Monday, June 24, 2013


My parents dog, Molly passed away last night.  Molly had came into my parent's life right after my Grandmother on my Mother's side passed away. which has been about 12 years ago.
Molly came to us as a starved almost to death doberman puppy.   The Local vet called everyone in his records that had dobermans and asked if they would take her.. and my parents went down to look at her.. and saw how bad it was.. and took her home.  she was so starved that she had to be fed protein paste before she could even eat food...
Molly was loved for a long time, and was a great loving dog.
animals seem to know when they are rescued and they are better dogs.
A few years back, Molly was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and had a lot of fatty tumors...
the past two days she didn't really want to eat.. and my Mom was really worried.. but, It was time for her to go across the Rainbow bridge..
My Father told me last night, she's probably running around with Max..   She was a great dog and will be missed... I love you Molly.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good morning ocean!

This is a very welcomed sight in the morning :).
Now time for continuing education classes!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blackened Scallops

This was on the menu last night..

I pan seared some scallops that I put old bay blackened seasoning on, then seared them in 1 tbsp of olive oil.
I then cut up some green peppers and tomatoes, sautéed them in about 1 tbsp of Olive oil and a few cloves of minced garlic... and some house seasoning, then opened a can of corn and mixed that all together... then baked sweet potatoes...

In case y'all haven't noticed.. I love seafood lol.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Finally a Vacation!!!!

Ok, My bestest friend and travel companion, Sharyl and I are going to Jamaica!!!!
Originally we wanted to go to Azul Sensatori in Cancun, Mexico, but do to the craziness that is going on in Mexico, we decided to plan something else...  Which consisted of a cruise to the Bahamas.. Then, we decided against that, and figured an all-inclusive resort was the way to go.  And we were looking into Paradise Island in the Bahamas.. but, the real deal was to be had in Jamaica..
I'm stoked, and I can't wait..  all you can eat, drink and relax while sitting on the white sandy beach...
I'm not usually a beach person, but, I have been wanting to go so bad..

Monday, June 17, 2013

Bad sportsmanship conduct...

Chickens in the Morning
This weekend we were at yet another event..
to which I realized how I was fed up with un-sportsman like conduct..
I was winning.. and on the last stage Saturday, I missed a balloon and that knocked me down to like 7th place.. and so Sunday morning, I was going to have to pull out a Hail Mary... which I didn't accomplish, but....  Saturday after I missed the last rundown balloon because I got behind (which happens sometimes).. a woman came up to me and said with much heartfelt sarcasm "ohhhhhh I'm so sorry".... no she wasn't... then come to find out.. she's been messing with a lot of other people at different events...
I guess people get so jealous that they can't beat you, so they try to talk smack to you.. but, it doesn't bother me.. but, the fake I'm sorry.. really bothers me... but, such is the story of crappy people with no manners and no raisin'...
Maggie, Tattoo and Charlie all got branded with our brand this weekend.. I also rode charlie.. she's a sweet little thing..  I'm going to ride her again on Wednesday.. then I think she is going to be my new horse while Maggie gets knocked up and has her little maggie baby... I fell asleep next to Maggie on the hay this weekend, and when my cowboy came to get me Maggie was laying down behind me...
I love my Maggie.. she is such a sweet girl...  I do love riding her.. and her crazy antics..  I love that horse like no other that is for sure..  But, Maggie is going to make a sweet sweet mama..
I've got another busy busy week.. then I get to be in classrooms all weekend.. Gotta love the continuing education classes!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


My front Yard this morning :)

Kizzy checking out what was going on outside the barn

Look at how big "Tim" is :)  This is him and I last night

He's got a sweet face

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Microwave on High for 15 minutes

So, I get this bright idea that I'll go to the tanning bed... well actually it was my cowboy's idea.. since my legs haven't seen the sun in about 8 years and they reflect the uv rays... anyways..  since we are going to the beach in a couple of weeks... When I say beach.. I really mean.. I get to to to the beach.. but sit in a conference room for 10-12 hours a day and listen to some jack wagon have diarrhea of the mouth whilst I get my continuing education credits... and do doctor stuffs...
Anyways.. back to my story... Tuesday morning I figure.. I'll go use these said visits that I purchased early last week.....  I get there around 8:30... and the lady opens the door.. I walk up to the counter and she asks for my last name.. and I explained it was my first time.. etc.. she looks at me and says you look like you tan ok..  I'm all "yeah I don't really burn on my arms"... so she explains that I get 15 minutes... and I need lotion... blah blah blah..
So I get into this room with this bed that looks like a warped MRI machine... and I lock the door behind me, I look over the controls once more.. start/stop button... fans.... + turn them up - turn them down... and I get undressed lotion myself up with this lotion called 'zero to sexy'.. I get all situated.. by which I mean.. I sit down and slid into the machine,.. apparently the lotion mixture and glass are pretty slick....
so I lay there put on the goggle thingies.. and put this towel over my face... I'm not trying to get melanoma anywhere near, around or on the face ya, know... 
and I pull the coffin lid down and figure out I can't see the start button.. so I undo my face mask and peek through the goggles and turn that bad boy on... then the fans.. and replaced the towel over my face.. 
I'm laying there.. thinking all kinds of things.. and I get hot... REALLy hot.. and I start thinking to myself.... If this thing got stuck.. I wonder how bad the burns would be.. could your skin boil? or would you turn to a charred mess? and I tried and tried to think of the horror movie that the girl died in the tanning bed... and I couldn't remember it... about that time... I'm thinking.. man.. my boobs feel like they are on fire.. my butt too....  So finally this microwave turns off.. and I get out.. and I don't look any different.... I get dressed and I go home... and do some junk around the house... fry some pork chops for lunch and bake some fries.. and then I go to get undressed and dressed for work.. and viola... I look like a freaking lobster.. my ass is burnt and so is my stomach, boobs and legs.... HOLY CRAP batman... so I lather up real good with aloe and I've decided.. I'm no shee shee fru fru kinda gal...  I'll take my chances with the sun and my reflective, once white.. now lobster red legs...
I have a tan line from where I left my underwear on..... it's bad......
today.. I went to go see how my training horses were doing... and I wanted to ride Charlie and Redneck Romeo.. and I just couldn't do it.. the jeans were chaffing me.. and it was also brought to my attention today that your first visit in the tanning bed should be for 5 minutes.. not 15.  I think I was cooked from the inside out.. like in the microwave... UV wave.. Microwave... feh....
Thinking back on Redneck Romeo.. I don't think that is the right name for him...
Everyone calls him Tim... I don't like that name either.. but, Romeo isn't the right name for him...  I need to think of something else..
we measured him.. he's 16.1hh... two-three months ago he was 15.3hh so he's still a growing boy...
we just got back from charlotte... and I can't sleep.. by the time we hit Chester, SC my cowboy was out like a light, so I stopped trying to get some coffee... wait.. let me back up. I stopped in rock hill, found a dunkin donuts... and the joker was closed at 10:30pm.. what the heck were they thinking?
so, I got back on the road, and headed towards home.. and got off the exit in Chester and decided I really needed something to keep me awake..  I went into a BP.. Looked around for coffee, and they didn't have any brewed... So I hit up the cooler.. found some starbucks frappa-whatever and checked the label on that joker.. holy crap... I put that back.. tons of sugar and carbs.. not really low fat.. but only 200 calories.... screw that..
So I mozied on down a bit and found the energy drink section.. which consisted of some nos, monster and redbull.....   I decided on the red bull and took that up to the counter and added a lonely banana that looked at me... and got back in the truck.. I peeled the banana and headed back onto the back roads...  I finished that and popped open the top on the red bull and started flipping through the 200 and something channels of the xm radio.. to find out.. that nothing was on... so I started over at 1.. found an elvis song on 19.. listened to that for a while and sipped on this god awful red bull, then flipped some more channels.. found some journey on the classic rewind station... that went off.. I flipped through all of these crap channels again and landed on something called deep tracks.. which was a mistake because I had to cut my bright lights off for a passerby car... and I heard it....
Iron butterfly baby.....  so As I sipped the drink I was tranced out by in-a-godda-da-vida.. and I thought back to a conversation I had about what songs would people say I always listened to, and would play at my funeral..  my top three play list is #1) In-a-godda-da-vida.. could you imagine that.. 17+ minutes, people would be all zoned out thinking about what they were doing in the 70s.... #2) highway to hell.... completely inappropriate for a funeral.. and #3) Hells Bells...... not even going to touch that one...   I just love the old rock.. I can't help myself... AC/DC still awesome in my book..  So I decided I needed to expand my favorite songs list... lol
Well, I reckon I'm going to get on to bed, and read.. I picked up an oldie.. "a wrinkle in time"  a book I have no idea how I held onto it for so long.. but, I remember liking it a lot when I was in elementary school.  

Monday, June 10, 2013

How I got my groove back..

Ladies Semi-Professional Division Reserve Champion and
Champion, (me on the right)
After all the debating in my head I had about going to this competition in Georgia. It actually turned out well.  We rolled up to the Arena around 8ish at night, unloaded the horses and set them all up in their stalls...  I was in a mood.. a bad mood that is.. I was trying to be alone, and that just wasn't happening.. People were everywhere...  I get in moods where I just need 5 minutes to myself.. just to stare at the wall and zone out.  and I haven't been able to do this in a while..  So I got to drinking, that will just zone you out another way..  Mr Jack Daniels will fix alllll kinds of problems.. I awoke bright and early the next morning to realize that I gave Maggie like a half of a bale of alfalfa.. and she was wired head to toe... I saddled her up and we got to the arena and she heard a gun shot and she about come unglued.. she was rearing up and throwing her head around.. then pawing at the ground.. so I made her do some dressage and bending crap and before I knew it it was my time to run.   I take my mare in that arena, and she about took out the gait getting me in the arena...  I was smiling so big.. Well, we get in there and strolled through like a well oiled machine.. and that was the way it was the whole weekend, except I had one bobble on the second stage, when I say we.. I really mean I.... I got lost on the stage.. hahahah
so I slowed her down and I was in second place by .5 seconds-ish...  So Sunday, I had to put the heater on.. but, Maggie and I had a difference of opinion on the course management.. and costed me like another .4 seconds.... so on the last stage I had to outrun the #1 position by 1 solid second...  I went into the arena for the last run of the day, and I laid the steel to her and we took off, I crossed that timer and I ran it like 2 seconds quicker than everyone else.. and that's how I won the match...  I got myself a decent check and a very happy horse mom.... Maggie and I were in a slump.. and I think we are getting out of it... I'm now looking forward to this weekend's competition.... I also made peace with a few people this weekend.. so it was good positive experience..

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Skinny Cocoa Yogurt Brownies :)

 Cocoa Brownies

3/4 cup(s) unsweetened cocoa powder, powder   
3/4 cup(s) sugar   
1/2 cup(s) all purpose flour   
1/2 tsp baking powder   
1/2 tsp table salt   
1/2 cup(s) low fat plain yogurt   
2 Tbsp vanilla extract   
2 spray(s) cooking spray  

Preheat the oven to 350*, Whisk the cocoa powder, sugar, flour, baking powder and salt in a large bowl. Then  stir in the yogurt and vanilla.  This junk is going to be thick... REALLY thick... 
  • Put into an 8 inch square brownie pan, pour, well really spread the mixture into the pan.. and bake about 20 minutes.

I enjoyed these last night with some frozen vanilla yogurt on top.  I have gotten to where I like frozen yogurt more than Ice cream itself..

Zeus and I last night.

So, this weekend is going to be another fun filled weekend with some of my closest frenemies.  We are going to Unadilla, Ga to a competition.. I'm really not looking forward to this,  I'm in social overload since the last competition and I haven't recovered from it.. so this aught to be fun... I really used to enjoy competing and seeing people.. then they all started showing their full colors and I'm sick of fake people...  My cowboy told me I should talk to some of them and clear the air..... I explained that, that would probably go over like a fart in church..    I'm one of those people that wrong me once, eh.. my mistake.. wrong me again or treat me bad.. and I'm done.. I'll never ever forgive you..  so really I only give people one chance...  

I don't like being fake with people.. but, I'm thinking this weekend I'm going to have to be on my best 'isn't that nice' and 'bless your heart' spree.... ugh.. I tend to just check out mentally these days... even in conversations that I should be involved in... like when people start talking about their horses.... I check out.. I go off in my mind to somewhere else.. valhalla or rainbow land..  and I just sit there and think about 800 other things I'd rather be doing or people I'd rather be talking to...  the bad thing.. is recently I've checked out so bad that I get a nudge in the arm to snap out of it..   
I need some time at home.... I'm a very closed off person.. I don't let many people get to involved in my life... and I don't like people around my stuff and myself...  
Well people have show up early again.. so I need to get to my patients...