'ey baby que paso........

We arrive in the most gross-est airport ever George Bush in Houston about an hour late. Our flight was delayed.  But our friends came and got us..

The we found out that the hotel wasn't really near the arena like the hilton people told me...  We were 17.4 miles away from the arena..  :(

Oh well..   I was pretty darn hungry by the time we got to Houston, so we stopped at a place called Taco Cabana and got a taco..
I had a steak taco.. it was pretty darn good..

The next day, Lee and Sam came to get us in the morning and move into the hotel room with us..
then we headed to the arena,  the arena was really nice..
I mean they pulled out all the stops..  Fed us breakfast, had healthy choices and biscuits with gravy.. Then for lunch the first day they had some sort of stew, smoked sausages and chips and salsa..  then the next day they had tamales with chips and salsa and queso..
I will definitely attend the Houston Rodeo again..

well, when I first got there I ran into a whole bunch of people that think they are gods in the horse world.. it was amazing... 
I should have figured it was going to be a who's who of who really cares....  I didn't care one bit... I was there for the party :)
so, they ran the qualifying runs Friday, then we were invited to a banquet at 7 above the arena..
The qualifying was over with enough time to spare for us to go check out cavenders..  we all loaded up and went to this store.. there was western crap galore in this store.. haha.. all good stuff though..
My Cowboy bought a new pair of boots.. Double H brand... I got some New Tony Lama's and I was told I was getting a new hat.. so I go over to the Hatter... and I told him I needed a new hat.. he said mine looked alright.. until I pulled it off my head and he saw where my dog had ate the hat band thingy out of it.. and he said.. "yeah, you need a new hat"  so I have a small head.. it took forever for me to find one that was a 6 5/8's...  then he got it all shaped for me.. and I put it right back in the box.. and the guy was like.. "what are you doing?"  I said.. it's going to take some time for me to move into the new hat.... he laughed and said "ok".. so we checked out of there and headed back towards the arena...  to which we found out.. our banquet wasn't heavy Hors d'oeuvres like they had said.. it was in fact Prime Rib :)... I was a happy girl.. because fat girl loves to eat some beef...

Well, Anyways... there was a bar set up.. and the bar..... was an OPEN bar.. which is a mistake... especially with our crowd...  we might have been over served... and then the band stopped playing.. and we were asked to pack it up and leave....
so.. yeah, we all did... and mosey-ed on over to the crowne plaza right next door...
to where there was another band playing..
and they were good... playing old country and some random new country songs....

But, Let me explain something called "being the Pole".. I'm not real sure where this started.. but, a cowboy minding his own business like a good cowboy does will see a group of good cowgirls dancing together.. and since there is only one of them and 2 or more of the cowgirls... one cowboy needs to become what we call "the pole"... his job is to stand in the middle with his hands up in the air and let the cowgirls dance with him....      (Eddie being the pole ---->  )((and yes that is me))

I danced and danced and had a great time..
and the band played one of my favorite songs...
the band said they were going to play an old Texas swing song..and I screamed "HEY BABY QUE PASO"  and the band started playing it.. at this point I thought this is going to be an awesome night..
and it was... although.. I don't remember a lot from what went on after that.. but, I do remember going out to the truck.. and it was COLD.. then I fell asleep while Sam and Lee were navigating us back to the hotel.. and My cowboy took my phone because we were in search of the holiness of holy places on a adult beverage night.... the waffle house.....
Well I don't remember much of most of that.. but, I do remember waking up to Lee pushing a cheeseburger in my face telling me to eat.... and I opened my mouth and took a bite of this heavenly concoction from a place called whataburger...

I only ate a few bites of that and then my cowboy grabbed me and told me we were headed to bed.. so the four of us made it back to the hotel room..

We were woken up by a bunch of spanish speaking people slamming doors to their rooms at like 6 in the morning..
I was not a happy camper... and no I actually wasn't hung over...  although everyone else was.. :)
I called up and ordered us some carby breakfast platters.. and Lee and I shared an awesome waffle..

I mean... really.. waffle in the shape of texas!!!! ahhaha... I was super excited about that stupid thing when I opened the platter up...

Then Lee and I found Dirty Dancing on tv.. we, recited most of the lines and our cowboys thought we were dorks.. but, we totally practiced dancing around so we could dance our butts off that night....

we got back to the arena.. and fed the horses and poked around... waiting for the final stretch of the competition to start...

My cowboy went out there and finished 8th in the amateur division... so he finished in the top 10 we were happy about that..  he gets a AQHA World's Jacket and a AQHA coin that says 8th place on it.. very nice..

Sam, Carsen and My Cowboy after the competition

Our brand made into a hat pin.


  1. Sounds like ya all had a blast!! Texas is one hell of a party state! Like your brand.


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