The Grill

So, I went out and bought us a new grill... then decided I'd ask for forgiveness later...
It was on sale at Lowe's...  Let me tell you a side story about the Grill...
We had one.. a big chrome looking one... and one day my Cowboy decided he was going to bring it to his mill and make cheeseburgers and hotdogs and stuff for his employees... He never brought it back home.. and I've asked a few times :)
this was back in January....
So I decided to get a new one... lol..

So last night.. I grilled up some steaks, poblano stuffed peppers and Squash with Zucchini..
I think he was happy that I got the grill after that..

After supper.. I went to mess with the horses and he went to work the Arena..
I got Spartan out first.. and he was a doll..  no problems with him what-so-ever..  I drove by him on the 4-wheeler first... and he was eating grass, then looked up at me and headed towards me and I snapped this picture... I petted his nose and told him I'd be back.. I put up the 4-wheeler grabbed a halter and headed out to get him...  He walked a way a bit.. but, caved in the end.. and I took him out of the pasture, he didn't pitch a fit... then I tied him to the trailer and he was a perfect gentleman.. I was totally please with this whole situation.. as my mom would say "mom likes this" :)    I cleaned him up and doctored his new wounds, left him tied to the trailer and walked away for a few minutes to test him out.. and came back with a bucket of feed for him..  He was curious where I was, so he was staring in my direction when I came back around the building...

He ate, and I talked to him a bit.. then I lead him back to the pasture and let him go.  I then went up to Sioux and was loving on her for a bit.. she didn't want me to stop, so when i'd stop petting her, she'd jump in front of me and stop then lean into me...  I think she loves me...  and I need to get some weight off of her.. hahah

So, Kismet comes over to me while I'm taking this picture and slams into me.. I think she was mad that I wasn't paying attention to her.. haha.. I love my ponies..
so then, I get her out and fussed over her and I was checking out her tail, it's beautiful and full...
she's a pretty girl..  That's about it over here.. Happy 4th of July!!!
Kizzy's Tail


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