Wet 4th of July Weekend..

It rained on us something awful up in the mountains! but, we had a great time :)
Maggie really enjoyed herself on the trail and I think that Tattoo did as well!
Saturday Morning, we all waited around for a break in the weather before we quickly saddled up and headed for the tree line.  We went up to Rocky Gap then over to Adeline ford, where I saw the Chatoooga for the first time since we have been flooded with rain..
holy crap.. The rock where we usually eat lunch, was covered by rapids.. the river had to be up about 10 feet.  there is usually a 30 foot sand bank that you can hang out on.. it was gone... so we were all sitting down there eating our sandwiches and we saw a paddle go by... and insert all the jokes about deliverance and hearing banjos, and paddling faster.. so a few minutes later we see an upside down kayak... and we all started seriously looking for a floating person..... which we did not see.. but, about 30 minutes later we see this guy come running up the riverbank.. and he stops and says "hey, y'all see a kayak??" so my cowboy says " yeah, about 30 minutes ago...what the hell were you thinking getting in water like that?"  the guy is like "I dunno" with a stupid look on his face.. and then My Cowboy says "yeah YOU WEREN'T THINKING" hahaha. It was awesome...
so then like these two guys, NOT canoe-rs at all go paddling by with their bright red coleman canoe and 4.99 life preservers.. I was laughing so hard.. we told them not to go on, but they just waved..
so we pack up lunch and head for Earl's ford, where we usually cross the river.. and when we got there.. I was still amazed by how high the river was.... but, hahaha to my not so shocking surprise I see a upside down Red Canoe floating down the river.. we all laughed about that for a while.. thinking that it's gonna be in Atlanta soon...  but, that night we cooked out and the thunderstorms headed back in..
so we all huddled under the awning and woke up the next morning, fixed breakfast and headed back to our part of the state...
When we got home early Sunday, we decided to repair the other stock trailer of ours.. so we put some new floor boards in it.. and welded some crap back in place...
This weekend we are working cows... culling out some to take to the sale.. and I have to meet a lady about a jump course she has for sale for cheap.. and that is about it!


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