The cool front came in..

They weren't kidding when they said a cool front was on the way.. I woke up this morning and it was almost light jacket weather.. It was 68 when I went out to feed the horses.. it's beautiful I love it..
Last night, I was riding.. I started off with Spartan.. I've been working on his trot and turns, His left was disaster but, I got him adjusted and did some bending exercises and we did pretty good.. with the little  8 meter circles I was making him do.. 
then to change it up, I put a standard up and then poles on the ground and got him trotting over those.. and just for the heck of it.. I put up a little cross bar like 6" high, nothing big... and he lifted up over it.. so I'm completely considering that his first jump..  I was excited, so I made him do it 2 more times... 
Kismet on the left, Spartan on the Right I think Spartan is bigger than Kizzy... Spartan measured at 16.3hh I hope he keeps growing..  His belly is definitely growing.. I can't wait until he bulks up...

I haven't got him into a canter yet, I don't think his power steering is quite fixed, and I found out I have no whoa in the snaffle.. I might need to put him in full cheek... or french link..  I hate changing out bits.. and I'm not into severe bits.. the softer that horses mouth is.. the better off you my eyes..
 except with Maggie.. retard wouldn't turn in a snaffle, so I had to put a myler bit with a port... she got her shoulder up and around barrels and pole bending then.... so now she's in a snaffle and on her game...
I also rode Charlie last night, she was fully of it, I think the slight coolness in the weather last night and she's got some groceries in her along with minerals and muscle builder so, when we got into a canter she was bucking feeling good.. she only did that twice.. haha...  I put her in Maggies old bit.  all she knew was walk and wide open.. so we worked in the trot a lot until she worked up a sweat..   she's so small she feels like she's going nuts, but it's really just her cute little feet working so quickly.. now she's catty..she could definitely turn out from underneath you if you weren't planted and seated..  I'm going to have fun competing off of her.. Speaking of competing our Eastern Championships is coming up, I need to muscle Maggie up... but, I'm Running Maggie in the main match and I'm going to try to get Charlie Qualified for AQHA worlds.. 
Well that is all going on around the cavallo ranch.


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