Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Jamaican Adventure Day 1

From the time my plane took off in Miami headed towards Jamaica, they were feeding the drinks to my friend Sharyl and I... We had a nice relaxing tipsy ride to Jamaica... we landed.. got off the plane and HOLY crap.. we were in a third world country...  there was no air condition in the airport, the place was dirty... and I was seriously reconsidering this whole situation...  We get up to customs, and the guy tells us.. "you girls have fun" stamps our passports and off we went to find our driver...
Once we get out of customs.. It was a whole different airport.. all nice and air conditioned... :)  So we see a guy from the resort and he took our bags and showed us to this waiting room, while they got our car ready.. and in this room, was red stripe on tap.. I had never had red stripe before... so, I poured us two glasses and about the time I decided I liked it... Our driver was calling for us.. he told us to come on, drinks and all.. and off we went...
I get in the toyota van.. and I figured out.. everything was bass ackwards....  the drivers seat was on the right side of the vehicle...
he (Kirk) takes off.. and he was tailgating someone.. and I asked "don't y'all have road rage here?!?!"  he said "no mon... it's all good"...  so Sharyl and I are looking at each other.. like 'holy shit mon'..
I asked this man about 75 questions on the hour and a half ride to the resort... It ranged from concealed carry permits to what kind of cows do they have.. and all inbetween..I also asked about their biggest export.. he said aluminum.. I had no idea..  we get to the resort safe and sound, and were greated by a butler looking guy with a silver platter that had champagne and rolled cool wet towels on it.... I was very happy to see him.. we sat down, they took our bags and got us with a hostess type lady and she took us to another room to meet the concierge lady.. who then gave us the room key and all this information.. we got up to our room. and we figured we were starving marvins and decided we needed to hit the buffet.. It was a very nice Buffet. It had fish and mixed seafood, pork, chicken and roast beef.. random fruits and a vegetable medley that was steamed.  I come to find out.. Fish and steamed everything was their cuisine... which is fine with me..  we got fat and happy and we ate.. then decided to check out the gift shop.. on the way there.. We ran into some Americans from Michigan.. that had a bag from the Harley store... so we stopped and asked them how bad it was.. and they said it was very nice...... now I was on strict orders not the leave the resort..but, Sharyl and I decided we might need to check out the Harley Davidson of Jamaica... I mean really...
So we change into our bathingsuits... and get down to the beach... Sharyl went to find us a seat and I went for drinks... I nose up to the bar and the bartender asked me what I wanted... I told him a jack on the rocks and a rum and diet....  well.. he said "no".. I looked at him real hard and asked him "why?" and he informed me "you are in Jamaica Mon... I make you Jamaican drinks!"  I agreed and proceeded to watch a blender come out and some blue looking liquid poured in.. and random other Rum bottles tossed around and made into this brilliant concoction called a Blue Hawaiian..  I didn't know what that was a first.. he smiled and told me to try this.. and I took the drinks and headed towards Sharyl... She looked at me funny and I explained what had happened.. so we set the drinks down on the table, put out our beach towels and laid on the lounge thingies.. and toasted to a great girls weekend and tried this said blue drink.. holy my goodness batman.. It tasted AWESOME.. we drank a few of those and passed out for a while.. and then I was woken up by the bar tender tapping me on the foot.. I opened my eyes saw him and before I could say anything to him he screamed "SHOT TIME open up" and I did.. and he filled me up with a long pour of appleton coconut rum..... mmmmhmmmmm.  then he got Sharyl and went down the line to the whole beach.. The sun started to go down and we were pretty buzzed so we decided to go up to the room, change and go to eat supper....  which we ate at this restaurant down close to the water.. called the Reef.. It was real good.. I had snapper and pumpkin rice with mixed veggies... and a whole bottle of wine.. so as to not stop what all was going on, after dinner we went to a bar that was in the middle of the beach, floating.... haha..  so it was there that I had a pina colada and some other melon fruit drink... they were awesome...
but, at some point.. this woman came up to us.. and she said "oh my god you HAVE to go on the Bob Marley bus tour through the mountains"  I looked at her hard and explained that, We weren't leaving the resort .. she didn't like my answer so she decided to explain the whole bus ride..and end the explanation by saying "they feed you copious amounts of ganja chocolate cake and smoke the whole 5 hours"  I politely explained I didn't smoke pot and I sure as hell was NOT going to start this in Jamaica... I read the pamplet in the room, about them locking you up and shit for it... so no way jose....
that was pretty much the end of our first night in Jamaica...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013


Let me tell you what...  Charleston is a very very nice town indeed.. and a culinary explosion...
I ate until I was sick...
My Mom and I got there rather late on Thursday.. but, I woke up early and walked down king street until I found a coffee house, which happened to be Starbuck's.. not my favorite but, at least it had caffeine.... I got me a double shot espresso and headed back to the hotel/inn where the meeting was..
I met a lot of great people... side note.. most of the time I hate others in my profession, due to their big egos and/or political stance on stuff or even worse their pharmaceutical attitude towards things..
but, these other board members are all awesome..
I was wondering if I was going to be the black sheep at this meeting, but, they all welcomed me very warmly with great hospitality and friendship... I couldn't have been happier about that...

Anyways... after the meeting was adjourned for the first day.. Mom and I headed out on King street to look around.. it was like rodeo drive in California... I have never been there.. but, still... I imagined it to be like that...  Every girl has a designer tag they like... mine happens to be Louis Vuitton, So I saw that store and B-lined into it... to find out the red patent leather purse that I had my eye on was like 1550.00 dollars... I about had a heart attack, So I politely told the lady that there was a channel purse I also wanted to look at.. and we high tailed it out of that store... holy crap man...

We (mom and I) decided we needed some clothes that were a little bit more fancier than what we had brought with us, to wear to dinner.. so we shopped and I got a shirt and mom got one too, then we high tailed it back to the room and got all freshened up and changed and headed to the wine and cheese reception. We drank some red wine and sat around and chit chatted with the other doctors, then took a about hour long history filled carriage ride to the restaurant that absolutely fabulous..

The Board members and their spouses and My Mom :)
I had Fried Oysters with Cornmeal Crust, Country Ham Ratatouille, Roasted Garlic Aioli, Celery, Curry Oil. Halibut with Coconut Crema, Rhubarb Red Rice, Summer Squash Saffron Veloute, Cilantro Peanut Pesto, and a desert called Pluff Mudd... which was Chocolate Mud Bar, Peanut Butter Mousse, Malt Ice Cream, Pretzel, Toasted Marshmallow, Banana Brûlée, Salty Caramel.. Fancy crap isn't it?
lol...  Well then we left there and headed to a roof top bar.. and we closed that place down, and headed back to the hotel on foot... to where a few of us sat around and chit chatted about school tales and things our patients do/say....

Saturday was a early day.. and we wrapped up the meeting, then went on a scavenger hunt through downtown charleston, and let me tell you what.. I ran in my boots and wranglers.. and my group won.. :)  It was fun...  but, then Mom and I went to the market and saw what they had to offer.. I bought some dehydrated okra, which was awesome.. and we went on a dungeons and graveyards ghost tour, which was pretty darn cool.. I think I caught a picture of something.. but, I'm not sure... :)
THen we had dinner at a Seafood place called Hanks, and All I can tell you about that place.. is it was AWESOME.. I want to go back there soon...

I thoroughly enjoyed Charleston..


Picture from the Dungeon

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's good to be the doctor!

I open the door to my suit and look what's on the table....
I think I'm going to enjoy this board meeting.. Especially since we have a wine and cheese reception everyday :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

will it ever stop

Cow pen
I feel like I'm burning the candle at both ends.. it's been raining for 17 days straight.. I live in a mud hole.. my arena is a mud bog..  I want to ride horses and I can't.. I want to can stuff and make jam but, there isn't enough time in the day.. so berries and vegetables around my house are going bad..
It's like the never ending black hole of shit to do..

trying to work in the arena and got rained out again..

I had to clean the chicken coop out.. the rain has flooded the poor silkies..

Silkie Mama

late yesterday I was able to make some blueberry and blackberry jam.. had to pick through the blackberries that started to mold... a pet peeve of mine is wasting food.. but, after working all day dealing with people and their complaints.. then laundry and cleaning the house and cooking.. I don't feel like doing the shit that I enjoy..

So tonight, I have more stuff to can....  I have figs that are going to go bad at any given minute... and more friggen blackberries..

I'm feeling on edge.. so forgive the pissiness of this entry..

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Birthday and Anniversary Time and more of the Spartan adventure

I woke up and had Foot Loops as my breakfast of birthday champions.. haha.. then headed outside to get Sioux and meet the vet.... there was a debate about what was going on with sioux, so I called the vet out to check this situation out...  what he said, is that since our pasture is full of clover, she's got an over abundance of estrogen and therefore, sacked up and looks like she's pregnant... So now she is in the pasture with Maggie and Tattoo.  I did have to work on my birthday, but, it's ok... I got to work and had some anniversary flowers waiting on me.. My cowboy did great, because those are the flowers that we had at our Wedding :)  He loves me :)

I got a great owl necklace from my mom and dad, a metal carport from my husband, fresh picked blueberries from my ma-in-law, a edible arrangement from my grandmother, a awesome handmade quilt that folds up into a throw pillow from my dear adopted Auntie Carole!

Then for supper we went to this new fish place called catch 22, it was really good.. and that  concluded my Birthday/anniversary..
overall it was a great day..

All it has been doing here lately is raining..
I was walking out to the horse pasture one evening after a pop up thunderstom and saw a beautiful rainbow... I'm glad I got such a good picture of it..

We have been having flooding rain all across the southeast coastline here.. and we have a tropical depression headed this way.. and the weather channel app on my phone says we are going to have rain for the next 10 days...
I'm seriously ready to build a canoe and float somewhere..

This morning before work, I was able to FINALLY ride Spartan.. the arena is crap and deep mud, so I didn't do much with him. we worked a lot on bending with leg commands and reining things.. he was getting frustrated at first wondering what I wanted him to do, then he figured it out and was like "we got this" so I'm proud of my first ride on him...  He's got a small little head.. so much so.. that none of my english bridles fit him and he fit into the last hole on a pony bridle, and it was a western bridle at that.. hahah
so, I found one at Dover that was Cob size and on sale...
I got my Father to take some pictures of us riding... they are kinda dark, because dark clouds were looming over us...
Shortly after I stopped riding him, the skies opened up and we were rained on.. again...
that saddle pad looks much better on Kizzy then him.. he's completely a white horse pad kinda fella :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wet 4th of July Weekend..

It rained on us something awful up in the mountains! but, we had a great time :)
Maggie really enjoyed herself on the trail and I think that Tattoo did as well!
Saturday Morning, we all waited around for a break in the weather before we quickly saddled up and headed for the tree line.  We went up to Rocky Gap then over to Adeline ford, where I saw the Chatoooga for the first time since we have been flooded with rain..
holy crap.. The rock where we usually eat lunch, was covered by rapids.. the river had to be up about 10 feet.  there is usually a 30 foot sand bank that you can hang out on.. it was gone... so we were all sitting down there eating our sandwiches and we saw a paddle go by... and insert all the jokes about deliverance and hearing banjos, and paddling faster.. so a few minutes later we see an upside down kayak... and we all started seriously looking for a floating person..... which we did not see.. but, about 30 minutes later we see this guy come running up the riverbank.. and he stops and says "hey, y'all see a kayak??" so my cowboy says " yeah, about 30 minutes ago...what the hell were you thinking getting in water like that?"  the guy is like "I dunno" with a stupid look on his face.. and then My Cowboy says "yeah YOU WEREN'T THINKING" hahaha. It was awesome...
so then like these two guys, NOT canoe-rs at all go paddling by with their bright red coleman canoe and 4.99 life preservers.. I was laughing so hard.. we told them not to go on, but they just waved..
so we pack up lunch and head for Earl's ford, where we usually cross the river.. and when we got there.. I was still amazed by how high the river was.... but, hahaha to my not so shocking surprise I see a upside down Red Canoe floating down the river.. we all laughed about that for a while.. thinking that it's gonna be in Atlanta soon...  but, that night we cooked out and the thunderstorms headed back in..
so we all huddled under the awning and woke up the next morning, fixed breakfast and headed back to our part of the state...
When we got home early Sunday, we decided to repair the other stock trailer of ours.. so we put some new floor boards in it.. and welded some crap back in place...
This weekend we are working cows... culling out some to take to the sale.. and I have to meet a lady about a jump course she has for sale for cheap.. and that is about it!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Grill

So, I went out and bought us a new grill... then decided I'd ask for forgiveness later...
It was on sale at Lowe's...  Let me tell you a side story about the Grill...
We had one.. a big chrome looking one... and one day my Cowboy decided he was going to bring it to his mill and make cheeseburgers and hotdogs and stuff for his employees... He never brought it back home.. and I've asked a few times :)
this was back in January....
So I decided to get a new one... lol..

So last night.. I grilled up some steaks, poblano stuffed peppers and Squash with Zucchini..
I think he was happy that I got the grill after that..

After supper.. I went to mess with the horses and he went to work the Arena..
I got Spartan out first.. and he was a doll..  no problems with him what-so-ever..  I drove by him on the 4-wheeler first... and he was eating grass, then looked up at me and headed towards me and I snapped this picture... I petted his nose and told him I'd be back.. I put up the 4-wheeler grabbed a halter and headed out to get him...  He walked a way a bit.. but, caved in the end.. and I took him out of the pasture, he didn't pitch a fit... then I tied him to the trailer and he was a perfect gentleman.. I was totally please with this whole situation.. as my mom would say "mom likes this" :)    I cleaned him up and doctored his new wounds, left him tied to the trailer and walked away for a few minutes to test him out.. and came back with a bucket of feed for him..  He was curious where I was, so he was staring in my direction when I came back around the building...

He ate, and I talked to him a bit.. then I lead him back to the pasture and let him go.  I then went up to Sioux and was loving on her for a bit.. she didn't want me to stop, so when i'd stop petting her, she'd jump in front of me and stop then lean into me...  I think she loves me...  and I need to get some weight off of her.. hahah

So, Kismet comes over to me while I'm taking this picture and slams into me.. I think she was mad that I wasn't paying attention to her.. haha.. I love my ponies..
so then, I get her out and fussed over her and I was checking out her tail, it's beautiful and full...
she's a pretty girl..  That's about it over here.. Happy 4th of July!!!
Kizzy's Tail

Happy 4th of July

You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness.  You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.  
~Erma Bombeck

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Spartan Adventure Begins

Last night When I went home after work, I went to feed the horses and check Spartan out to make sure he was doing ok, and not to beat up after taking his place in the pecking order...
I went out to the pasture and got out Kizzy first.. she was doing good. I brushed her coat down, put conditioner in her mane and tail, loved on her for a bit and gave her some grain then sprayed her down with fly spray and sent her back out.

Then I went up to Spartan and he was a little antsy while we were walking out of the pasture...  I opened the gate and he was just a neighing away.. I closed the gate behind us and he started pitching a fit... I decided to lightly tie him to the trailer just in case he did something stupid... which he did.. I was getting the brush out and he grabbed the bottom of the lead rope and untied himself.. then took off trotting towards the gate to the pasture...  I darn near thought he was going to jump it because he raised up a bit.. I got ahold of him and I was trying to explain to him, I was the alpha mare in this situation...  but, leveling with him didn't work.. so he was dancing around acting stupid.. I whacked him a few good times with the lead rope then lunged him around.. and that poor baby dropped his head and came walking over to me... like he was sorry... I then explained.. be stupid.. get man handled.. act right, and I'll love you the whole time...
I then doctored his couple of kick mark wounds he had, brushed him down, cut a witches not from hell out of his tail and sprayed him down with fly spray... and then sent him back out in the pasture...
Then my Mom cooked corn on the cob, sweet potatoes and baked chicken :) so I went and had dinner with my parents..then baked some chocolate chip cookies at their house.. and took my puppies with me.

Zeus and I in my Mother's Kitchen
Zeus hanging out on the porch this morning

Monday, July 1, 2013

Early Birthday Party

Zeus hanging out on the front porch with me

This weekend, we had a early birthday party for me and my assistant.  Since our birthdays are a week apart.. 
Friday, we were still getting things moved around and working on the yard and doing some way overdo lawn work...

I have been battling a small allergy sinus thing.. and thank God that is getting better.

But, We had a grand ole time.  Had a DJ with Keroke and a fully stocked bar with finger foods..  I had very dear friends come from Georgia and North Carolina..  I was a happy happy pre-birthday girl.

I also got to bring home Tim AKA Redneck Romeo... which I got to thinking about his name.. and I couldn't bear to call him Romeo.. So My father and mother suggested calling him Spartan... and that is his official name..   We let him out in the pasture with Kizzy and Sioux and the rest.. and there were no problems...  I'm so excited about him... I haven't taught a horse to jump since Romeo... I'm just really looking forward to working with him... 


Spartan enjoying some grass!

He's only 4... but, he's LONG legged :)

Then I checked on Maggie, and got a good look at her brand.. and it's healing awesome!
Maggie's Brand


And finally I got a picture of My cowboy and I dancing in our bar at the party this weekend! He's a great guy and my best friend.. We have so much fun together..  And we are coming up on our 5 years together and 2 year wedding anniversary!

Myrtle Beach

We headed on down the road to Myrtle Beach for this annual conference that I had to attend..
and I say had to attend, because I was nominated as a district director and got elected onto the board for my state :) Then I ran into the Alumni people from my school and I'm now a state representative for them...  It was a pretty darn good weekend...
I really enjoyed the beach.. I haven't been to the beach in forever..
The hotel was really really nice.. and the seafood was amazing..
The only meal I didn't enjoy was the one where we were at one of those expensive Buffets and there was a ton of kids screaming....
Moral of that story is.. just go to nice places to eat...

I really had a lot to say about the beach.. but, I was so busy this past week at work, that I didn't have time to do anything.. so... I forgot most of what I wanted to say.. lol..