Eastern Colt Championship

Maggs and I
 We headed on down to jacksonville, to try our luck at the jackpot of money and buckles at the Eastern Colt championship....
Well, I didn't do so well.. I did however make it back to the Saturday Night Showcase, there was only 10 of us... and had it all on the line for like $2,500 bucks... and Maggie and I went hauling tail up the side of the arena, wen to make our first turn maggie's feet went out from under her front end and she went down to her knees.. we got back up and if she would have slid just a few inches shorter... we would have actually made the turn.. but, alas.. we didn't... and we had to go back through...
I finished somewhere down the bottom.. but I did get a check for 160 something...  I was shocked when I got that.. hahaha
but, now...... My Cowboy... ohhhhhh man, he was on fire.  Him and his horse Tattoo were cleaning it up..
He wound up winning the Mend SemiPro division.. got himself a nice beltbuckles and a fat check and a big grin...
I was so proud of him.. the last stage he had to run.. I believe he was outrunning these guys by about 3 seconds... and all he had to do was take it on cruise control and shoot all his targets..
Maggie and I headed up into the exit gate to watch.. and he took the course.. and we were screaming and he shot all 10 targets and boy we come unglued!!!!!!!!!

Isn't that awesome?
I'm going to try my luck at the Fort Worth Stockyard Show..

  We will see how that goes :)
Here is a picture of Maggie and I at the Eastern Colt..  this picture was taken by a good buddy of ours Jim.

Bells, went to the Vet today to get fixed....  I'm going to make a composting pit this weekend out of palets.. and I'm going to start production on my square foot gardening bins..
I have gotten to the process of building up the garden on paper.. then I'm going to get the seeds and start, starting them.. I'm still waiting on my heirloom seeds catalog to come in the mail..
I haven't begun reading about the greenhouse yet, but I did find out how to make a sun house for all year gardening... the greenhouse book I did buy is on non-heated greenhouses.. so we shall see about that.  things are a little slow around the office.. no one has met their deductibles and no one wants to pay full price for anything.. lol..  Oh well.  more time for me to do some studying on gardening...


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