The Spartan Adventure Begins

Last night When I went home after work, I went to feed the horses and check Spartan out to make sure he was doing ok, and not to beat up after taking his place in the pecking order...
I went out to the pasture and got out Kizzy first.. she was doing good. I brushed her coat down, put conditioner in her mane and tail, loved on her for a bit and gave her some grain then sprayed her down with fly spray and sent her back out.

Then I went up to Spartan and he was a little antsy while we were walking out of the pasture...  I opened the gate and he was just a neighing away.. I closed the gate behind us and he started pitching a fit... I decided to lightly tie him to the trailer just in case he did something stupid... which he did.. I was getting the brush out and he grabbed the bottom of the lead rope and untied himself.. then took off trotting towards the gate to the pasture...  I darn near thought he was going to jump it because he raised up a bit.. I got ahold of him and I was trying to explain to him, I was the alpha mare in this situation...  but, leveling with him didn't work.. so he was dancing around acting stupid.. I whacked him a few good times with the lead rope then lunged him around.. and that poor baby dropped his head and came walking over to me... like he was sorry... I then explained.. be stupid.. get man handled.. act right, and I'll love you the whole time...
I then doctored his couple of kick mark wounds he had, brushed him down, cut a witches not from hell out of his tail and sprayed him down with fly spray... and then sent him back out in the pasture...
Then my Mom cooked corn on the cob, sweet potatoes and baked chicken :) so I went and had dinner with my parents..then baked some chocolate chip cookies at their house.. and took my puppies with me.

Zeus and I in my Mother's Kitchen
Zeus hanging out on the porch this morning


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