Another North Carolina Weekend..

Friday My Mother and I went to Spartanburg, and we shopped a little, then went to Costco.. which was what we originally went there for... well..  On our way back to the ranch, we decided to use one of the giftcards my mother had gotten for starbucks.. so we looked and looked for a starbucks, then Finally found one in a barnes and nobles bookstore...
I get in there.. and my mom orders some double whipped chunked topped and covered something or another.. and It was my turn.. I was looking at the guy behind the counter like a cow looking at a new gate.. and I said... well... I want espresso.. and the fella said.. that I could get an espresso this way and that way.. and frozen frappuchino something or another.. and I finally went for a iced 4 shot espresso latte....
well.. the drive home after that was awesome.. I was bouncing off the walls and speeding.. we got home around 8pm.. and My cowboy was ready to relax for the evening.. and I was wired....
I was looking around the house for stuff to do.. and I came to the conclusion that the extra last shot of espresso had given me unrealistic expectations of productivity...
I think I will stay away from espresso... or I was thinking that until I saw the commercial for that nespresso machine... I want one of those so bad..
what a pot of coffee can do for me.. 2 shots of espresso have me going....
Saturday.... we got up and going and headed to a jackpot shoot in Charlotte...On the way there... My Cowboy saw Taco Bell.. and decided we should go try those new tacos...  We roll up in there and get to waiting in line.. and it's finally our turn and... I was standing there.. Minding my own business... Like a cowgirl does...I was ordering a quesadilla for the dogs and a couple of those cool ranch locos Los tacos Los bueno taco whatever they are called thingies and these two girls started screaming behind the counter.. The whole place got real quiet.... I was looking at the girl yelling and her dern jugular vein was popping out.. chick was ticked off about something... and from what I gather... I think it was over the fact that this other girl used too much sour cream on a chalupa or something..
Those taco was pretty good.. I had one and smothered it in Hot sauce.. hahaha
The rest of the weekend was relatively uneventful.. Had a great time hanging out with some friends I haven't seen in a while and making new friends with some people from the north east.. yankees we refer to them as.. but, they are a great group of people...
And Sunday night... we were driving home and my cowboy told me that he bought Tim for me..
I about cried..
and I say this because my friend and I were looking at him.. and I was explaining to her that he was a cull paint horse.. and no one wanted him.. and he's a daisy cutter trotter, because I watched him get lunged.. And I thought he would make a good jumping horse.. he's just broke and he's a sweet heart and only 4..
and I said Tim is a sucky name for him... and I was explaining that he's such a sweetheart, too bad I had a love named Romeo.... and I'll be stuck with lightning.. if that joker didn't look over at us and neigh really loud....  So we nicknamed him Redneck Romeo that day....  I am so blessed :)

Now If y'all don't know.. Romeo was the love of my life.. (until I met my cool tall handsome drink of water cowboy)  Romeo and I grew up together.. we did everything.. and I had to put him down some years back in April..



Oh.. and I'm loving my new office hours...  This morning, I had the vet out, had him give me health papers for my horses, then got their shots...  Cleaned my big laundry room, washed the dishes, boiled eggs, made deviled eggs and egg salad.  put a roast in the crock pot rode Kismet.. and took a shower and got to work by 1:30pm  :)

Kismet this morning
Redneck Romeo (Our new addition)


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