The Jamaican Adventure Day 2

We woke up and made a pot of coffee, then sat on the balcony and watched the catamaran and sail boats go by, then got dressed and headed down for breakfast...  I tried a fruit called Sour Sop... it was good.. and later on I found out that it's really good for your nervous system... when I had found that out I was also asking about ganja.. and found out that it's part of their culture and by that it was meant that they make medicines and stuff out of it.. the guy was explaining when people would get sick they would make a tea our of roots and herbs and ganja.. then take a scorpion and ferment it... and drink it... crazy stuff... but, it makes sense.. because they were telling me they don't like to use medicines..
any ways... we decided we were going to go to the Harley shop, so we went to the concierge and told her what we wanted to do.. so she called us a driver and we headed to the harley shop..  he stayed with us.. and then I got to asking him about craft markets and stuff like that.. he said we could go...
So we went to Harley and bought some shirts.. then got back in the van and headed to the craft market.. what a place that was... I bought some hand made junk.. and I do mean junk.. well I got some bracelets and necklaces and trinkets.. all boils down to stuff I didn't need which means junk.. plain and simple...
But, while I was there.. I got ahold of some Jerk chicken with rice and peas and braised cabbage... oh man oh man.. was it good...  it came out of a hole in the wall.. So, we ate that and headed back to the resort..  We get back to the resort, change into our bathing suits and head straight for the beach....
Me standing on the balcony of our room

we set up shop, in pretty much the same spot we were the day before.. not to much longer after we were marinating in the sun, we met our waitress her name was Suzie-ann.. she was awesome.. she kept those blue magnificent drinks coming.. and then she suggested I try a Frozen Mango drink....  yeah.. that was my new favorite drink....  we marinated around on the beach for a few hours until it was time to get up and get to the room to change for our dinner reservations..

Our Dinner Table

We were seated in our spot and it was gorgeous over looking the beach... the menu was awesome had a lot of seafood.. the waiter explained that I could have surf and turf, or surf and surf.. or a surf and surf and surf..  haha..  So I had the surf and surf and surf which was mahi maui, sea bass and shrimp.



Random Picture

That was about the extent of that evening... except for when we got back to the room and met our housekeeper.. her name was Aquilla.  She was in love with Italians and the Italian Mafia... she was quoting us movies and explaining her knowledge of the Mafia... from what I gather.. all Italians are in the Mafia.. and Sharyl is Italian and I am Sicilian.. so She decided we were too...


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