Early Birthday Party

Zeus hanging out on the front porch with me

This weekend, we had a early birthday party for me and my assistant.  Since our birthdays are a week apart.. 
Friday, we were still getting things moved around and working on the yard and doing some way overdo lawn work...

I have been battling a small allergy sinus thing.. and thank God that is getting better.

But, We had a grand ole time.  Had a DJ with Keroke and a fully stocked bar with finger foods..  I had very dear friends come from Georgia and North Carolina..  I was a happy happy pre-birthday girl.

I also got to bring home Tim AKA Redneck Romeo... which I got to thinking about his name.. and I couldn't bear to call him Romeo.. So My father and mother suggested calling him Spartan... and that is his official name..   We let him out in the pasture with Kizzy and Sioux and the rest.. and there were no problems...  I'm so excited about him... I haven't taught a horse to jump since Romeo... I'm just really looking forward to working with him... 


Spartan enjoying some grass!

He's only 4... but, he's LONG legged :)

Then I checked on Maggie, and got a good look at her brand.. and it's healing awesome!
Maggie's Brand


And finally I got a picture of My cowboy and I dancing in our bar at the party this weekend! He's a great guy and my best friend.. We have so much fun together..  And we are coming up on our 5 years together and 2 year wedding anniversary!


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