How I got my groove back..

Ladies Semi-Professional Division Reserve Champion and
Champion, (me on the right)
After all the debating in my head I had about going to this competition in Georgia. It actually turned out well.  We rolled up to the Arena around 8ish at night, unloaded the horses and set them all up in their stalls...  I was in a mood.. a bad mood that is.. I was trying to be alone, and that just wasn't happening.. People were everywhere...  I get in moods where I just need 5 minutes to myself.. just to stare at the wall and zone out.  and I haven't been able to do this in a while..  So I got to drinking, that will just zone you out another way..  Mr Jack Daniels will fix alllll kinds of problems.. I awoke bright and early the next morning to realize that I gave Maggie like a half of a bale of alfalfa.. and she was wired head to toe... I saddled her up and we got to the arena and she heard a gun shot and she about come unglued.. she was rearing up and throwing her head around.. then pawing at the ground.. so I made her do some dressage and bending crap and before I knew it it was my time to run.   I take my mare in that arena, and she about took out the gait getting me in the arena...  I was smiling so big.. Well, we get in there and strolled through like a well oiled machine.. and that was the way it was the whole weekend, except I had one bobble on the second stage, when I say we.. I really mean I.... I got lost on the stage.. hahahah
so I slowed her down and I was in second place by .5 seconds-ish...  So Sunday, I had to put the heater on.. but, Maggie and I had a difference of opinion on the course management.. and costed me like another .4 seconds.... so on the last stage I had to outrun the #1 position by 1 solid second...  I went into the arena for the last run of the day, and I laid the steel to her and we took off, I crossed that timer and I ran it like 2 seconds quicker than everyone else.. and that's how I won the match...  I got myself a decent check and a very happy horse mom.... Maggie and I were in a slump.. and I think we are getting out of it... I'm now looking forward to this weekend's competition.... I also made peace with a few people this weekend.. so it was good positive experience..


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