Birthday and Anniversary Time and more of the Spartan adventure

I woke up and had Foot Loops as my breakfast of birthday champions.. haha.. then headed outside to get Sioux and meet the vet.... there was a debate about what was going on with sioux, so I called the vet out to check this situation out...  what he said, is that since our pasture is full of clover, she's got an over abundance of estrogen and therefore, sacked up and looks like she's pregnant... So now she is in the pasture with Maggie and Tattoo.  I did have to work on my birthday, but, it's ok... I got to work and had some anniversary flowers waiting on me.. My cowboy did great, because those are the flowers that we had at our Wedding :)  He loves me :)

I got a great owl necklace from my mom and dad, a metal carport from my husband, fresh picked blueberries from my ma-in-law, a edible arrangement from my grandmother, a awesome handmade quilt that folds up into a throw pillow from my dear adopted Auntie Carole!

Then for supper we went to this new fish place called catch 22, it was really good.. and that  concluded my Birthday/anniversary..
overall it was a great day..

All it has been doing here lately is raining..
I was walking out to the horse pasture one evening after a pop up thunderstom and saw a beautiful rainbow... I'm glad I got such a good picture of it..

We have been having flooding rain all across the southeast coastline here.. and we have a tropical depression headed this way.. and the weather channel app on my phone says we are going to have rain for the next 10 days...
I'm seriously ready to build a canoe and float somewhere..

This morning before work, I was able to FINALLY ride Spartan.. the arena is crap and deep mud, so I didn't do much with him. we worked a lot on bending with leg commands and reining things.. he was getting frustrated at first wondering what I wanted him to do, then he figured it out and was like "we got this" so I'm proud of my first ride on him...  He's got a small little head.. so much so.. that none of my english bridles fit him and he fit into the last hole on a pony bridle, and it was a western bridle at that.. hahah
so, I found one at Dover that was Cob size and on sale...
I got my Father to take some pictures of us riding... they are kinda dark, because dark clouds were looming over us...
Shortly after I stopped riding him, the skies opened up and we were rained on.. again...
that saddle pad looks much better on Kizzy then him.. he's completely a white horse pad kinda fella :)


  1. Happy Birthday/Happy Anniversary! There's 5 people in my family with July birthdays! My son included! :) Pretty flowers. Pretty rainbow. Spartan is a tall, leggy guy! Looks good.


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