Monday, July 22, 2013


Let me tell you what...  Charleston is a very very nice town indeed.. and a culinary explosion...
I ate until I was sick...
My Mom and I got there rather late on Thursday.. but, I woke up early and walked down king street until I found a coffee house, which happened to be Starbuck's.. not my favorite but, at least it had caffeine.... I got me a double shot espresso and headed back to the hotel/inn where the meeting was..
I met a lot of great people... side note.. most of the time I hate others in my profession, due to their big egos and/or political stance on stuff or even worse their pharmaceutical attitude towards things..
but, these other board members are all awesome..
I was wondering if I was going to be the black sheep at this meeting, but, they all welcomed me very warmly with great hospitality and friendship... I couldn't have been happier about that...

Anyways... after the meeting was adjourned for the first day.. Mom and I headed out on King street to look around.. it was like rodeo drive in California... I have never been there.. but, still... I imagined it to be like that...  Every girl has a designer tag they like... mine happens to be Louis Vuitton, So I saw that store and B-lined into it... to find out the red patent leather purse that I had my eye on was like 1550.00 dollars... I about had a heart attack, So I politely told the lady that there was a channel purse I also wanted to look at.. and we high tailed it out of that store... holy crap man...

We (mom and I) decided we needed some clothes that were a little bit more fancier than what we had brought with us, to wear to dinner.. so we shopped and I got a shirt and mom got one too, then we high tailed it back to the room and got all freshened up and changed and headed to the wine and cheese reception. We drank some red wine and sat around and chit chatted with the other doctors, then took a about hour long history filled carriage ride to the restaurant that absolutely fabulous..

The Board members and their spouses and My Mom :)
I had Fried Oysters with Cornmeal Crust, Country Ham Ratatouille, Roasted Garlic Aioli, Celery, Curry Oil. Halibut with Coconut Crema, Rhubarb Red Rice, Summer Squash Saffron Veloute, Cilantro Peanut Pesto, and a desert called Pluff Mudd... which was Chocolate Mud Bar, Peanut Butter Mousse, Malt Ice Cream, Pretzel, Toasted Marshmallow, Banana Brûlée, Salty Caramel.. Fancy crap isn't it?
lol...  Well then we left there and headed to a roof top bar.. and we closed that place down, and headed back to the hotel on foot... to where a few of us sat around and chit chatted about school tales and things our patients do/say....

Saturday was a early day.. and we wrapped up the meeting, then went on a scavenger hunt through downtown charleston, and let me tell you what.. I ran in my boots and wranglers.. and my group won.. :)  It was fun...  but, then Mom and I went to the market and saw what they had to offer.. I bought some dehydrated okra, which was awesome.. and we went on a dungeons and graveyards ghost tour, which was pretty darn cool.. I think I caught a picture of something.. but, I'm not sure... :)
THen we had dinner at a Seafood place called Hanks, and All I can tell you about that place.. is it was AWESOME.. I want to go back there soon...

I thoroughly enjoyed Charleston..


Picture from the Dungeon

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