Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rosemary - Orange Corn Muffins and Collards

  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup cornmeal

  • 1/4 cup Sugar
  • 1 1/4 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary, crushed
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 egg
  • 1/3 cup fat free sour cream
  • 2 tbsp Marmalade
  • 1/3 cup Pine nuts, toasted

  • In a small bowl, combine the first seven ingredients. In another bowl, combine the egg, sour cream and marmalade. Stir into dry ingredients just until moistened. Fold in pine nuts.
  • Coat muffin cups with cooking spray or use paper liners; fill three-fourths full with batter. Bake at 375° for 16-18 minutes

I made these last night to go along with Chicken L'Orange and some Collards... they were really good!

Chicken L'Orange and Collards

Collards Cookin'
 Sweet Tea's Collards

2 lg. stalks of collards
4 slices Bacon
2 tbs. oil (I use Olive Oil)
2 tbs. granulated sugar
enough water to cook the Collards

Wash and drain collards. Chop up removing stems. Place chopped collards into a large pot with water on medium heat Add bacon and oil and sugar. Place on lid to pot and cook until tender.

Simple and Sweet to the point :)

So I downloaded this program on my phone.. and I've been taking pictures and having a good time with it.. so here are some pictures from the ranch..


Maggie Mae



Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Overfed and Undernourished NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY In Our Modern Diet

This is an interesting MOTHER EARTH NEWS article

Overfed and Undernourished NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY In Our Modern Diet

Many Americans’ diets are deficient in seven key nutrients. The reasons? Industrial agriculture’s push for high yields at the expense of nutrient density, plus a food industry conspiring to addict us to processed junk.

By Lynn Keiley

It’s a paradox of modern culture: Though more than a third of us are classified as overweight or obese, and though more than 3,700 calories of food are available daily for every person in the United States, many of us still don’t get enough of some essential nutrients, including potassium, calcium and vitamin D. This paradox, in which we are overfed and undernourished, is sometimes called nutrient deficiency.

In its latest update of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (2010), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that our average intake of some of these “nutrients of concern” is so low as to be a widespread public health issue. How is it that we eat so much, yet lack key nutrients?

The answer to that question is complex, encompassing everything from food distribution to the failings of industrial agriculture. One thing is clear: We now eat too much of the wrong kinds of food. We consume too many sugary soft drinks and fat-laden desserts and not enough nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, beans, and whole grains. As our waistlines expand, diet-related diseases and their associated costs grow along with them. Science has linked nutrient deficiencies to a variety of diseases and unhealthful conditions. For example, a recent study in Australia that compared five types of diets found a direct link between women who preferred nutrient-poor foods and increased osteoporosis and fractures, which indicates calcium deficiencies. Few consume the recommended daily amount of potassium — a nutrient that helps lower blood pressure — and one in three of us suffers from hypertension.

Increasing evidence shows that our consumption of fats, sugars and fluffy white foods contributes to the incidence of degenerative, age-related diseases such as cancer, cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Biochemist Bruce Ames — who has won numerous prestigious awards, including the National Medal of Science — argues that widespread vitamin and mineral deficiencies in modern diets result in chromosomal damage that leads to cancer and accelerated aging.

Some of the harm from nutrient-poor diets can occur in the earliest stages of human development. A major new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Associationfound that mothers who took a supplement of folic acid (the more stable, supplement form of folate) were 40 percent less likely to have a child later diagnosed with autism. A key finding in this study of more than 85,000 mothers was that the supplement has to be taken prior to conception. Folate contributes to prenatal brain and spinal development, and most of that development occurs during the first 28 days of pregnancy — before most women know they’re pregnant. So the researchers determined that women should begin taking folate even before becoming pregnant.

Shifting to Unhealthy Choices

If the solution to these problems seems obvious — eat more fruits and vegetables — why is it so difficult to achieve? According to pediatrician and former FDA commissioner David Kessler, author of The End of Overeating (see Page 79), we have been trained to prefer foods high in sugar and fat. Eating and the desire to eat release dopamine, a brain chemical associated with “reward” feelings, Kessler writes. He cites a study in which people tracked the food they ate and rated it for pleasure. They gave the highest ratings to foods high in fat and sugar. Unsurprisingly, they also ate more of them, consuming 44 percent more of the pleasure foods. Because we prefer foods high in fat and sugar, our spending on processed foods and sweets has nearly doubled — from 11.6 percent of our grocery budgets in 1982 to 22.9 percent in 2012 (see the box on Page 56).

Unlike most evolutionary processes, this shift to an overwhelming preference for sugars and fats didn’t occur over a span of centuries or millennia. We went from relying upon staples, such as meat, eggs, dairy products, and fruits and vegetables, to processed foods — often called “convenience” foods — in just a few decades. After World War II, the food industry kicked into full gear, and high profit margins and convenience (including shelf life) took precedence over nutrition and flavor. The industry was unrelenting. Advertising and the media, along with the advent of supermarkets and advances in packaging, caused convenience foods to win over old-fashioned basics. Today, the average person “eats 33 pounds of cheese — triple what we ate in 1970 — and 70 pounds of sugar — about 22 teaspoons a day,” writes New York Times reporter Michael Moss in Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us. He continues: “We ingest 8,500 milligrams of salt a day, double the recommended amount, and almost none of that comes from the shakers on our table. It comes from processed food.” Salt often covers off flavors and it acts as a preservative.

Our nation’s farm policies have helped the food industry addict us. “Agricultural subsidies have helped bring us high-fructose corn syrup, factory farming, fast food, a two-soda-a-day habit and its accompanying obesity, the near-demise of family farms, monoculture and a host of other ills,” writes New York Times columnist Mark Bittman.

The latest USDA analysis of the average shopping cart found that most U.S. citizens spend far less on fruits and vegetables than they do on refined breads, pastas, cereals and cookies, and frozen desserts and pizzas. Similarly, the National Health and Nutrition Survey found that the average consumption of dark green vegetables and whole grains falls well below suggested levels, each now at less than 10 percent of the totals recommended. Meanwhile, potato chips are the top source of oils in our diet, and carbonated beverages account for more than a third of added sugars. (For more on the top sources of calories in our diet, see the list above.)

Less Bang for the Buck

Ironically, the industrialization of our food supply has meant that even those who opt for healthy choices get less nutrition for their food dollar than our ancestors did. Many modern foods contain significantly fewer nutrients than they did a century ago. According to Donald Davis, a retired chemist from the University of Texas, many studies have shown that fertilizers, irrigation and other inputs — applied in the pursuit of higher crop yields — have led to diluted protein, vitamins and minerals in many crops.

Davis also points out that plant breeders, focusing strictly on increasing yield, have actually given us higher-yielding varieties that are less nutrient-dense. His 2004 study, “Changes in USDA Food Composition Data for 43 Garden Crops, 1950 to 1999,” showed the average nutrient decline in fruits and vegetables was about 15 percent. Protein content in wheat and barley declined 30 to 50 percent since the 1930s.

We’ve reported many times on the increased omega-3 fatty acids in eggs from pasture-raised hens, and on the many studies that have shown organic foods contain higher levels of vitamin C and some antioxidants.

A recent study by researchers at Clemson University, published in the Journal of Animal Science, found that meat from steers finished on pasture contained less saturated fat, 54 percent more B vitamins and beta carotene, and a whopping 117 percent more conjugated linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid and antioxidant linked to improved immune function.

Though the reasons for dwindling nutrition in our food supply are convoluted, the solution is simple: Eat organic; eat more whole foods and fewer processed foods; and eat meat, eggs and dairy products from pasture-based — rather than industrial — systems. Heirloom vegetable varieties may also be more nutritious than modern hybrids. If you are what you eat, why be cheap, fast and empty of value?

Crock Pot Irish Beef Stew

Crock Pot Irish Beef Stew 

2lbs stew meat
1 bag of baby carrots
2 cups chopped potatoes
1 packet of onion soup mix
1 big can of condensed tomato soup
1 1/3 cup of water

put all that stuff together in the crock and let it go on low for 7-8 hours.

Memorial Weekend.. and the not so great brownie adventure

The Front Porch View
Friday after work, a couple of friends and I went down to the city to go shopping..  after a long hard socially trying week... I was gonna relax with some retail therapy.. which doesn't happen often... My idea of retail therapy was buying some new pantalonies at Victoria's secret.. lol.. and  a little black date night dress...
so.. while I was looking at bathing suits.. thinking that my legs were whiter than a vampire... and that I really had no need for a bathing suit that costed 128 bucks...  my train of logical thought was interrupted by a 'bless your heart' kinda woman from my town...  she said "well no wonder I can't get an appointment with you".. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked up.. and there went my happy place..... Seriously...  I smiled a big ole teethy smile and said.. "oh hi.. fancy meeting you here"  She then began to explain to me that she don't like my office hours..  I think that was the theme of the week... not only did she tell me that.. but, another patient of mine decided to tell me that he thought I was lazy and had better hours than a banker....  that really was the icing on the cake for me on  Thursday.. so I proceeded to scold him on all I had to do with all this spare time he thought I had..  I explained that I wasn't sitting on my butt eating bon bond watching the hallmark channel... I was out in the field working, working on horses, riding the horses I have that need to be ridden, taking care of the chickens, dogs, cat, pig you name it...    Which leads me to the fact that.. people are just selfish.. my best shittin' friend told me that yesterday.. and she's right..   I may have taken that doctor's oath.. but, holy crap.. I need to live too.....
and weeeeeeee!
When, I got home I found out that the harley wasn't in the barn..   So I called to see where they were... and I got no answer.. so I changed into biker gear and waited..   I was picked up by two bikers.. one being my cowboy, lol.. and we all went to eat..  Then while we were sitting at the bar.. a good friend of ours, saw the bike in the parking lot and decided to stop in.. so we all had a great night...  He got this picture of us on the way home!
Saturday Morning I was still exhausted I slept until about 10am.. we got up.. loaded the trucks up with us and the puppies and caravanned down to Georgia to get get some outside big farm equipment and junk, odds and ends from my parents house...  then headed back to SC that same night..  we got back around 12:30am.. then woke up Sunday morning to head out to a funeral.. No one I knew.. but, It was my husband's best friend from high school's Mama...  we stayed out there for a while, since he was a paul bearer..   We stayed in Greenville and ate supper there.. then got me some Frozen Jogurt for desert... and went home :)
Monday, I mopped the floors and cleaned windows.. then when I was asked what I was going to do next... I said.. sit on my ass on the front porch, drink sun drop and watch the cars go by... and that is exactly what the heck I did....
Yesterday.. I decided that I wasn't going to ride, I was going to do something else I loved to do.. and so I made a crock pot of beef stew for later, Since I get off of work late on Tuesdays and Thursdays.. then I wanted to make brownies...
So, I get this idea to make brownies with Cottage cheese right...  so I put some cottage cheese in the food processor.. egg whites, flour, splenda and not sugar.. I was trying to go healthy here... and then I get to the point where I need chocolate.. I didn't have any baking chocolate.. so I had chocolate chips and the cocoa stuff.. so I'm thinking to myself.. how much cocoa equals 3 oz of bittersweet chocolate?  I come to the conclusion 3/4 of a cup.. so I put that joker in the food processor and start pulsing..............eeeek. it turned into freaking bread dough....  so I'm thinking I need to add some liquid... So I stop and think for a minute... and I decide.. well.... I'll add Bailey's Irish cream...... I added a jigger or two.. and pulsed that joker again.. and viola... brownie mix....  I pour it into my brownie pan and stick it in the preheated oven....  It smells delicious and the batter tasted good when I was washing the utensils off..... and 15 minutes later.. I've got some real pretty brownies... all glossy smelled awesome......  I'm happy with what I see... so I tell the pups not to touch the pan.. and I went to take a shower..  after the shower.. I cut up the brownies and I just had to taste one................
well........ the flavor is awesome.... just the texture sucks and so does the elasticity of it...
So I'm here to tell you... some crap you just shouldn't try to make healthy..... Just saying...
but, I might try to make some with jogurt...  I'm on a healthy trying to make sweets good for you kick..  especially since I don't want cankles.. hahahahah
So, I'm going to give them to hammy.. and try again..
Tonight I'll make Chicken L'Orange with collards.. and maybe try the brownies another way.. hahaha
I decided the other day, that I don't make enough collards.... I love them.. So I'm going to start fixin' them more often..  That's about all around here..  I hope all y'all had a great Memorial Day.. and were all thankful for all the branches that protect us...  God Bless America..

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last weekend Rained out Again...

Kizzy on the Left, Maggie on the Right

I woke up at 5:15 to the sound of rain on the trailer roof.... what a load of crap...  So I checked the weather on my phone and it looked like a huge storm headed straight towards where I was supposed to be on Saturday... So, I started thinking about what it's like jumping in slush after rainstorms and I didn't really want to drive an hour and a half down to Georgia.. so I didn't go...
It was one of those things... Murphy's Law tells you, if you go... it will rain.. If I don't go.. It won't rain....and that's exactly what happened.. It didn't rain.. so I was stuck at a local competition with the jerks... and I say that.. because Friday night, I drove over next to clemson, to where there was a shooting competition.. I was going to leave from there and drive to georgia.. and my cowboy was going to stay and shoot.. while I went to Georgia...
So I was up and moving about the trailer so, I decided to get Kizzy out of her stall and ride her around in the dark arena... with a whole bunch of boogie men around every corner.. we got attacked by chairs..  birds.. you name it.. it was there.. haha
but that was good for her... well, people started moving about.. and most of them had a comment about how I was dressed... (in english attire).. so After driving my cowboy and his routy friend to breakfast.. we got back to the arena and I went to go register to shoot..............
Well, here is where it all kicks up... #1 I was pissed off about not being able to go jump.. #2 I was still pissed off from the night before (i'll get into that later) and #3 I was surrounded by people suffering from the worst case of cranial rectalitis I have EVER seen....
If I heard this once... I heard this 20 freaking times... "We can set bales of hay in the arena for you to jump over...." *insert stupid grin at their clever remark they just made*..  I smiled a bit the first few times i heard this remark.. then I started getting angry.. and told the people my horse was above jumping hay bales.... even at home I have nice standards.... what the hell people...
So then starts the main match.. I go out there and smoked a good run... and I check the overall standings.. and oh.... yeah.. my time was wrong.. and they had all kinds of problems in the announcers booth.. and that was the end of it for me... I was done... I just wanted to go home... HOME..........
we finished the first stage after 2 hours... because apparently people don't know how to run things smoothly.. and I was sick of waiting around and making small talk with the maggots... so the last run, we ran first before everyone.. and left... we had to go take prom pictures with clint's daughter at a certain time.. and their lolly gagging around was not in the schedule.......
My cowboy, Me and Butler (my Ma-in-laws dog) Saturday
In starts the next chapter of the manure weekend... the ex-wifey was there... after she left.. my mother-in-law told me that she was proud how I acted...  I explained that it was nice that she wasn't throwing rocks at me this time... and that the last time I saw her.. she told me that she thought I would have been skinnier.. well that was 35 pounds ago.... I lost the weight and she has cankles..  and besides.. I went to charm school and learned how to say "bless your heart" and "isn't that nice" *teethy grin*
so.. I was really ready to go home after this... so we get back to the arena.. and trying to hook the flatbed truck up to the 2 horse bumper pull... we had an audience.. one told me "you can't move that trailer its too heavy.. it better be lined up just right"... I politely stated that it was my damn trailer and I have hooked it up by myself countless times and thanks for stating the obvious".. then there were people standing in front of the truck and trying to give directions.... and I lost it.. with a capital L... I started screaming for everyone to get away from the truck very colorfully...
then Hooked the joker up.. and while I was putting Kizzy on the trailer.. another captain obvious asked me if I was leaving.... I whipped around and said.. "no I'm just going to leave her on the trailer for the night.. what the hell do you think.. here's your clue" I mean seriously....
sweet and innocent me circa 1980s hahah
I was on edge.... we got home around 10:30.. and I slept... and slept.. and slept.. and got up around 9 the next morning.. which is like 4 hours more then I usually sleep in....  I was in people over load..
I get that way sometimes..
Now... Friday night.. we went to the only place to eat around there.. and there was a band.. so we had to sit at the bar and eat.. and the bartender woman wasn't paying attention.. we tried to wave her down and get her attention.. but, she wouldn't come over.. so I screamed "HEY"... and then that was it.. she stormed down towards me and told me I was rude and that I needed not to do that again...  So I told her where to shove it... and left her a .23 cent tip...  ugh...  This is why I never eat out.. crappy service, bad attitudes, and greasy foods....

Sunday.. I cut all the grass.. got stuff done around the house, made a big batch of minestrone soup.. roasted more pecans and made big chocolate muffins.. just to shut up my inner fat girl :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The field

And also just as beautiful.. The field before you bale it..


Nothing more beautiful than a fresh cut hay field..

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Well in case y'all were wondering.. my unicorns don't always shit rainbows around our ranch...
Yesterday another horse took his place across the rainbow bridge..
Navajo had been diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, and it was an aggressive cancer...
and the past two weeks, He has looked like he hasn't been feeling good...
Yesterday we had the vet come out to geld Stormy.... and check Navajo.. the vet said it was time, the cancer had spread to his spleen, liver and stomach... and he was retaining fluid..
Tuesday I went out to the horse pasture with a big bag of carrots and none of the other horses came over to me.. Just Navajo.. it was just like they knew I was saying good bye...
I told him I loved him, and I was sorry he was sick... and I explained why I didn't ride him anymore and made peace... When I was walking away.. Kismet came over and just looked at me intently... and I told her I was ok...
Horses know...
I thank God for the beautiful healthy horses I have.. but, I miss Navajo, but I know he is with Romeo and I'll see them again..

Navajo when I first got him

Navajo and I trail riding

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pecans and Kielbasa goodness..

I got a letter yesterday telling me that I was in the top 20 in the state for Ranch Sorting Points :)

I have a patient that I call Grandpa, he's also known as the spoon man, since he has like a thousand spoons glued to his old ford truck.  and he also plays the spoons, really well!   Well, he and Grandma shell pecans at night.. and he brings them in by the pound zip lock bag full, and I sell them for him....
But, I got some the other day for My Cowboy.. and he ate like two or three and asked me to roast them:

Roasted Pecans

1 lb Pecans
4 tbsp salted butter
salt to taste

spread out the pecans on a baking sheet.
cut the butter up into small little cubes and spread out chunks over the pecans, then salt them.

Pre heat the oven to 300*F
Bake them for 10 minutes on one side, flip/stir them around and bake for another 10 minutes.

Viola...  Roasted Pecans..

Then for supper I put some random stuff in the crockpot... I was rummaging around in the freezer to see what I had.. and I found a Kielbasa Link.. so  I cut that up into little chunks..and made an arrangement in the crock pot..

Crock Pot Kielbasa and Sauer Kraut

1 lb Kielbasa
28-ish ounces of Sauer Kraut
2 Russet potatoes
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp caraway seeds

Cut the Kielbasa up into chunks, and the potatoes into big chunks.  Place them at the bottom of the Crock Pot, then put the sauerkraut on top of the potatoes.  Sprinkle the caraway seeds and brown sugar on top.  then place the Kielbasa on top of that...  Put the cooker on low wait about 8 hours...

It was yummy!!

Yesterday I also rode Kizzy, I love that horse...  My dad had came over in the morning and he rode his horse pokey.. We had a pretty good ride... the arena was a little mushy in places so we just did a little walk/trot workout..

That is about all that is going on around here...
We go to see John Anderson tonight at the Opera house :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Maggie Valley and the rained out bike rally

So Friday, My cowboy and his best friend Eric headed up to Maggie Valley without us girls... Us wifeys decided that since the weather was looking pretty darn bad, that we'd leave after I got out of the clinic. Speaking of the clinic, this week was another record breaking week, with all the Patients that I saw :)
Sharyl and I ran the errands we had to do, ate us some mexican food and headed out towards Thunder in the Smokies..... In the dually.
We stopped in Spartanburg at one of the nicer Bi-Lo food stores I have ever stepped foot in. We got water, beer, straw-ber-ritas, fruits and snacks for the Cabin that we rented..
Annual dinner together!
about the time we hit Asheville, the OCD lady from the cabin rental place called me to check on us, since we didn't check in yet.... now when I say OCD, this woman is about the poster child for that... I explained that I was late getting started towards there, and she reminded me that check in time was from 1-3........ seriously... So I told her we were in Asheville, and on our way... she told me that since I was in Asheville my ETA would be about 30-45 minutes.... uh huh...
Well, after I got off the phone with her, My cowboy called to check out where we were and I told him to go check in, since he was already there..
We got to Maggie Valley safe and sound and unloaded the truck and found that the guys had already met up with our other friends Eric and Nancy.
We decided that we'd do our annual dinner at the same place as usual... so Sharyl and I got our biker gear on and we got on the bikes and found out real quick that it was freezing.. So we stopped by the leather shop and Nancy, Clint and I got chaps.
We made it to supper,.. we discussed our plans for the weekend and we all decided we were going to get up around 6 and head to Deals Gap to ride the dragon...
Sharyl and I, I was braiding her hair..
we finished up supper and decided we were going to go over to the fairgrounds to check out the vendors and bikes at the rally... and viola... it started misting... we made it back to the cabin, which is conveniently behind the fairgrounds and parked the bikes. Us girls went inside to warm back up.. and the guys tried to talk us into going to the rally, but, it was windy, cold and raining.. so we decided to stay in the comfort of the heater..
Nancy and I were the last to stay up, we waited for the 10 o'clock news, which should have been called the 10 o'clock bad news bearers. we found out that by 1 pm saturday we were going to have heavy rains and flooding rains by 5pm.... we were both disgusted with what we had heard and sulked on the way to bed...
Bright and early I was up looking outside to see that there was no rain.. but, once everyone was up we all discussed the long ride in the rain, cold and 45mph winds that they were calling for, so We bundled up and headed to breakfast.. at breakfast we all figured out that we don't really need a bike rally to go to the mountains.. lol.. what a concept.. so we are going to go one weekend soon, and all meet up there to ride the Dragon.
After we finished breakfast we headed back to the cabin, us girls packed up and cleaned stuff up, the guys packed the bikes and Sharyl and I went to turn in the key to cabin... to meet with ocd lady... she tells us that the rain is going to miss Maggie Valley and that we were jumping to conclusions.. we said thanks and all... it's not like she as giving us a refund,..
Sharyl and I said goodbye to our husbands and said goodbye to Nancy and Eric, and we loaded ourselves back up in the truck and headed to Cherokee...
we went on a little shopping spree, hit all the shops, I got a new pair of biker boots from the cherokee harley shop, Sharyl got an outfit. then we hit up one of the only Native American owned stores in this newly developed Cherokee. I got myself a buffalo turquoise necklace and a nice turquoise necklace... Outside of one of the shops, I had myself a childhood regression moment...and Jumped on one of those horse ride machines that take a quarter.. hahah..
then we inquired where to eat, and we were told to go to this place called Paul's.... we were warned that there was no parking so we parked (the truck and motorcycle trailer) at the visitors center and headed towards this place..
we had a good like 3/4 mile to a mile walk to get there.. but, we found the old part of cherokee that I remembered... we also found a cherokee man in a full feather head dress.. I think we were gawking at him, because he raised his hand to wave and said "hey ladies" we both smiled and realized what we were doing and kept walking and laughing..
We made it to Paul's and found out, there were only indians in there... it was pretty awesome..
they seated us and gave us menus and we decided that we were going to share, so we got a buffalo burger with sweet potato fries and frybread with blueberries..
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was good :)
Me riding a Wild horse!!!
then we had a nice long walk back to the truck... but, right before we got to the truck, we found the Cherokee Nation Museum... so we headed over that way... Sat through a movie and walked through the museum, I'll tell you what.. I learned a lot about them, and how they believe that the earth came about, and the evolution of Corn and a lot more.. too much to mention.. but, I thoroughly enjoyed it...
after that we headed back towards Maggie Valley, not before we stopped at a roadside store, that had a lot of neat pottery and canned goods.. and boiled peanuts..
So we snacked on boiled peanuts and talked about how the world would be different if we didn't mess with the indians and debated their religions and marriage stuff... we had a ton to talk about on the drive home. Fast forward about 2 hours and we are back home :)
the guys were starving, so we loaded them up and headed over to Fatz, and had a great meal..
we get back home and Sharyl goes to go back out to the truck to grab something she forgot.. and she heard a truck door close.. so she grabbed her gun and acted like nothing happened... and calmly came back into the house.. and told us that she heard something but, didn't see a dome light.. which meant one thing, someone was in the blue truck.
I grabbed my .380 out of my pocket and Clint grabbed the 12 gauge from behind the door and we went outside... I went straight to the bar-n and turned the lights on... Eric followed in shortly behind me.. we checked the bathroom and the whole place and nothing...
Eric went to find Clint.. and I went into the motorhome, to make sure no one was hiding in there... I opened the door and shouted "if you're in here.. its gonna be a bad damn day" and with my heart pumping... I opened the bathroom door......... and nothing..
then I jumped ontop of the bed to check on the floor beside it.. and alas.. nothing..
So I ran into sharyl coming out of the house... then we checked the trucks and in the beds and the rafters.. and found nothing... and so, my cowboy decides to just shoot off the rounds in the shotgun towards the woods... then he got out his handgun and him and eric headed down the path towards crashes house... and sharyl and I headed back to the house to get more shells and a flash light to check the back yard...
in the midst of me putting the last shell in the shotgun.. someone knocks on the screen door.. I froze and so did sharyl... I pumped the shotgun and headed towards the kitchen... I crouched down a little and I tell you what, I could hear my heart beating in my freaking head... I jumped around the corner with the shotgun and saw some old lady, who then saw me and threw her hands up.. (is this crap getting crazy or what) she's like a deer in headlights and like a statue frozen with her hands up... I tried not to laugh as I was headed towards the door, sharyl is behind me snickering.. I opened the door and the lady said I'm sorry to bother you, I explained that we thought someone was in the yard so we were on high alert... she told me that I had some cows out down by the road, next to the trailer (crashes house).... I thanked her... and she backed off my front porch with her hands up... then bolted towards her car and damn near spun out getting out of the driveway... as she was speeding out of the driveway here come the guys. I was telling them about the woman and they were like OHHHH that's who sped out of here sideways.. I was like yeah.. So then Clint told me that the sheriff's department called to say we had cows out.. but, they were just where they thought the cows were and they weren't there.. so we planned that us girls would stay here and stake out the house.. and they would get in the truck like nothing is going on, and go check the cows....
I proceeded to turn all the lights off and I got out the AR-15 with the night vision scope.. grabbed a few 30 round mags and headed to the front porch.. I gave Sharyl the 12 gauge and we sat on the front porch waiting...
I finally got a call from my cowboy he said they were our neighbors cows, and they were going to help them get them rounded up....
Sharyl and I decided something was definitely odd... considering we weren't supposed to be here this weekend and came home early.... the noise, the lady pulling up into the yard to tell us about cows, that were actually closer to our neighbors house than ours... and the guys got back.. and we talked about it.. and we really don't think anyone was out there... since it was rainy and storming, we do have a piece of metal that bangs in the wind.. so we were thinking that is what it was... or the cows were actually in our yard, specifically the barn, because we have trucks parked next to the big bale of alf-alfa....
Laying in bed that night, I asked My Cowboy if he was tired and he said yeah.. "I rode the bike back from Maggie Valley, got home, took a shower, went for lunch, galavanted around town with Eric, came back home, y'all got home, went for supper, came home, chased cows in the rain and my wife tried to shoot an old lady... I've had a pretty full day" I started laughing and thinking back on that ladies face when I jumped around the corner and just laughed and laughed and laughed...
Sunday we all slept in... I woke up about 8:30 which is SUPER late for me.. and I heard Eric and Sharyl stirring around.. we decided to go out to eat, so we got in our truck and they got in theirs since they were pulling the harley. and went to a local place for breakfast...
we said our goodbyes.. and we were left with, what to to with a Rainy Sunday...
We got in the truck and headed down to Northern Tools, to buy a Motorcycle Chock and some ring tie thingies.. then went to Sportsman's warehouse.. Checked for any ammo.. there wasn't any... but, I got a new pair of ear muff thingies made by Remington, for target practice, and some more jerky cure, So I can make some more jerky.. From there we headed to camping world... to get a new skylight for the motorhome...but, there was like 3 kinds, and we didn't know what kind of hinge we needed.... then headed to the South Carolina State Farmers Market.. ate a huge lunch there.. and walked around a bit.. not much going on there, but, it's not season for it yet.. but, then we headed towards the flea market because I had a few Patients tell me that there was a harley store there.. we drove around looking for it.. found one, it was like the mexi-arab flea market... had signs posted all over "no concealed weapons" I have learned places that say that.. really mean.. shady people in here... I had mine in my pocket as always and we were both glad we had them... but, we did find a fresh seafood section.. I was going to buy some shrimp.. but, the hispanic dude couldn't tell me where they came from.. so we rolled on... got back in the truck and I made a suggestion that maybe there was another flea market.. they are kinda like trailer parks.. there's never just one.... so we headed down the road some more.. and found the flea market we were looking for... we looked around at patches and bought a few, looked at helmets and leather goods and all kinds of junk... we bought some patches and a drink holder for the softail, and I got some cool license plate nuts that are skulls heads with red faux ruby eyes for my red sportster... hahah
we swung back by the kennel and picked up the dogs then went home...
it's raining cats and dogs outside... talladega is on rain delay....
some jerk was talking about what a good driver danika patrick is... and how people are just wrecking her...If I could reach through the speakers of the radio and smack that dude.. I totally would have... There are some things that don't belong in NASCAR and Women are one of them...
I just don't feel she is the same caliber driver as the rest... but, YAAAAAy she's a woman... woohooo.... gag me with a pitchfork.. Women just don't belong in some places.... I better not get started on that... or I might piss a whole buncha people off...
well, that is about all the news on the ranch over here...The race is starting back up...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Maggie Mae and I at nationals

I really like this picture...

Mississippi Roast

Today is kind of a crappy day, no sunshine, misty rain all morning. can't really get out and do anything... I did manage to get to the chicken coop and find out that the silkie mama's finally hatched about 5 babies.. I might leave them in there with the mama's until I get back this weekend.. I hope this weekend turns out ok, they are calling for rain. It rained all through thunder in the smokies last year..

But, I'm thinking of some good warming comfort food to cook for tonight.. I'm working late tonight, so that means I'll need something in the crock pot.

So I'm going to make a Mississippi roast.

take a chuck roast, place it in the crock pot.
sprinkle the roast with 1 packet of ranch dressing mix and 1 packet of au jus mix.
place 1 stick of butter on top of the Roast.
Then place 5 pepperoncini peppers on top.

Put the crock pot on low for 7-8 hours and viola, Mississippi Roast.

I reckon they call it that, because of the whole stick of butter.. and if any of y'all ever been to Mississippi you'll know why I said that..

I have some butterfly venison steaks marinating in the fridge for lunch, they are marinating in Worcestershire sauce, garlic salt and a 5 pepper spice..
I'll broil them for a few minutes and they should be awesome...