My parents dog, Molly passed away last night.  Molly had came into my parent's life right after my Grandmother on my Mother's side passed away. which has been about 12 years ago.
Molly came to us as a starved almost to death doberman puppy.   The Local vet called everyone in his records that had dobermans and asked if they would take her.. and my parents went down to look at her.. and saw how bad it was.. and took her home.  she was so starved that she had to be fed protein paste before she could even eat food...
Molly was loved for a long time, and was a great loving dog.
animals seem to know when they are rescued and they are better dogs.
A few years back, Molly was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and had a lot of fatty tumors...
the past two days she didn't really want to eat.. and my Mom was really worried.. but, It was time for her to go across the Rainbow bridge..
My Father told me last night, she's probably running around with Max..   She was a great dog and will be missed... I love you Molly.


  1. Gorgeous pic of the ocean. The ocean is always so relaxing....

    Sorry about your mom & dads dog..UGH! Such sorrow when you loose a pet...


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