This week so far

I've been excited all week about tonight and Saturday.... we are doing the half time show at the local rodeo :)  So Friday is finally here..  It's been a busy busy week.  I rode Gracie all week, and threw Spartan in the mix a few times..  That poor boy.  Wednesday.. I finally found a bit that he stops and listens in.. the big o ring snaffle wasn't getting it.. But, I got him into a canter that was to die for.. I also had him side passing across the arena... I was really impressed... and he gave out on me.. So I gave him a few days off :)

Tonight, I'm going to Run Maggie...

But, I made a pot Roast the other day.. it was awesome..

I put a can of beef broth in the crock pot.. a 3lb chuck roast.  3 russet potatoes cut up, a packet of lipton onion soup mix, carrots, field peas and mushrooms and let that joker roll for about 8 hours on low..

then I Baked a Gingerbread Apple coffee cake.

Which I gave half of it to my parents.. and My father sent me a picture:

Yep, That is how he was eating it... hahaha...  
Oh, the washing machine is fixed.. I did a load of clothes, then put them in the dryer, went to go ride a horse and came back a hour or two later and the dryer was still on 60 minutes and tumbling away..... the clothes were still cold, and wet.  So I have jeans hanging all around the laundry room.. the Dryer gave out on me now... they REALLY don't make stuff like they used to..
Just like the broken toilet bowl.......  Bought a new one last night to fix the guest bathroom... got the old one out, cleaned up the wax ring, and went to get the base of the new one out of the box.. and what do you know.... broken... I really hate Lowe's.... they are understaffed and everything I buy from them is broken, Like the composite sink I bought that one time... took it out of the box and it was broken.. so I traded it for a cast iron one...  So that is about all...

Me as a baby


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