Well it's official we are headed tot he stock show.  I put this sticker in the window of the truck Saturday :)   I wound up preparing way to much food for my cowboy and his friend. When I say too much, I made them a ranch cream cheese dip, French onion dip and spinach dip.  And put an array of crackers, chips and pretzels along with celery and carrots for dipping.
I also made them as my cowboy calls them "gourmet sandwiches"..  Meaning, turkey, Swiss, apples and Russian dressing, and ham, avocado bacon and cheddar...
They left out early Sunday morning.. And m y plane leaves tomorrow about 12:51.. 

Chicken pot pie
This right here is a chicken pot pie I made Friday night.  Now Friday I had my corvette all detailed and waxed by a fella down the street... Now when I went to go get the car... We got us a big ole ice storm.. It was awesome.. My newly waxed and pampered car was covered In ice and freezing ran...  I was pretty disappointed because it sure did look pretty for all of 5 minutes... Now that wouldn't have happened if I didn't get the car detailed... Same goes for rain... But, what I was getting at, was that it was freezing.. Went from 60 to 22 in a day...  So I decided to make some comfort food..  We threw down on this pot pie Friday night, then my brother and father joined us for supper Saturday night, and we had enough for all of us..
My brother said this was the best pot pie he ever had... Better than Marie calendars hahahah.
Ice cicles Saturday morning

Maya yelling she needed another beer

My dad and cowboy

Zeus deciding to bartender!


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