Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Horsey Weekend

Let me just say I am so proud of my Mare Kismet.. She really has changed in the past year I have had her :)  I love that horse.. and I love jumping...
I wasn't going to shop hunters.. I was going to just do Jumpers, but, my friend told me to get judged haha.. so it worked out pretty darn good though...

Saturday night, we didn't get back from the show until around 11:30..and I was supposed to drive to North Carolina to do a jackpot shooting competition.. but, after having woken up at 4:45am that morning, I was not in any shape to drive...  I think my cowboy was a little pissed at me, because he was waiting in NC for me...  but, I wasn't going to endanger the lives of Kizzy and Maggie..  Maggie went to Georgia with me.. then while we went to the show, she was in a 20 x 20 stall with alf-alfa and water.. chilling up in club med for horses.. hahah

but, bright and early Sunday we all loaded back up in the truck and trailer and headed to Northern Carolina...  At the shoot, Maggie did awesome, and I also exhibitioned Charly....  I just found out Charlie spells her name Charly... my mistake for not checking out her papers before yesterday haha..

Charly and I had a few blow ups, but I figured out I have to ride her like I used to ride Lebo... So I think we got that under control now... I also rode Cocaine our stallion.. he's going to be awesome.. big ole long canter and just getting absolutely beautiful...

Yesterday the Vet came out and gave the horses all their shots.. especially the EEE one.. we have a breakout of that crap here in SC with all the dang mosquitos from all the rain we have had... :(

Spartan also had all his first shots and strangles vaccine.... poor boy...

That's about all.. tonight, I'm going to fix the footing in the arena.. and get to practicing for Easterns... well after I ride Spartan :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zucchini pasta

I bought this cute little kitchen gadget.... Another one of my obsessions... Kitchen gadgets...
Anyways.. It spiral cuts stuff... Like zucchini....

I spiral cut the zucchini into pasta... Then boiled it for about 5 minutes.. And added it to some veggies that I had sautéed Italian style...

And viola..  This is what we had for supper... It was awesome.. Marinated artichoke hearts, asparagus, mushrooms and spinach. 

I could never tell it was zucchini and not real pasta...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pre Horse show days

I may get sick of competing, and groan and complain about having to drive to get to competitions... but, when I loose sleep over them, because I'm so excited, is when it comes very clear to me that I just love love love riding my ponies..
I get sick of shooting and don't want to go here and there, but, I never get sick of just spending good quality time atop a horse.. "the air of heaven's earth, is between a horses ears"
that has always stuck out in my head.. Some of my most disappointing days as of late, is the fact that it is raining, and ruining the arena.
I took this picture on the way to work this morning... We have pop up thunderstorms, really bad ones at any given moment.. I'd rather storm the roads in my big truck, rather then in my corvette.. I've been burning quite a lot of diesel miles lately..

let's see, tonight I went to the grocery store with my mother, I saved almost 50 bucks with coupons, e-coupons and in store savings! :) they had some stuff buy one get one, and I bought one and got one.. so I came home and started putting up the pork and ground turkey I bought. then put some chicken in a casserole dish, along with some cream of mushroom soup, sour cream and a package of frozen mixed veggies.. then.. here is where this gets funny... I put stuffing on top and pre-heated the oven.. stuck the dish in the oven and set the timer for about 45 minutes.. then proceeded to work out in the living room...
well, after I was done with my workout, I went out to the shop, where My cowboy and my Father were working on the lights on the tractor.. and told my Cowboy supper would be ready in about t minus 10 minutes....  he comes in and says it looks good.. which it did.. he took one bite into the stuffing and said... "is this stove top?" I hung my head in shame and said "yeah" and he explained it tasted like preservative...  I understand what he is saying, because it does taste like that.. I was just being lazy and didn't want to make cornbread to make stuffing....  I guess I shouldn't cut that corner again....
I just say it was the fermented grapes talking.. that's right.. Fermented grapes of the Chianti variety...
One of my favorite fruits is a grape.. I'll take it any way it comes, raisin form, jellied, jammed, fresh, whole, fermented or however you can get it to me.. I eat seriously like 5lbs or more a week.. it's a shame... I also have an addiction to little cookbooks at the checkout counter or grocery stores... one caught my eye today it said "cooking with beer".. and by God it is full of beer recipes...even one for Guinness  cake and Guinness pot pie.. I'm completely going to make those when the weather turns.. It's not like I need recipe books, because I never follow the recipes.. I get ideas and run with it.. 

Random stuff: I couldn't sleep for the past two nights.. the Night before, I woke up around 1 and was thinking of the people I was going to compete against on Saturday.. and I was thinking of my friend in particular who used to be a grand prix jumper.. And I was wondering If I could beat her if we showed in the same class... then I was thinking that I've showed against her before.. then I always compete against her... and started laughing at my silly self.. I think it has to do with the fact that I haven't really been practicing....  :/ But, Kizzy is a great mare and she will take care of me.. and I decided not to jump the big fences that I was going to go down a division.. since we weren't in shape....
Speaking of shape, I'm trying to get in shape... Like core stability, it makes me a better rider and that's what I've been working on, upper body strength and core..  2 weeks I've been at it and I feel a difference already... I know the lactic acid build up in my calves was horrific... because after 30 minutes of lunges and squats.........  I couldn't walk today...  so I did some more tonight.. and I feel a lot better.. nothing like a shot of the medicine that hurt you, to cure you..

Speaking of shots reminds me.. I was looking through my wine collection today I'm a chianti and Amarone della Valpolicella kinda girl...  It's pretty darn expensive though.... I have one bottle of an unlabeled private selection bottle left...  I'm waiting for the right mood to strike me and make sure that bottle is enjoyed properly...  But, I'm working my way through different Chianti's...  My favorite is a Classico Ruffino... which would make it a chianti merlot mix really I think, technically speaking... ..  But, i'm trying to expand my knowledge of the grapes and such...   I just can't bring myself to drink white wine... it sucks... lol..
Don't be thinking I'm all high falutin' with my wine tastes.. because I drink the hell out of this cheap ass table wine, that is a cabernet merlot mix called frontera.. you get it at Cosco and it's about 6 bucks a bottle.. lol

Oh and back on track Last night, I fell asleep while watching something... I dunno what it was, but I woke up and I was in my recliner curled up with the three legged dog and the cat... I looked over and Clint was sleeping, and so I checked my watch.. it was 3:05am..... and I was up for the long haul, I flipped through some movie channels and found random stuff to watch.. then watched the news... I was totally reminded why I don't watch it...  It makes me want to throw things...  So around that time it was about 6 and the house was stirring around, so I let the dogs out and put out food for everyone... and went about my normal routine....  but,  when I got to work, I made about 3 cups of extra bold coffee....  I got one of the Keurig machines for the office and a sampler of coffees... holy my goodness the extra bold tasted like espresso... so shortly after those cups I was well on my way to pinging around the office..  and the UPS man came and brought my amazon goody to me.... the best of Dwight Yoakam........ ahhhhhhhh it's a great cd.. I've listened to it 3 times already.... :)  well that is about all that's going on around here.. I've been up and rambling and I'm sure when I read this tomorrow i'm going to think to myself.. what the heck did you ramble about now....
so... an Early goodnight to y'all...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nothing much but pictures

Nothing much still going on, still raining like the devil and I'm feeling like I want to build and ark to get around... we actually had some roads closed yesterday due to rain...  crazy...
I entered for our Eastern Championships today..  Entered Maggie as my main match horse, and Charlie in the AQHA and also entered the double downs.. I'm excited about Easterns.. I like the big shows..

Here are some pictures that I took today..


Zeus and Bells snuggling with me

Monday, August 19, 2013

More Rain

It's back to raining.. So therefore; the barn production came to a screeching halt..

Maya broke her little leg, jumping through the hog wire fence.. which I have scolded her for doing before.. so I have a 3 legged dog running around the house...

Other than that.. Nothing too exciting went on this past weekend..

we have entered into the monsoon weather again.. and word out on the street says it's not supposed to stop raining for about 5 days :(

I got my horse addiction at an early age.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The cool front came in..

They weren't kidding when they said a cool front was on the way.. I woke up this morning and it was almost light jacket weather.. It was 68 when I went out to feed the horses.. it's beautiful I love it..
Last night, I was riding.. I started off with Spartan.. I've been working on his trot and turns, His left was disaster but, I got him adjusted and did some bending exercises and we did pretty good.. with the little  8 meter circles I was making him do.. 
then to change it up, I put a standard up and then poles on the ground and got him trotting over those.. and just for the heck of it.. I put up a little cross bar like 6" high, nothing big... and he lifted up over it.. so I'm completely considering that his first jump..  I was excited, so I made him do it 2 more times... 
Kismet on the left, Spartan on the Right I think Spartan is bigger than Kizzy... Spartan measured at 16.3hh I hope he keeps growing..  His belly is definitely growing.. I can't wait until he bulks up...

I haven't got him into a canter yet, I don't think his power steering is quite fixed, and I found out I have no whoa in the snaffle.. I might need to put him in full cheek... or french link..  I hate changing out bits.. and I'm not into severe bits.. the softer that horses mouth is.. the better off you my eyes..
 except with Maggie.. retard wouldn't turn in a snaffle, so I had to put a myler bit with a port... she got her shoulder up and around barrels and pole bending then.... so now she's in a snaffle and on her game...
I also rode Charlie last night, she was fully of it, I think the slight coolness in the weather last night and she's got some groceries in her along with minerals and muscle builder so, when we got into a canter she was bucking feeling good.. she only did that twice.. haha...  I put her in Maggies old bit.  all she knew was walk and wide open.. so we worked in the trot a lot until she worked up a sweat..   she's so small she feels like she's going nuts, but it's really just her cute little feet working so quickly.. now she's catty..she could definitely turn out from underneath you if you weren't planted and seated..  I'm going to have fun competing off of her.. Speaking of competing our Eastern Championships is coming up, I need to muscle Maggie up... but, I'm Running Maggie in the main match and I'm going to try to get Charlie Qualified for AQHA worlds.. 
Well that is all going on around the cavallo ranch.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

tex-mexish cube steaks

The other night I tried something new with cube steaks..

1 lb Cube steaks
1/2 tsp of Ground Cumin
Salt and pepper
1 jar of home made salsa

I put the steaks in a 9x13 baking dish, seasoned both sides with salt and pepper and cumin. then covered with jalapeños and then piled on the salsa, graded some white sharp cheddar for taste and covered it with tin-foil and baked on 375 for about 35 minutes..

while it was baking I made some Spanish Rice with jalapeños and tomatoes... there was no left overs that night.. :)

crock pot london broil

you know how the london broil is real tough and you usually broil it?
well I decided today to try something out..

I put one in the crock pot to have ready for tonight when I get home from work.

1 1/2 lb London Broil
2 cans of Diced Tomatoes
1 can of golden mushroom condensed soup
1 bag of baby carrots
1 small vidalia onion

I put the roast in the bottom of the crock pot, put the carrots around it
big chunked the onion and put that around, then put a can of the tomatoes and then the golden mushroom soup and then the other can of tomatoes...  I've got it set on low and I plan on having that joker cook for about 10 hours...

It's about time to slaughter another steer and process him... so I'm trying to come up with new stuffs....  especially with cube steak and roasts...

The London Broil, Roasted Corn and cabbage

The Cabbage was put in the oven at about 450, and roasted on both sides for about 15 minutes, and brushed with Lemon and salt and pepper..

Monday, August 12, 2013

Playing Catch Up

a whole lot has been going on since I got back from Vacation... So much so that I don't remember everything :)
Big things..  In sort...  We started construction on the barn which makes me a very happy cowgirl.. I killed my first
Rooster yesterday... I will honestly say.. It wasn't really that bad killing it.. it was the process of boiling, plucking and skinning and all that which was a pain.. for the little bit of meat I got out of him.. I am happy to say that perdue can put chicken on my plate all day long.. hahah
If I was starving I'd do it again, but not again before that...
One of my patients gave me the biggest cooler filled up with corn.. so, I blanched that and vacuum sealed all those ears of corn yesterday. Then we took Maggie and Tattoo out for a about 4 hour trail ride.. we were gone so long it was dark out while we were walking back.. it was so pretty all the fireflies twinkling in the woods :)
I fell off of Kismet the other week..  we were riding around the arena for about 35-40 minutes and she's a hot blooded retard sometimes.. and she finally calmed down and got all nice and soft, so I brought up the stirrups and started working on my seated trot without stirrups and we were going in 8 meter circles... and then out of the gate to the arena pops out my mother-in-laws horse and he's the alpha in the herd and he kinda charged us and Kismet jumped sideways like 3 feet and I went straight down the other way... I jacked some crap up in my hip that time.. I had to go visit my friend to get him to give me a good adjustment and straighten me out... it was bad...

Gracie gave us a scare last week as well....  she had a huge what felt like hernia about the size of a football on her left side... We called the vet out and he said he was 99% sure it was a hernia and we needed to get her ultra sounded...  well then we were faced with the fact that she's preggers and the hernia was so huge it was going to require surgery..  and horses and surgery never go good together.. so she's my cowboys horse.. and we were weighing all the options but. it looked like since she already has a hamstring injury that it might have just been a case of putting her down.. but, thank God it was some fluid filled cyst.. and they cut into it and drained it out and put a drain in her.. and it's looking better and better by the day..
I'm thinking that is about all the major stuff that has gone on around here..
I'll try to keep up to date with my shenanigans a little more better..
vacuum sealed corn

random picture of me a lil chap

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Leaving Jamaica and getting back into the country

At 2 a.m. the bell hop fella called us to tell us to put our bags outside and that he was going to come get them and for us to be downstairs in the lobby by 2:30 so our chauffeur could take us to the airport..
we got our bags together and put them outside.. the fella came and got them and we started downstairs to the lobby... we were both pretty quiet because we were tired...
2:45 we get in a van... and were doing about 120km/h on our way to Montego Bay.. we passed street parties that looked interesting and arrived at the airport by 4am... to find out that the American Airlines people don't get there until around 5.. and our plane left at 6:30am....
we sat in the airport on these chairs waiting for the Airline to open up.. and we checked in and got our customs forms.. then I found out I couldn't bring the sauces that I had bought on the plane with me.. I had to check them.. I reckon they figured I might throw some jerk sauce on someone and try to eat them.... retards... so I packed them in Sharyl's bag...
The lady at customs asked if we had a good time.. we said yeah, and she said come back and see us... so we said we were already planning on it.. and made way to the gate...
our plane leaves Montego Bay and lands in Miami... before we got two steps out of the gate there were homeland security people waiting for us... they wanted our customs forms and passports... so the guy gets us and asks where we stayed... we told him Sandals.. then he asked how we knew each other because we lived in different states... I'm back there rolling my eyes... I mean seriously...
So I said Rodeo and Sharyl said we shoot together.. which lead to a long discussion about our mounted shooting...  he let us go and off to "passport control" we went...  I told Sharyl.. just say rodeo and NOT to mention anything about guns and ammo... lol..
we get to some other check in place with lines... and sharyl got questioned first... then I got questioned.. the guy said your not from florida.. I explained that I lived in South Carolina... then he asked if I was married.. I said yeah, then he asked where the husbands were.. and I said on a motorcycle tour of southern Florida.. and he asked if I had one.. and I told him about my sportster.. so after a random barrage of questions he stamped my papers and sent me off with another slip to baggage claim..
where we were sniffed out by the beagle drug dogs.. they were adorable.. and apparently you are not supposed to call them Snoopy and pet them... then the dogs smelled something in this ladies bag.. so they grabbed her and her bag and started ripping things out of it.. so we just kept moving right along.. you know me and my dangerous jerk sauces I was smuggling...
once Sharyl got her bag... we went through another security point.. and this is where the story begins.. I walked up to the counter with Sharyl and the guy yelled at me and told me to go stand behind the line.. Sharyl is making faces and answering questions.. but, I couldn't hear what he was a saying... finally after like 5 minutes he was done and it was my turn.. so He motions to me to come over there.. I handed him my passport and papers.. and he says "where did you go", I answered "jamaica" then he asked how long I stayed.. I told him like 3 days... then he asked why I packed so light... and that was odd to me because my carryon bag  was freaking heavy...  so I said.. I didn't pack light.. and explained I marinated on the beach.. so I bought 1 pair of flip flops and like 4 bathing suits and some coverup dresses and the clothes I was wearing and he said and you didn't fit it all in that bag... then it dawned on me that he failed to notice the big duffle bag that was around my back.. so I turned and showed it to him.. and he got pissy with me.. and read through everything that I declared and asked me where the Cigars were.. and I said in my purse.. then he asked about the "souvenir junk" ( I literally put down souvenir junk on the declaration form) and I explained I bought beaded necklaces, a shot glass, key chain etc... then he was just staring at me and asked what I did for a living.. I told him I was a doctor and he asked where my husband was.. and I told him this was a girls weekend and they were having a boys weekend in the keys... then he asked about my spices and sauces.. I said.. Oh! I bought some jerk seasonings and sauces.. have you ever tried that.. it's great.. and he said let me see them.. I said.. well the sauces are in Sharyl's bag...... and holy my goodness you would have thought that I had a kilo of cocaine! this guy proceeded to chew me out about not keeping my stuff in my possession and how much trouble I could get into and went on and on and on.... and I explained what happened at the check in, in Jamaica.. and explained that he should be giving a foreigner with a US Citizen passport a hard time.. not a hard working whitebred american girl... and that was that... I left customs in a bad freaking mood...
we checked back through a security check point and made our way to the gate where our connecting flight left out of.... well...........................  So now i'm sleep deprived, tired, hungry, thirst and in a bad mood.... Sharyl and I go to TGIF at the gate.. and sat down.. the table was sticky, noisy the waiter was a retard.. so we left.. and went to Nathan's.. I haven't had a nathan's hot dog since I left New York...
So I got me a Kraut dog and we headed back to the gate to wait on the plane....
well the only seats were ones left next to a flight crew... and I'm sitting there enjoying my lips and asssholes hot dog.. and this dumb blonde flight attendant.. says "OH MY GOD y'all are eating hot dogs" I looked at her like wtf... and she said.. I just love seeing women enjoying junk food...
then I got to listen to her talk about her grass fed beef cows on her 5 acre farm and her free range organic chickens.. and I went to say something and Sharyl grabbed me... and I sat there quietly.. until a foreigner with screaming children sat in front of us and I explained they were birth control poster children.. and they got up and moved.. then we get on the plane.. and who is the flight crew? you guessed it.. the retards from the waiting area... so blondie.. gets all excited and says "THE HOT DOG GIRLS"  I looked at her and told her to never speak to me again and if she had something intelligent to say, then say it.. but keep her retarded comments to herself....
I was also pmsing...
I was never so happy to see our truck and my husband.... I about kissed the ground we landed on... hahah... then we drove home and it's been an interesting couple of weeks.. that is for sure... :)

Jamaican Adventure Day 3

We woke up to the beautiful sounds of the ocean.. and that's where we were headed..  We were going to a glass bottom boat out to somewhere.. and then Snorkeling for about 30 minutes..
We roll up to the boat dock, and get some flippers and a life jacket and board this glass bottom boat...
we went on a little tour around and the guys got to a spot thew out the anchor and provided us with our snorkeling supplies... me being the paranoid germaphobe ever since I wen through Microbiology, immunology, parasitology and virology classes... asked what they disinfected the goggles and breathing thingies with.. and they showed me.. and it looked like the blue foamy junk at the dentists office.. so that was fine with me...  I get my flippers on and this goggle mask thingy.. and I looked at Sharyl and reminded her not to pee in the water... she laughed at me.. and I told her I was serious.. if she knew what kind of parasites could swim up that urethra she'd not want to do it either... haha.. so she kinda looked funny and said ok...   and off we dove...  we were on a coral reef.. I couldn't take any pictures because they told me to leave the camera at home, since it would get wet on the ride, etc.  So I saw sea urchins and jelly fish and all kinds of fish I have no idea what they are... and big conch shells... I was tempted to dive down and grab one, but, I'm not to sure of the laws on that stuff and I didn't want to be locked up abroad... I have watched that show... their jails in third world countries are not like ours.... Just sayin'.....
On our way back to return our flippers one of the boat people asked "want to sail m'lady"  they all called us my lady.. it was nice... so I said sure.. and we boarded a hobie cat and took off in the wind.. ohhhh man that was awesome.. at one point he had the thing on only one side.. it was so fun..  we got back and decided that was enough water sports for the day and we needed to marinate in the sun some more... and up to the room we went, made a tasty beverage and back off to the beach... soon after we sat down in our chairs, Suzie-ann came over with our drinks.. she must of read our minds because she brought us what we wanted.. and we settled in....then... we saw this hot Italian guy walk by.. and so did every other woman that was on that beach... then we saw his Gorgeous Italian bride... now,  he knew he was pretty, because ever step he was taking looked practices and posed... and to top that all off.. the dude squirts sunscreen on himself and starts rubbing it in... we laughed pretty hard about that...  then had the bright idea to tell Aquilla (the housekeeper) about him being the man of her dreams.. haha
we skipped lunch that day... well not really skipped it.. we had a liquid lunch..  :)
I get into the water and I was just floating around... and then Sharyl and I were making fun of people and making faces at each other...then all of a sudden.. this guy with a red pair of swimming trunks comes running towards the water.. stops right before the water swishes his hair to the side and dives in.... I busted out laughing and Sharyl was screaming bay watch!!!! hahahahah
we spent the rest of our day on the beach, until sunset... and then headed up to our room to pack up all our souvenir junk and clothes.. and went down for a late dinner after spending about 2 hours talking to Aquilla as we packed...  we thought we were going to stay up the whole time, but we passed out around 11 and got up at 2am... and therein lies the customs situation.. hahaha

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Jamaican Adventure Day 2

We woke up and made a pot of coffee, then sat on the balcony and watched the catamaran and sail boats go by, then got dressed and headed down for breakfast...  I tried a fruit called Sour Sop... it was good.. and later on I found out that it's really good for your nervous system... when I had found that out I was also asking about ganja.. and found out that it's part of their culture and by that it was meant that they make medicines and stuff out of it.. the guy was explaining when people would get sick they would make a tea our of roots and herbs and ganja.. then take a scorpion and ferment it... and drink it... crazy stuff... but, it makes sense.. because they were telling me they don't like to use medicines..
any ways... we decided we were going to go to the Harley shop, so we went to the concierge and told her what we wanted to do.. so she called us a driver and we headed to the harley shop..  he stayed with us.. and then I got to asking him about craft markets and stuff like that.. he said we could go...
So we went to Harley and bought some shirts.. then got back in the van and headed to the craft market.. what a place that was... I bought some hand made junk.. and I do mean junk.. well I got some bracelets and necklaces and trinkets.. all boils down to stuff I didn't need which means junk.. plain and simple...
But, while I was there.. I got ahold of some Jerk chicken with rice and peas and braised cabbage... oh man oh man.. was it good...  it came out of a hole in the wall.. So, we ate that and headed back to the resort..  We get back to the resort, change into our bathing suits and head straight for the beach....
Me standing on the balcony of our room

we set up shop, in pretty much the same spot we were the day before.. not to much longer after we were marinating in the sun, we met our waitress her name was Suzie-ann.. she was awesome.. she kept those blue magnificent drinks coming.. and then she suggested I try a Frozen Mango drink....  yeah.. that was my new favorite drink....  we marinated around on the beach for a few hours until it was time to get up and get to the room to change for our dinner reservations..

Our Dinner Table

We were seated in our spot and it was gorgeous over looking the beach... the menu was awesome had a lot of seafood.. the waiter explained that I could have surf and turf, or surf and surf.. or a surf and surf and surf..  haha..  So I had the surf and surf and surf which was mahi maui, sea bass and shrimp.



Random Picture

That was about the extent of that evening... except for when we got back to the room and met our housekeeper.. her name was Aquilla.  She was in love with Italians and the Italian Mafia... she was quoting us movies and explaining her knowledge of the Mafia... from what I gather.. all Italians are in the Mafia.. and Sharyl is Italian and I am Sicilian.. so She decided we were too...