Friday, March 29, 2013


Gotta love the baldy babies..
I'm not sure if I had wrote about this but last year I went to a seminar in Florida on a thing called Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation... And this leads into my story....
Last night while I was watching the timer on the oven count down on the meatloaf that was baking...
I got a phone call from a patient of mine, and she explained to me that her step mothers dog was down in the back and wouldn't stand up or walk.  I explained that I was in the middle of supper, but, I'd look at him if she brought him to my house.  So I gave her directions and told her to head out in an hour and that would be perfect timing..
I see a car pull in to my drive way so I went outside and this lady picked her boxer puppy out of the car and we brought him into the barn and she set him down.  That poor dog wouldn't walk.  So I adjusted him and did some veterinary muscle release on his lower lumbar/pelvic area and that dog got up slowly and started walking around.. so I told his owner to walk him around outside... and he was a little stiff going at first but, after that..  he looked pretty much back to normal.... so she was pretty much teary eyed and happy....  They left..
The next day I saw that patient, and she explained that the dog was moving around good and he was just a little hesitant to get up.. so I told her to bring the dog by my office and I'll work on him again...
well about mid afternoon I go out into my waiting room and there is Sam the boxer.. I took him on back into a room and went over him again.. and that dog ran out of my office and jumped straight up into the car....  that is truly amazing..

Now a side note, I had a lady ask me about her horse... so we picked a day which was Wednesday.. and I went out to see her horse and check him over.. and he had altered gait and some problems.. so I told her I thought I could help...  So I adjusted him, lasered him and did some Muscle release on him as well... and told her to go ride him...
well she called me this morning in tears telling me her horse felt about as normal as he ever felt...
I've had a long week of horses and dogs.. and after I close my clinic today at 12.  I am off to Charlotte to go see a few horses at a barn.....

My heart goes out more to animals then anything....

And now for some shenanigans..
So the other day... My cowboy got his truck stuck in the way back pasture, while he was putting out some feed....  he called me to tell me he was going back there and I was on my way back from work.... and I said ok.... I'll be home in a minute.. before I made it into the driveway I got another call "i'm stuck"   So I said, Ok I'll change my clothes and come get you with the tractor... and I ran into the house, let the dogs out and cranked up the tractor and headed down the street to go rescue him...
I snapped this shot.. it's only appropriate :)

These pastures are Still drenched after all the rain we have had...

the new storage building

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another Rainy Weekend....

zeus waiting for table scraps
This weekend was a rainy one...  Friday after work, it was windy and cold, so we decided to go drive to some town to check out these storage buildings that some guy had listed on craigslist.. so, we did that what an experience that place was...  we drove into about the middle of no where and found a driveway in the middle of what looked like the ghetto... My Cowboy asked me if I had my gun.. which I did and had it out and in my pocket, one in the chamber and ready to go....  then we found the building and a car with north carolina plates with the doors open and a dog barking...
really odd situation... so I had my hand on the gun and out from behind this building comes this guy... named skip.... heh... so we looked at the building and decided we liked it.. and put a downpayment on it and headed back our way...
Then I was texting my friend.. and we decided that we would meet and have dinner..  so we went for mexican and then after chowing down on that crap we went back to our milk'in bar-n to have a few drinks. we danced and had a good ole time listening to music..  then called it a night..

Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of rain hitting the tin.. and It was raining hard...  My cowboy requested some biscuits, so I got up and made those directly.. we had biscuits, eggs and bacon... I would have mentioned gravy but there was none.. because apparently I was out of milk.. lol... I made these biscuits with half and half...  I mixed like 1/3 a cup of water with the rest half and half to make up 3/4 of a cup and they were pretty good..

Then I cleaned the house and mopped the floors.. got everything all looking pretty...
and we headed to charlotte for my friend Lee's birthday :)
she's 29 and holding for the record....(me too for that matter)
and I rode a really really green horse... just to see if I liked him.. and I did.. but he's not ready for me to take...
I was told about 2 more weeks and he'd be a better boy..
so I'm going to try him out again, then and make a decision if he's gonna be my new up and coming jumper or not..  I just need a nice trot and canter.. and I'll finish the rest...
Then I hung out with Cocaine a bit... he's our stallion...  We were keeping him a bit of a secret.. but, crap leaked out somewhere and people kinda know about him..
but, I couldn't help it.. I love this picture of him and me...
He's gonna be a pretty boy.. he's only 2...  apparently he's a bit sporty under saddle yet...  well that night we headed out to eat for Lee's birthday and then we were going to go to a big country dance hall afterwards.. but, things changed.. and it was about 1:30am before we got back to their house that night...  we decided to just spend the night there with them.. In the morning we were all gung ho about about to Waffle house.. but, got side tracked talking about home made biscuits... to which I wound up making more biscuits, sausage gravy and some franks red hot eggs....
Those things were Killer..
2 tbsp Frank's Red hot sauce
4 eggs
1/2 cup cheddar cheese
1 tbsp butter
salt and pepper to taste...
beat all that stuff together melt the butter in the skillet and scramble away...

It was really really good...  Found the recipe on the egg carton...  this is cheesy but I was all staring at the color of the store bought egg yolks.. they are pale yellow and not all deep and dark orangey yellow like my girls lay...  but, eggs are eggs and they were good mixed with the hot sauce.. Then we headed back home in the rain.. and did nothing for the rest of the day..  and that was about it..  Now for some pictures of the weekend..

This is me singing on Friday night.. haha

My babies are getting big!

I got the videos from Ft. Worth in the mail.. Bells was intently watching us on tv

Baby Jay bird loves himself some grapes

Mama Sweet Tea bird loves the whole bunch of grapes.. haha

Tim.. the horse I am thinking about.. he's a big'un

Sweet Face on him... he's 3 turning 4 I think

Personal pizza's I made last night for supper...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The First day of spring

Hammy is happy that spring is on its way :)

Well, the first day of spring was not as warm and I thought it would have been.  But, I did manage to plant 1 red raspberry bush, 1 blackberry bush, 2 red seedless grape vines, 1 gala apple tree, 1 Braeburn apple tree and a peach tree.
And I bought some gerber daisies and pansies :)

That is about all that I did... I'm waiting to put my garden in.. tonight there is a threat of it being 28 degrees.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kismet and I


this is a little mix from the other weekend at the schooling show..
I clean up good :)

Georgia on my Mind...

Inside before they really got started
This weekend, My cowboy grabbed a few of his employees and we all headed down to Georgia to take down the barn.  Well, I was in charge of cleaning out the basement at my parents house and helping pack up some stuff, since they are moving up here to the promised land  :)
we left here around 1p.m. which put us in Atlanta rush hour traffic.  which made me lean out the window and scream at people and blow the horn.... I don't like that crap at all..  I don't understand how people can live like that.. every day in traffic.. people cutting you off....  I vaguely remember how many sets of brake pads I used to go through in a year...
We got up to my parents farm around 7:45.  Showed the guys what we were taking down and they about fell out..  I explained that the barn is about 6 stalls short of what it was previously...
We checked them into a hotel, got everyone some food.. and went to sleep around 11.
Got up about 6am, headed to the hotel to pick up the guys and headed back to my Parents..

Before Lunch

end of the 1st day

at the end of the first day I got most of the basement sorted out... and the guys only had a skeleton of the barn left to take down..  I made burgers on the grill for lunch, and My grandmother made the guys a tray of lasagna to eat for supper.  I think everyone was happy.  I did buy the guys a case of beer, but, it's still in the cooler.  I believe they only drank about 1 a piece.. haha..

The next day we got all the crap loaded up on the trailers and I loaded the good ole ford truck up with my crap that I was saving from my childhood. haha..  I did throw away a lot of stuff.. and it felt good to throw stuff away..  In fact I think Wednesday I might rummage and throw crap away at my house :)

Sunday we made it back to South Carolina around 10p.m.  because, we left super late from Georgia..
I was extremely excited when I crossed over Lake Hartwell into South Carolina.. 

No real good stories from this weekend or anything... just trying to sort out about 20 years of stuff and move it into a new place... 
Betsy was happy to see me this morning
Zeus waiting for me to drop food in the kitchen

Rocky, the ex-barn cat turned indoor cat after some run in where he lost his eye in a fight.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

More babies :)

I was completely loving the weather the past few days.... until this morning.. 31*F and COLD... 
Spring is threatening to come.. and I just wish it would.. this weekend is going to be great in the 70s.  But, I won't be here to enjoy it...
I will be headed back to Georgia on Friday to help my parents pack up, and my cowboy is bringing some men down with us, so they can disassemble my barn and move it from Georgia to South Carolina...
I'm so excited to have my barn back..
I've been scheming and planning, and I'm going to put it at the top of the hill overlooking the horse general population pasture and put a big party deck on the side of it... There will be some good throwing down times to be had there :)

Anyways, On another note, It's baby calf season.. and I have 5 babies on the ground so far...  Tonight I will update my records on the Mama's and their dates of birth :)

It's about time to round them up and vaccinate... and ear tag the babies.. in fact it's probably time to round some of the steers up to go to the sale..

I've been toying around with the idea of running for County Coroner... I should have just became a Medical Examiner...  Anyways before I can run I need 640 hours of crime scene investigation experience........  I'm wondering how the heck I can get that...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I woke up this morning to little chirp chirp noises :)
I had 2 babies already hatched and 1 was on his way out!!!!
I was so excited you just don't know :)

I'm still waiting on the silkies and a few others... then I'm going to put a big batch of silkies in the incubator and see what I can't get going with breeding those jokers..

Monday, March 11, 2013

Day Light and horse shows...

Well my favorite day in the world was here yesterday.. Day Light Savings Time..
I woke up Sunday from a very tiring Saturday..
but, I was ecstatic to realize that I had a whole extra hour of daylight..
Speaking of Saturday.. Lets get into that..
I woke up at about 4am... to a text message.. never mind the fact that the alarm clock had been going off for 30 minutes..  The text was from my friend saying she was headed my way...
I wrote her back that I was totally out of bed now and would be ready by the time she got to my house..
I got dressed in super speed time :)  I had all my clothes laid out to go to the jumping show...
I grabbed a banana and some fruit for the road and ran outside and loaded Kismet up onto the trailer and soon Kristina pulled into my driveway.. and we loaded ourselves up and was out of my driveway by 4:45.  We were at my friend Abbi's house before 6.  Loaded her stuff and her horse Sky into my trailer and off we went to Georgia...
We had a GREAT time driving there..  got lost once or twice.. because the roads are crazy up there..
Once we made it, we tacked our horses up and got to the warm up pen.. not before being yelled at by some guy.. who I would definitely question his man hood... since he was wearing breeches... but, whatever.. hahah
Kismet and I in Georgia

Kizzy was not on her best behavior... she was full of all kinds of surprises like, denying the first jump 3 times, denying the stone wall... oh and not to mention bucking... so.. we placed 3rd, 3rd and 4th out of 6... and that was because two girls fell off and one went off course... hahaha.. so whatever..

it's not entirely her fault, it's been raining and the arena has been a mud hole, which I will not jump in... so I understand she wasn't feeling it.. I wasn't completely into it either after the wind was whipping through there and it was cold...

After the fact, she was sucking up to me... lol

Then we loaded all up and headed back to South Carolina.. where the roads are normal and people don't suck...   Once we got to Abbi's house... holy crap.. we had to break in.. hahah..she had locked her keys in the house.   I tried all the windows, they were all securely locked..  There was no hidden key....  so, the neighbor saw what we were doing.. and came over.. thank God I knew her.. after she checked us out and we chit chatted for a while, about life and the such, she went back to her house and got a few wire hangers and I pulled an Italian job out of my but, and shimmied the window lock  open.. and Abbi climbed through the window and opened the door for us :)

Kristina and I headed back towards our side of the state.. and it was about 6pm when we got back to my Ranch.. I got Kizzy off the trailer and I told Kristina I was tired and hungry.. so we went and had supper, then I got back and I laid across the bed for just a second.. and I passed the heck out... I woke up because my cowboy had called me a few times... I was confused about what time it was...

But, bright and early Sunday morning I woke up...  when I say bright and early it was 6:30 normally, but 7:30 with the lovely time change.. so I jumped out of bed, called my cowboy to see if he was up, then Kristina called and told me she was coming with me to North Carolina today.. so I made some breakfast, gathered eggs, did all my morning chores and loaded Ole Faithful Maggie into the trailer.. and we were off to North Carolina..
When I was in Houston, I bought Maggie a new bridle.. Is that not nice?  I thought soo.... the last time I bought her a new one it was over one ear and she ripped that thing off and didn't like it..
so I got her a new one with a brow band and all.  Very nice :)

We rode and shot some at the jackpot... I was doing darn good, until the second stage...  to where I went in there woohooing and having a good time and shot like 4 of my balloons ... the wind blew real hard and bam, I couldn't see... my brand new hat, which I bought in Houston as well... fell right in my face and I couldn't see.. hahah so I missed like 4 balloons... but that's what I get for wearing a new hat that ain't broke in yet...

It's hard to break in a hat.. it don't fit right, until you get rained on and then the hat dries on your head to the exact shape...
and it's not like you can wet it and get the same effect...  it's something that time does on it's own..  Kinda like the new boots I also bought.. hahaha ... and yes.. I might have spent a few bucks in Houston.. but, What was I to do? lol  I needed some things.. Zeus had ate the inside band out of my hat... and the toe off of my boot.. so those were necessity items...
So that was the end of the weekend pretty much :)

Maggie Modeling my new hat for me

Friday, March 8, 2013

Marlboro cowgirl

Scoop Anthony photographer got these shots of me at a competition in Florida earlier this year..

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Easy peasy pantry canned fruit tart

Fruit tart:
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup shortening
1/2 cup cold water
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1 can sliced canned peaches
1 can sliced pears
1 banana
1 cup fresh blackberries

Preheat the oven to 450.
In a medium bowl, stir together the flour and salt. Cut in shortening until the mixture resembles oatmeal. Gradually stir in water until dough is just wet enough to hold together. Knead briefly, just so the dough holds together without crumbling. Place in the refrigerator while preparing the fruit.
In a medium bowl, stir together the and cornstarch. Add the peaches, pears and banana and toss gently to coat. Set aside.

Roll out the crust dough into a rough circle about the size of a dinner plate, and place on a tart dish. Pile the fruit into a level mound in the center of the dough, leaving 1 to 2 inches of exposed dough around the edge. Throw out any juices that may have accumulated in the fruit bowl.
Smooth out the fruit so it is evenly distributed. sprinkle with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.
Bake for 25 to 30 minutes in the preheated oven, until the fruit is bubbly and the crust is golden brown. Let cool completely before cutting into wedges and serving.

Let me explain what prompted this baking adventure.. I made it home from work with daylight to spare..
And literally as soon as I got out of my vette... The wind was just whipping... So I went into the house let the dogs out and decided to change to go ride my girl Kismet... I got changed.. And it started raining.. So I made Taco salad, and changed into my pajamas.. My cowboy is away buying us a brood mare that actually came out of tattoo, his horse. So he is not home..
I sat down to watch some of the cooking channel or food network on tv, when the satellite signal went out due to the rain... So I made an executive decision to shut my inner fat girl up with a healthy tart. And I decided to use some of the cans of fruit that I had bought at the market a while back.. I Bought a bunch because they were on sale... Lol.. Now I have no more.. I'm not a real big canned fruit person, unless I'm the one that canned them. Even then I can them in water and not a syrup. Also I drained and rinsed each can before I sliced the fruit up. And added no sugar to this tart... So it's either gonna be real good or real bland...

The Royal Queen in Action

Here are some more pictures of Maggie (The Royal Queen)

'ey baby que paso........

We arrive in the most gross-est airport ever George Bush in Houston about an hour late. Our flight was delayed.  But our friends came and got us..

The we found out that the hotel wasn't really near the arena like the hilton people told me...  We were 17.4 miles away from the arena..  :(

Oh well..   I was pretty darn hungry by the time we got to Houston, so we stopped at a place called Taco Cabana and got a taco..
I had a steak taco.. it was pretty darn good..

The next day, Lee and Sam came to get us in the morning and move into the hotel room with us..
then we headed to the arena,  the arena was really nice..
I mean they pulled out all the stops..  Fed us breakfast, had healthy choices and biscuits with gravy.. Then for lunch the first day they had some sort of stew, smoked sausages and chips and salsa..  then the next day they had tamales with chips and salsa and queso..
I will definitely attend the Houston Rodeo again..

well, when I first got there I ran into a whole bunch of people that think they are gods in the horse world.. it was amazing... 
I should have figured it was going to be a who's who of who really cares....  I didn't care one bit... I was there for the party :)
so, they ran the qualifying runs Friday, then we were invited to a banquet at 7 above the arena..
The qualifying was over with enough time to spare for us to go check out cavenders..  we all loaded up and went to this store.. there was western crap galore in this store.. haha.. all good stuff though..
My Cowboy bought a new pair of boots.. Double H brand... I got some New Tony Lama's and I was told I was getting a new hat.. so I go over to the Hatter... and I told him I needed a new hat.. he said mine looked alright.. until I pulled it off my head and he saw where my dog had ate the hat band thingy out of it.. and he said.. "yeah, you need a new hat"  so I have a small head.. it took forever for me to find one that was a 6 5/8's...  then he got it all shaped for me.. and I put it right back in the box.. and the guy was like.. "what are you doing?"  I said.. it's going to take some time for me to move into the new hat.... he laughed and said "ok".. so we checked out of there and headed back towards the arena...  to which we found out.. our banquet wasn't heavy Hors d'oeuvres like they had said.. it was in fact Prime Rib :)... I was a happy girl.. because fat girl loves to eat some beef...

Well, Anyways... there was a bar set up.. and the bar..... was an OPEN bar.. which is a mistake... especially with our crowd...  we might have been over served... and then the band stopped playing.. and we were asked to pack it up and leave....
so.. yeah, we all did... and mosey-ed on over to the crowne plaza right next door...
to where there was another band playing..
and they were good... playing old country and some random new country songs....

But, Let me explain something called "being the Pole".. I'm not real sure where this started.. but, a cowboy minding his own business like a good cowboy does will see a group of good cowgirls dancing together.. and since there is only one of them and 2 or more of the cowgirls... one cowboy needs to become what we call "the pole"... his job is to stand in the middle with his hands up in the air and let the cowgirls dance with him....      (Eddie being the pole ---->  )((and yes that is me))

I danced and danced and had a great time..
and the band played one of my favorite songs...
the band said they were going to play an old Texas swing song..and I screamed "HEY BABY QUE PASO"  and the band started playing it.. at this point I thought this is going to be an awesome night..
and it was... although.. I don't remember a lot from what went on after that.. but, I do remember going out to the truck.. and it was COLD.. then I fell asleep while Sam and Lee were navigating us back to the hotel.. and My cowboy took my phone because we were in search of the holiness of holy places on a adult beverage night.... the waffle house.....
Well I don't remember much of most of that.. but, I do remember waking up to Lee pushing a cheeseburger in my face telling me to eat.... and I opened my mouth and took a bite of this heavenly concoction from a place called whataburger...

I only ate a few bites of that and then my cowboy grabbed me and told me we were headed to bed.. so the four of us made it back to the hotel room..

We were woken up by a bunch of spanish speaking people slamming doors to their rooms at like 6 in the morning..
I was not a happy camper... and no I actually wasn't hung over...  although everyone else was.. :)
I called up and ordered us some carby breakfast platters.. and Lee and I shared an awesome waffle..

I mean... really.. waffle in the shape of texas!!!! ahhaha... I was super excited about that stupid thing when I opened the platter up...

Then Lee and I found Dirty Dancing on tv.. we, recited most of the lines and our cowboys thought we were dorks.. but, we totally practiced dancing around so we could dance our butts off that night....

we got back to the arena.. and fed the horses and poked around... waiting for the final stretch of the competition to start...

My cowboy went out there and finished 8th in the amateur division... so he finished in the top 10 we were happy about that..  he gets a AQHA World's Jacket and a AQHA coin that says 8th place on it.. very nice..

Sam, Carsen and My Cowboy after the competition

Our brand made into a hat pin.