Myrtle Beach

We headed on down the road to Myrtle Beach for this annual conference that I had to attend..
and I say had to attend, because I was nominated as a district director and got elected onto the board for my state :) Then I ran into the Alumni people from my school and I'm now a state representative for them...  It was a pretty darn good weekend...
I really enjoyed the beach.. I haven't been to the beach in forever..
The hotel was really really nice.. and the seafood was amazing..
The only meal I didn't enjoy was the one where we were at one of those expensive Buffets and there was a ton of kids screaming....
Moral of that story is.. just go to nice places to eat...

I really had a lot to say about the beach.. but, I was so busy this past week at work, that I didn't have time to do anything.. so... I forgot most of what I wanted to say.. lol..


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