Jamaican Adventure Day 3

We woke up to the beautiful sounds of the ocean.. and that's where we were headed..  We were going to a glass bottom boat out to somewhere.. and then Snorkeling for about 30 minutes..
We roll up to the boat dock, and get some flippers and a life jacket and board this glass bottom boat...
we went on a little tour around and the guys got to a spot thew out the anchor and provided us with our snorkeling supplies... me being the paranoid germaphobe ever since I wen through Microbiology, immunology, parasitology and virology classes... asked what they disinfected the goggles and breathing thingies with.. and they showed me.. and it looked like the blue foamy junk at the dentists office.. so that was fine with me...  I get my flippers on and this goggle mask thingy.. and I looked at Sharyl and reminded her not to pee in the water... she laughed at me.. and I told her I was serious.. if she knew what kind of parasites could swim up that urethra she'd not want to do it either... haha.. so she kinda looked funny and said ok...   and off we dove...  we were on a coral reef.. I couldn't take any pictures because they told me to leave the camera at home, since it would get wet on the ride, etc.  So I saw sea urchins and jelly fish and all kinds of fish I have no idea what they are... and big conch shells... I was tempted to dive down and grab one, but, I'm not to sure of the laws on that stuff and I didn't want to be locked up abroad... I have watched that show... their jails in third world countries are not like ours.... Just sayin'.....
On our way back to return our flippers one of the boat people asked "want to sail m'lady"  they all called us my lady.. it was nice... so I said sure.. and we boarded a hobie cat and took off in the wind.. ohhhh man that was awesome.. at one point he had the thing on only one side.. it was so fun..  we got back and decided that was enough water sports for the day and we needed to marinate in the sun some more... and up to the room we went, made a tasty beverage and back off to the beach... soon after we sat down in our chairs, Suzie-ann came over with our drinks.. she must of read our minds because she brought us what we wanted.. and we settled in....then... we saw this hot Italian guy walk by.. and so did every other woman that was on that beach... then we saw his Gorgeous Italian bride... now,  he knew he was pretty, because ever step he was taking looked practices and posed... and to top that all off.. the dude squirts sunscreen on himself and starts rubbing it in... we laughed pretty hard about that...  then had the bright idea to tell Aquilla (the housekeeper) about him being the man of her dreams.. haha
we skipped lunch that day... well not really skipped it.. we had a liquid lunch..  :)
I get into the water and I was just floating around... and then Sharyl and I were making fun of people and making faces at each other...then all of a sudden.. this guy with a red pair of swimming trunks comes running towards the water.. stops right before the water swishes his hair to the side and dives in.... I busted out laughing and Sharyl was screaming bay watch!!!! hahahahah
we spent the rest of our day on the beach, until sunset... and then headed up to our room to pack up all our souvenir junk and clothes.. and went down for a late dinner after spending about 2 hours talking to Aquilla as we packed...  we thought we were going to stay up the whole time, but we passed out around 11 and got up at 2am... and therein lies the customs situation.. hahaha


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