Virginia State Fair Bound......

We are taking the bloomer up to Virginia instead of the mobile home.. haha...

so we drug it out and got it all cleaned up..
We are also taking this to Amarillo, Texas in a few weeks, so we figured a maiden voyage to Virginia was better than getting stranded somewhere in between here and Texas :)

this week has been packed with stuff..
Tuesday night, we went to the 18th Annual Dairy Appreciation Supper banquet.. which was really nice :)

Super great seafood there as always..

Then Wednesday Night, I hosted my first District meeting, which went rather well :)

And Wednesday I cleaned the inside of that bloomer all out,  the doors on that joker hasn't been open in about a year, And when we opened it.. there was mold everywhere...
It has been so humid and damp with all the rain... I guess that is why It got like that.. but, Oh well...  a few bottles of  clorox wipes and some lysol later it's sparkling clean :)

I'm really excited about going to Virginia...  I love competing at the state fair.   I woke up early this morning all excited that I'll be eating a turkey leg for supper :)
I'm really excited to ride Gracie for real...  We have been to the Rodeo and to that Ranch Rodeo, but those rodeo arena's are small small....

So, I'm going to try to get some good shots of Tinys Amazing Grace and I this weekend...  She's a beautiful girl

Gracie and I on the left, Clint and Tattoo on the right

Gracie and I


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