicks.. and they are dead....  so I scolded the Mama chickens and told them they were horrible..
I have some more babies, ready to get hatched in a few weeks.. so I will remove them immediately from the Mama's and take care of them myself...  I was really sad that, that happened.. But, I'm ready and learned my lesson..
On another note.. the power company finally came in and put up our lights in the arena.. too bad it was 30 degrees with wind last night.. I can ride in the cold... I just can't ride with the wind...
Kismet is doing great.. her wound looks good, just she doesn't have hair down the inside of her left leg that was oozing.. but, she's walking great and looks like she feels good...  as long as the weather is nice, I'm going to ride her this weekend, and try to start getting her ready for a jumping show in NC on February 16th.


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