Day Light and horse shows...

Well my favorite day in the world was here yesterday.. Day Light Savings Time..
I woke up Sunday from a very tiring Saturday..
but, I was ecstatic to realize that I had a whole extra hour of daylight..
Speaking of Saturday.. Lets get into that..
I woke up at about 4am... to a text message.. never mind the fact that the alarm clock had been going off for 30 minutes..  The text was from my friend saying she was headed my way...
I wrote her back that I was totally out of bed now and would be ready by the time she got to my house..
I got dressed in super speed time :)  I had all my clothes laid out to go to the jumping show...
I grabbed a banana and some fruit for the road and ran outside and loaded Kismet up onto the trailer and soon Kristina pulled into my driveway.. and we loaded ourselves up and was out of my driveway by 4:45.  We were at my friend Abbi's house before 6.  Loaded her stuff and her horse Sky into my trailer and off we went to Georgia...
We had a GREAT time driving there..  got lost once or twice.. because the roads are crazy up there..
Once we made it, we tacked our horses up and got to the warm up pen.. not before being yelled at by some guy.. who I would definitely question his man hood... since he was wearing breeches... but, whatever.. hahah
Kismet and I in Georgia

Kizzy was not on her best behavior... she was full of all kinds of surprises like, denying the first jump 3 times, denying the stone wall... oh and not to mention bucking... so.. we placed 3rd, 3rd and 4th out of 6... and that was because two girls fell off and one went off course... hahaha.. so whatever..

it's not entirely her fault, it's been raining and the arena has been a mud hole, which I will not jump in... so I understand she wasn't feeling it.. I wasn't completely into it either after the wind was whipping through there and it was cold...

After the fact, she was sucking up to me... lol

Then we loaded all up and headed back to South Carolina.. where the roads are normal and people don't suck...   Once we got to Abbi's house... holy crap.. we had to break in.. hahah..she had locked her keys in the house.   I tried all the windows, they were all securely locked..  There was no hidden key....  so, the neighbor saw what we were doing.. and came over.. thank God I knew her.. after she checked us out and we chit chatted for a while, about life and the such, she went back to her house and got a few wire hangers and I pulled an Italian job out of my but, and shimmied the window lock  open.. and Abbi climbed through the window and opened the door for us :)

Kristina and I headed back towards our side of the state.. and it was about 6pm when we got back to my Ranch.. I got Kizzy off the trailer and I told Kristina I was tired and hungry.. so we went and had supper, then I got back and I laid across the bed for just a second.. and I passed the heck out... I woke up because my cowboy had called me a few times... I was confused about what time it was...

But, bright and early Sunday morning I woke up...  when I say bright and early it was 6:30 normally, but 7:30 with the lovely time change.. so I jumped out of bed, called my cowboy to see if he was up, then Kristina called and told me she was coming with me to North Carolina today.. so I made some breakfast, gathered eggs, did all my morning chores and loaded Ole Faithful Maggie into the trailer.. and we were off to North Carolina..
When I was in Houston, I bought Maggie a new bridle.. Is that not nice?  I thought soo.... the last time I bought her a new one it was over one ear and she ripped that thing off and didn't like it..
so I got her a new one with a brow band and all.  Very nice :)

We rode and shot some at the jackpot... I was doing darn good, until the second stage...  to where I went in there woohooing and having a good time and shot like 4 of my balloons ... the wind blew real hard and bam, I couldn't see... my brand new hat, which I bought in Houston as well... fell right in my face and I couldn't see.. hahah so I missed like 4 balloons... but that's what I get for wearing a new hat that ain't broke in yet...

It's hard to break in a hat.. it don't fit right, until you get rained on and then the hat dries on your head to the exact shape...
and it's not like you can wet it and get the same effect...  it's something that time does on it's own..  Kinda like the new boots I also bought.. hahaha ... and yes.. I might have spent a few bucks in Houston.. but, What was I to do? lol  I needed some things.. Zeus had ate the inside band out of my hat... and the toe off of my boot.. so those were necessity items...
So that was the end of the weekend pretty much :)

Maggie Modeling my new hat for me


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend. I would love to get into shooting on horseback. And not just at coyotes! LOL! My horse knows nothing, except cows.


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