Monday, September 30, 2013

Virginia State Fair Fun :)

When we got to the Fair.. the first place I went was to the turkey leg stand.... and got me some dinner...

I thought to myself while I was sitting there, ravaging the turkey leg..... that I should have been a viking... and I needed a horn full of mead :)

we got the horses settled in and said hello to our friends.. and that was about all that went on that night..

Here is Gracie and I on Saturday Morning...  we had a blast...  We spent the first stage figuring out her turns, and the second stage I was battling letting go and running real fast.. then the third stage I ran like a scalded dog and figured out that I couldn't shoot as fast as she ran.. and the 4th stage the wind was blowing the balloons around like mad so, I didn't do so good on that one.. but, it was a fast and fun time..

That night, we ventured over to the fair to check out the rest of the fair food...  I had a half of a chicken and some curly fries.. then we barreled on over to the apple crisp stand.. and I got an apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon... mmmmmhmmmmmm that was good!!!!
but, this morning, when I got up.. I was so sick to my stomach.. all that bad food doesn't sit well with me.. it's crazy...

Gracie and I on the last stage..she ran me out of my hat! look at the smile on my face haha

I had a blast.. so much so.. that I am now going to the Pennsylvania state shoot after the Georgia State and then to Amarillo Texas for the worlds...  this weekend in Georgia I will slow down a bit and hit my targets.. Pennsylvania I will fine tune my speed and then I hope to win at the worlds :)

Stopped here for fuel on the way home... haha

Friday, September 27, 2013

Virginia State Fair Bound......

We are taking the bloomer up to Virginia instead of the mobile home.. haha...

so we drug it out and got it all cleaned up..
We are also taking this to Amarillo, Texas in a few weeks, so we figured a maiden voyage to Virginia was better than getting stranded somewhere in between here and Texas :)

this week has been packed with stuff..
Tuesday night, we went to the 18th Annual Dairy Appreciation Supper banquet.. which was really nice :)

Super great seafood there as always..

Then Wednesday Night, I hosted my first District meeting, which went rather well :)

And Wednesday I cleaned the inside of that bloomer all out,  the doors on that joker hasn't been open in about a year, And when we opened it.. there was mold everywhere...
It has been so humid and damp with all the rain... I guess that is why It got like that.. but, Oh well...  a few bottles of  clorox wipes and some lysol later it's sparkling clean :)

I'm really excited about going to Virginia...  I love competing at the state fair.   I woke up early this morning all excited that I'll be eating a turkey leg for supper :)
I'm really excited to ride Gracie for real...  We have been to the Rodeo and to that Ranch Rodeo, but those rodeo arena's are small small....

So, I'm going to try to get some good shots of Tinys Amazing Grace and I this weekend...  She's a beautiful girl

Gracie and I on the left, Clint and Tattoo on the right

Gracie and I

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cornbread pan

Previously I had said, I got an old antique cornbread thingy..

well here it is..

And I made Turkey Chili last night :) it was awesome

Monday, September 23, 2013

More happenings around the Ranch

I got home after work Wednesday and I decided it was time to bake... so I put my apron on and got to work..  I baked a batch of peanut butter cookies... but, check this out.. I made them out of chick peas and peanut butter... they were good... but, I didn't bake them on parchment paper.. and I burnt them on the bottom ... :/  oops..
so then I decided to make a pear tart.  My father gave me some pears that his neighbor had given him.. so I made a tart.. 

and we have enjoyed that joker :)
This weekend has been a crazy one..

Thursday my Cowboy left with his friend and they headed to Texas, and picked up a huge trailer..

The Trailer

We needed one for hauling cattle anyways....  well, that's one reason, the other reason I can't really talk about yet...
But, I will hint around.. We have a awesome Stallion..  He's Hancock and Blue Valentine cross...  we are about to go into the foundation hancock roan breeding business..  soooooooo, We have to get a band of brood mares, which we have already gotten two so far....
There is an opportunity for some 2-3 year old mares from Nebraska to make way down to Southern Carolina...  and It just might happen.. like a lot of them :)  I'm excited...

Well, they made it back Sunday morning around 2:30, they turned 2800 miles in a few days...

Meanwhile,  Friday I went to get my friend Cate's horse from her barn and bring him over my house..  because Saturday we were going to a Barrel Race... Now, mind you.. neither one of us have ever barrel raced before.. hahah so, we were going to practice then roll out to the race and see what we could accomplish...
So, Friday night, Cate and I had dinner then built a fire in the fire pit and sat around and drank wine...  and called it a night...

Morning sunrise over my horse pasture
Bright and early Saturday morning I got up to feed horses and check on the general population pasture.... and Cate's horse...

then headed out to a barn to work on some horses...

After that I headed home and Cate was on her way to my house... and we got our horses saddled up and found out that the barrel race was canceled.. so we decided to ride the property, I had to move some cows from one section of the ranch to another and lock them out of this one pasture...
so, we checked for them and checked the fences then got involved with some yellow jackets and we took off bucking and a running from the bees... hahah..
so then we got into the arena, and I set up some barrels and we practiced...  I think we are ready...
I just need a timer to check out the times...
So, after that.. there was a whole lot of fence repairing to do, so I called in the farm help and got a big long to-do list done...   Meanwhile, while I had the guys working.. I went over to my parents house and my mom talked me into going to this antique store... so we spent a few hours in there.. I got this really old measuing cup set, two silver fancy butter knives, and an old griswold corn muffin pan.. it's cool.. I might use it tonight...
When I got home, I helped fix the gate post and we finished work around the ranch about 10:30pm...
I went in the house, and was exhausted, so I started reading.. Oh side note on reading... I pre-ordered the new kindle paperwhite :)  I'm super excited about that...  Now I don't have to read with a light.. hahah
I fell asleep reading until my Cowboy came home... then I had a million things to tell him.. but I only got out a few.. then we woke up bright and early and checked on the horses and I checked out the new horse trailer.. then we went to a local place and had breakfast...
Once we got back we had to head out towards an awesome ranch rodeo in NC.
it was great, it was the wild west days ranch rodeo, and It was invitation only. so we were doing the shooting part, but they had sorting and ear tagging.. then they had roping and riding the steer after you roped it.. it was awesome :)
I drove us home last night, and we got back about 9:30..  and that was that :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

checking the cows

Last night, I rode Charly around the arena and around patterns..
But, today I got up and decided not to do the normal arena training routine... so I grabbed Gracie and decided we needed to check the cows..

It is an overcasted cloudy cool breezey day..

The Pastures need bush hoggin' but, it sure is pretty!

trying to follow the cow trail

New baby with the hereford!

Look at Gracie's ears.. she hates cows... haha

Cows playing hide-n-seek in the tree line

Now I'm at the office about to get to work..

Monday, September 16, 2013

Half-time Show Rodeo Weekend

This weekend was jam packed..  Started out Friday night with the Rodeo, which we were shooting at the half time show.. it was so much fun... but, I took Maggie Friday night.. and she's just not that into shooting anymore... we were standing next to the roping calves and she had her eye on them the whole time... I'm thinking she's burnt out on shooting and wants to sort a bit more.. so I'm going to give her some time off... Which will be until around January.. then I'll get her out and start legging her up for AQHA worlds... we brought our stallion with us.. and tied him to the fence next to the bucking bulls and he stood there the whole night... I was proud of him...   but anyways, the half time show was a hit..  and we didn't get out of there until around 11:30.. and we were all hungry... so We headed out for the waffle house, to find that all the rodeo ground had went there.. so we decided to go to Wendy's... then parked the trailer, and went to the door to find out, the dining room was closed... only the drive through was open... so we walked through the drive thru.. and the fella standing at the window looked up from texting and mouthed "what the f***" and opened the window... so we explained that we had a horse trailer and couldn't make it through the drive through without taking down signs and crap.. and he let us order...  hahha... it was pretty funny...   So the next day after that.. I was feeling sick all day...  I think the whole eating fast food thing, just don't mix with me.. or just the grease... I dunno...
Stormy (left) and Gracie (right)
But, Saturday was a big barn working day.. we got most of the roof on before it was like 90..  Once we stopped working on the barn, I decided to ride the stallion.... and I did for about 15 minutes.. then he got bow-ey with me and I made an executive decision that no way in the world was I bucking this out...
So, I eased right off of him and headed back for the other barn.. hahah..
When It came time to leave for the rodeo again Saturday night, I had to make a decision.. Maggie or Gracie.....  So here is how I made this decision.. Maggie and Gracie are in adjoining paddocks..
I went walking towards the gates and Gracie literally came walking fast down to the gate.. and I petted her on the head and I said.. Ok Gracie.. I choose you.... and there it was..   Gracie got loaded up on the trailer...
Once we got there, had our contestants meeting I got gracie all tacked up and we started walking around.. I got sooooo many compliments on Gracie it was amazing.... she sure is pretty....
about time for the half time show My cowboy is on the microphone telling everyone about the sport.. and what we were about to do etc.  and I hear him say "last night when we got home, my wife drew the short straw on which horse to ride.. so she's riding a horse that has been laid up inthe pasture for the past 4 years..."  so some rodeo guy looks up at me and says... you haven't ridden this horse in 4 years.. I said "yeah she got bred and had a injury and all.. I've never shot off of her"  he looked at me for a second.. and said.. "you're brave"  I replied with "it ain't that bad".. and off I went into the arena...
Gracie stopped put her ears forward and surveyed the arena... I could feel her heart beating and she was breathing fast.... then she started jumping around and ready to go.... and I took off.. shot 5 balloons then rounded a barrel and she took off straight up in the air and I shot 5 more balloons and then we were done.. I had a big ole grin on my face once that was over... she was like on auto pilot, she knows her job and actually seemed happy to be working again...
 We came back to the ranch after that.. and sat around the fire and drank coffee for a few hours... the air was just cool enough to have a good fire going... it was beautiful...

Sunday morning, we had a few extra hands to work on the barn, so I let the men folk do that...
They got all the roof up and most of the sides and it's really starting to look great..

I can't wait for it to be done... :) and that's about all for this weekend..

Barn Supervisor

Saturday, September 14, 2013

First Real Cool Fall tease morning

Our Stallion Cocaine

I woke up this morning and went outside to be greeted at the door by cool fall-like morning..
It was amazing I was instantaneously reminded of pumpkins and apple pies and cakes and cookies and falling leaves.... oh man oh man  I can't wait for fall..

isn't he getting pretty.. look at his hair... He's only 2!

Friday, September 13, 2013

This week so far

I've been excited all week about tonight and Saturday.... we are doing the half time show at the local rodeo :)  So Friday is finally here..  It's been a busy busy week.  I rode Gracie all week, and threw Spartan in the mix a few times..  That poor boy.  Wednesday.. I finally found a bit that he stops and listens in.. the big o ring snaffle wasn't getting it.. But, I got him into a canter that was to die for.. I also had him side passing across the arena... I was really impressed... and he gave out on me.. So I gave him a few days off :)

Tonight, I'm going to Run Maggie...

But, I made a pot Roast the other day.. it was awesome..

I put a can of beef broth in the crock pot.. a 3lb chuck roast.  3 russet potatoes cut up, a packet of lipton onion soup mix, carrots, field peas and mushrooms and let that joker roll for about 8 hours on low..

then I Baked a Gingerbread Apple coffee cake.

Which I gave half of it to my parents.. and My father sent me a picture:

Yep, That is how he was eating it... hahaha...  
Oh, the washing machine is fixed.. I did a load of clothes, then put them in the dryer, went to go ride a horse and came back a hour or two later and the dryer was still on 60 minutes and tumbling away..... the clothes were still cold, and wet.  So I have jeans hanging all around the laundry room.. the Dryer gave out on me now... they REALLY don't make stuff like they used to..
Just like the broken toilet bowl.......  Bought a new one last night to fix the guest bathroom... got the old one out, cleaned up the wax ring, and went to get the base of the new one out of the box.. and what do you know.... broken... I really hate Lowe's.... they are understaffed and everything I buy from them is broken, Like the composite sink I bought that one time... took it out of the box and it was broken.. so I traded it for a cast iron one...  So that is about all...

Me as a baby

Monday, September 9, 2013


Me sitting on Maggie at the
2013 Eastern US Championships
Well,  I'll cut down to the chase.. Maggie and I finished second.. I was sitting about .5 seconds out of first place after the first day... then after the second day... I got out ran by like 5 seconds...
Maggie just wouldn't run.. and it wasn't for lack of me trying to make her run..  and she wasn't doing anything wrong.. she was on point and didn't miss a step.. just wasn't running fast enough to not get out ran.....
So Saturday.. I was still in the money.. and I made it back to the double downs.. which is one run for double your money or nothing... but, you are running against the top 10 out of the ladies level 3 and 4 (I'm a 3) and Maggie just wasn't going to make the cut against a few of the girls in the level 4...  so after about busting out into tears at the realization that my buddy for 6 years now hasn't got what it takes to be the winner... I asked My cowboy for his horse, Tattoo...   apparently it was against his idea and a few other people's idea.....  because that horse runs level 6 times... which is smoking fast...  
I finished up running the AQHA on Tattoo's baby, we call her Charly (Ropescharcoalcharly is her name) and I was about to just run her in the double downs because she was out running maggie by 2 seconds a stage.. and she is 4 and has only been broke for 90 days...  but, Clint told me to get his horse out of the stall.. and I went and got him... put my saddle on him.. and took him to the warm up arena.. and got familiar with him..  I've only ridden him 2 times.. once he dumped me because I used inside leg on him and he's an outside leg horse.. and then once again in a competition when he was just new to shooting.... well I'm in that arena figuring out his buttons and took off from a dead stand still and that joker ran....  I was having my doubts about this and I was nervous because I was about to run the double downs.... but, I went in there.. and a good friend of ours told me to get rough with him and don't take no for an answer.. to be aggressive and take charge.. haha...   So, about 2 riders out... I made it back in the number 4 hole out of 10, which meant I had the 4th fastest total time out of the 10 girls there... I started back peddling and wanted to ride Maggie.... So they start calling for me.. and here is when it all became a blur...  I found my line... dropped the reins and Tattoo jumped straight up in the air at a dead run.. he took about 2 big power steps and I rattled the bit and it was on..... I held him back through the first 4 and motored across the arena to the 5th.. then rounded that run down barrel and it was going by so fast it was all a blur.... I came down that rundown with the biggest shit eating grin in the world.. and that was it.... I have got the need for speed...
So, we talked on the way home about horses and what not... and decided that I am going to leg Gracie up, since she is ok... so last night when we got home... I decided to get on her and check her out...
we trotted and loped a bit.. and she felt good... so I'm excited..  I may be taking me a rat tailed leopard app to worlds :)

just jumped on

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

Salsa di pomodoro alla siciliana and Venison Parmigiana

Today May be Labor Day... but, I'm laboring at work...  I won't be here Thursday and Friday, so I opted to work this day....  I might be able to get caught up on some paperwork that piles up...
People think being a Doctor is all fun and games and mad rollin' in the dough ray meeee... but, I have so much paperwork to do it sucks.. haha. not to mention keeping up with medicare changes and coding/billing changes that are coming down the line.... bad stuff I tell you.. but, I'm not here to complain about the current administrations pipe dreams and changes... I'm here to tell you I'm a lucky girl..

Anyways...  Friday my mom and I went down to Columbia for some overdue Retail therapy.... to which I bought some stuff that wasn't needed... but I did buy some cologne for my cowboy.. the lady stopped me while I was walking by and asked me if I wanted to smell it... to which I wound up buying it.. Vince Camuto or something like that.. it smells delicious...
Then Saturday rolled around and My washing machine broke... I mean water was overflowing everywhere....  ugh...  but, we worked on the barn and I cleaned out the chicken houses and pittled around doing much needed stuff and decorating for fall :)

I'm thinking seeing falling leaves on the ground means that fall is really on it's way.. so I'm ready for it...   Also, I heard some old wives tale about the thickness of the corn husks and silk corresponding to the coldness of the winter.. and if that is the case.. that also points to the fact that.. this is going to be a butt kicking winter :) which I'm also ready for..

 I rode Spartan Saturday during the hottest part of the day.. Like a retard on my part... and ...  he was pissy.. and then I got pissy with him.. and we had a fight for a hot minute.. and then he started doing what I wanted.. and then I let him quit....
and I took him to hose him down and cool him off a bit....
I don't think he has ever had a bath before... he was angry with me.... wheeee doggie...
but. he got over it..
Spartan standing like a wet dog...

So Sunday, we went to church on the harley :) and the preacher wanted to hear some of the things from the church going people that God has done to bless us....  I don't talk a lot in front of big crowds... so I kept my mouth shut... but, I thought to myself... I'm blessed to have a loving husband, a roof over my head, loving animals, really good horses and our beautiful land... and I don't really worry about much..
But, I decided to make a good italian meal Sunday.. like a good Sunday meal...
Started out with a good bottle of wine.. this is my favorite..
Just all around favorite..

I started making this dish buy making the sauce.. or as Italians call it.. Salsa di pomodoro alla siciliana

real good Tomatoes
If you don't use canned tomatoes you can use 3lbs of fresh tomatoes and a food mill....

1 med onion, thinly sliced and chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

Garlic, onion olio saute
some extra virgin olive oil

take a sauce pan and add the olive oil, I'm not sure how much, because I don't measure.. I do like one turn around the bottom of the pan... then heat that up the olive oil, and add the garlic and onions and sauté them until they are tender and translucent, and add the red crushed pepper, to taste.. I like it spicy, so I add a lot.  once that is all aromatic and smelling good, add the tomatoes either milled or the peeled canned. mix that all in then add:

2-3 tbsp fresh parsley
Fresh Basil and 
Oregano to taste

mix that in again... then add:

1 Can of tomato paste

and set the stove to low put the cover on the pot and let it thicken, while you make the parmigiana

I made venison Parm.. so I used cube steaks....

Cube steak, egg wash and bread crumbs

speaking of Bread crumbs, you can either buy italian seasoned canned.. or make them with stale bread.. if you don't have any stale bread, bake slices of bread in the oven until it's hard.. then break them up and put them in the food processor with basil, oregano and garlic powder....

I take the cube steaks, bath them in egg, then bread them with bread crumbs..  and the egg is the usual, 2 eggs and pour some milk in there and mix it together..

Then fry the cube steaks like you fry anything.. take them out and dry them on a paper towel

Venison frying

you also need to make pasta, so just follow the directions on the box, but, I like mine a little hard, so I cook penne, for instance, for about 7 - 9 minutes or until it's al dente.

But, after you are done frying the venison, check the thickness of the sauce..


and then plate your food, put a piece or two of meat on the plate, put the pasta on the dish, and then cover with sauce... then grate some parmesan cheese on top and call it done :)

Venison Parmigiana with Salsa di pomodoro alla siciliana
Fall table decorations