Valentine's Day

Started the day off with a big box of chocolates and a beautiful card from my cowboy :)
Then I got to work to find a delivery from the Floral Shop!!  :)
I like Day's like this!
We aren't celebrating Valentine's day today.. we are going to go to a nice fancy, like get all dressed up, restaurant tomorrow downtown Columbia.  Less people and a better day.

I had gotten myself into some more shenanigans yesterday after work..
I had that silkie rooster that I was selling, so I worked out a trade for a barred rock plymouth hen.  So I get to the ladies house, and Get out with my rooster... and go to put him into her pen.. and what does he do? yeah.. that's right... he freaked out and I dropped him and there he went......
I tried running after him and trying to corner him, but that didn't work... we laughed about it and she said she'd try to catch him..  I didn't want to take the hen, in case she didn't catch the rooster... so I told her to call me if she got him... lol..

I did get my incubator in the mail.. I need to research on how long after the eggs are laid do you put them in there and the such....  which I'm fixin' to go do now.. :)


  1. How sweet. Enjoy your dinner. Don't eat the chicken! :)


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