Friday, April 26, 2013


This is how My Trip to Tunica started..
Zeus ate my hat.. my brand new Houston texas hat...
while I was in the shower....

Ask me how mad I was.... I was T-Totally pissed off at that dog...

So I took them to the pound.. that's exactly what I told him.. I said "that's it I'm taking you to the pound".

Maya and Zeus knew that I was off somewhere... and I guess they knew they weren't going.. but, I sure did tell him that I would have went with them.. IF he would not have eaten my brand new 10x hat....

That should have been a hint to me of what was was to come in Tunica..

well.. I left out to Atlanta on Tuesday night after work.. and I got to Atlanta around 10pm.. to find a traffic jam where 2-85 hits 75.. the whole friggen exit ramp was closed and I was in the corvette and shifting gears and changing lanes...

Moral of this story is I was on a steep hill.. and I stalled out.. hahahaha

I finally made it to my friends house.. where I hate pizza and some wine and had this amazing pineapple pizzaz hot sauce from the virgin islands.. and man it was good.. :)

so I woke up the next day... and headed out towards Alabama..

I got through Alabama doing about 120 most of the way and getting great gas mileage... hahah.. the picture is shaky because, I tried to snap the picture fast while I was driving I didn't want to take both hands off the wheel at the present moment... hahahah

By the Time I hit Mississippi I slowed down a bit.. the yeller roads were just weird to look at.. but, I made excellent time.. 4 hours and 28 minutes from Atlanta to Tunica, Ms. :)

I learned how to drive this bad boy pretty good by this time :)

Once I got to the arena, I found my cowboy and said hello to a few people then saddled ole Maggie Mae up.. and headed to the warm up arena to get ready to shoot the eliminator.. This is actually a picture of me during the eliminator..  Maggie was not on my good list after that...  she took a notion to follow a bird the other direction and not to where I was steering her....  (I think she was mad at me for leaving her alone with the boys.... Clint and Tatttoo)

And then after that little bobble... Maggie and I headed to have a coming to Jesus talk.. which I didn't think would end the way it did... but, It ended with her and I both on the ground..
It was like someone knocked her feet right out from under her...
I mean I've taken falls and spills on horses.. doing various things... and usually you have time to think.. Oh shit this is gonna hurt.... well No.. I was tooling along.. la la la BAM in the dirt... I landed hands and knees on the ground.. turned around to see her.. and she had all four feet up in the air on her left side... she rolled up on her stomach and looked at me and I swear that mare said "what the hell did you do that for" but, I was giving her the same exact look...
Checking on Maggie one night.. she was laid out in her stall
well I dusted myself off and her.. and we went back to the stalls.. I checked her over real good.. and that was that... I was out of the eliminator due to her bobble.. I was 11th in the cut.. which was cut off at 10..... I was real pissed at her..So, The next day I thought we were on fire... first stage was awesome..get outside to the outdoor arena.. and BAM 40mph winds and bad storms coming was horrible... so I just want to say that my trip to Tunica.. was a flop.. I didn't win anything.. and Neither did my cowboy...

The trip home was uneventful.. I was ready to go home about the same time I got there..
I guess we will try our luck at another championship in June.. it's a Colt Eastern US thing... So we shall see how that goes :)

Maggs and Me getting gone

So once I was home.. I was a happy girl.. I missed my dogs and my chickens...
and the babies I have let them out to roam free with the rest of the chickens..
They seem really happy and they have been hanging out with Betsy and Dominick the Rooster.. 

This morning they came running across the yard to me...
It's amazing how quick they learn who feeds them in the mornings.. :)

I reckon that is all that's new around here..

Talk to Y'all soon..

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