will it ever stop

Cow pen
I feel like I'm burning the candle at both ends.. it's been raining for 17 days straight.. I live in a mud hole.. my arena is a mud bog..  I want to ride horses and I can't.. I want to can stuff and make jam but, there isn't enough time in the day.. so berries and vegetables around my house are going bad..
It's like the never ending black hole of shit to do..

trying to work in the arena and got rained out again..

I had to clean the chicken coop out.. the rain has flooded the poor silkies..

Silkie Mama

late yesterday I was able to make some blueberry and blackberry jam.. had to pick through the blackberries that started to mold... a pet peeve of mine is wasting food.. but, after working all day dealing with people and their complaints.. then laundry and cleaning the house and cooking.. I don't feel like doing the shit that I enjoy..

So tonight, I have more stuff to can....  I have figs that are going to go bad at any given minute... and more friggen blackberries..

I'm feeling on edge.. so forgive the pissiness of this entry..


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