Playing Catch Up

a whole lot has been going on since I got back from Vacation... So much so that I don't remember everything :)
Big things..  In sort...  We started construction on the barn which makes me a very happy cowgirl.. I killed my first
Rooster yesterday... I will honestly say.. It wasn't really that bad killing it.. it was the process of boiling, plucking and skinning and all that which was a pain.. for the little bit of meat I got out of him.. I am happy to say that perdue can put chicken on my plate all day long.. hahah
If I was starving I'd do it again, but not again before that...
One of my patients gave me the biggest cooler filled up with corn.. so, I blanched that and vacuum sealed all those ears of corn yesterday. Then we took Maggie and Tattoo out for a about 4 hour trail ride.. we were gone so long it was dark out while we were walking back.. it was so pretty all the fireflies twinkling in the woods :)
I fell off of Kismet the other week..  we were riding around the arena for about 35-40 minutes and she's a hot blooded retard sometimes.. and she finally calmed down and got all nice and soft, so I brought up the stirrups and started working on my seated trot without stirrups and we were going in 8 meter circles... and then out of the gate to the arena pops out my mother-in-laws horse and he's the alpha in the herd and he kinda charged us and Kismet jumped sideways like 3 feet and I went straight down the other way... I jacked some crap up in my hip that time.. I had to go visit my friend to get him to give me a good adjustment and straighten me out... it was bad...

Gracie gave us a scare last week as well....  she had a huge what felt like hernia about the size of a football on her left side... We called the vet out and he said he was 99% sure it was a hernia and we needed to get her ultra sounded...  well then we were faced with the fact that she's preggers and the hernia was so huge it was going to require surgery..  and horses and surgery never go good together.. so she's my cowboys horse.. and we were weighing all the options but. it looked like since she already has a hamstring injury that it might have just been a case of putting her down.. but, thank God it was some fluid filled cyst.. and they cut into it and drained it out and put a drain in her.. and it's looking better and better by the day..
I'm thinking that is about all the major stuff that has gone on around here..
I'll try to keep up to date with my shenanigans a little more better..
vacuum sealed corn

random picture of me a lil chap


  1. That corn looks good! Killin the chicken isn't bad, but the rest is horrid! Hope you and Gracie heal up! I have never seen a firefly. Would be kinda cool to have them in this neck of the desert! :)

  2. The Fireflies are awesome :) I'll have to see if I can take a video..


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