Chickens are like potato chips.. you can't have just one

We started doing some cleaning up around the ranch.. and I've also slowly been remodeling our utility room, more like turning it into my crafting/sewing room :)
We got the milking bar back up and running, we had the harley in there and a bunch of stuff that just got shoved in the old barn.. so, we rummaged through that and threw out some junk and the such..
Cleaned up the bar top and fabuloso-ed the floors..  It smells and looks real nice in there now....

On another note, Friday after I closed up the clinic I went home and decided I was going to try making candles... So I laid everything out and got started on this project...
Getting Ready

First thing, I went to Fred's and got a cheap ole mixing bowl and a cheap pot.  I wasn't sure what sort of mess I was about to make..  So I put the wax  on the stove using the double boiler method... as shown above..

waited for it to start melting, and I wasn't sure exactly what it would look like or start to do...

Once it was all melted, I had to wait until the wax cooled down to 130 degrees... it was up at 150+ after it was all melted completely.

Then I carefully, well tried to be as careful as I could.. poor the wax into the 6 mason jars that I had fixed wicks into....
ask me how that went.... not so good... I pour wax all over the countertop, floor and myself... it was awesome.. hahaha..  but, I did decide that next time I would do this outside..  I put some unmelted wax pieces and some glitter for decoration... I think it looks nice... smells good to, it smells like Honey Almond :)

After that, I brought one of the freezers from the bar into the house, put all the deer meat in that freezer and left the other freezer full of beef.. that made everything a little more manageable..
I also, brought in this double burner counter top thingy from a restaurant and put it on top of the stainless steel freezer that I brought in.. that will now be the new candle making station.. haha.

Random Picture of me when I was a wee lil girl.

Saturday Morning I woke up to frost everywhere.. I though we had brought back the nice Florida weather with us, but we didn't.. which is ok, we need some cold days to kill the bugs and junk that didn't die last year.  Winter last year was very very mild.

After some of the frost melted and the sun came out I went to go check on the chickens.. and I heard a little peep peep peep noise coming out of a nesting box...  I peeked in there and found a baby chicken..
and now there are 4 I have a little yellow one, a black one, and then 2 that are yellow and black... So I'm figuring I have one White Silkie, one Black and 2 partridge.. :)
First baby chick

Sunday, we went to see Don Williams down at the opera house.. boy that was good.. He's getting up there in age, but you can't tell it in his voice..

All in all we had a great weekend at home.. got a lot of stuff accomplished that we needed to do and have been putting off... that is about all that's going on around here..


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