Georgia on my Mind...

Inside before they really got started
This weekend, My cowboy grabbed a few of his employees and we all headed down to Georgia to take down the barn.  Well, I was in charge of cleaning out the basement at my parents house and helping pack up some stuff, since they are moving up here to the promised land  :)
we left here around 1p.m. which put us in Atlanta rush hour traffic.  which made me lean out the window and scream at people and blow the horn.... I don't like that crap at all..  I don't understand how people can live like that.. every day in traffic.. people cutting you off....  I vaguely remember how many sets of brake pads I used to go through in a year...
We got up to my parents farm around 7:45.  Showed the guys what we were taking down and they about fell out..  I explained that the barn is about 6 stalls short of what it was previously...
We checked them into a hotel, got everyone some food.. and went to sleep around 11.
Got up about 6am, headed to the hotel to pick up the guys and headed back to my Parents..

Before Lunch

end of the 1st day

at the end of the first day I got most of the basement sorted out... and the guys only had a skeleton of the barn left to take down..  I made burgers on the grill for lunch, and My grandmother made the guys a tray of lasagna to eat for supper.  I think everyone was happy.  I did buy the guys a case of beer, but, it's still in the cooler.  I believe they only drank about 1 a piece.. haha..

The next day we got all the crap loaded up on the trailers and I loaded the good ole ford truck up with my crap that I was saving from my childhood. haha..  I did throw away a lot of stuff.. and it felt good to throw stuff away..  In fact I think Wednesday I might rummage and throw crap away at my house :)

Sunday we made it back to South Carolina around 10p.m.  because, we left super late from Georgia..
I was extremely excited when I crossed over Lake Hartwell into South Carolina.. 

No real good stories from this weekend or anything... just trying to sort out about 20 years of stuff and move it into a new place... 
Betsy was happy to see me this morning
Zeus waiting for me to drop food in the kitchen

Rocky, the ex-barn cat turned indoor cat after some run in where he lost his eye in a fight.


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