Virginia State Fair Fun :)

When we got to the Fair.. the first place I went was to the turkey leg stand.... and got me some dinner...

I thought to myself while I was sitting there, ravaging the turkey leg..... that I should have been a viking... and I needed a horn full of mead :)

we got the horses settled in and said hello to our friends.. and that was about all that went on that night..

Here is Gracie and I on Saturday Morning...  we had a blast...  We spent the first stage figuring out her turns, and the second stage I was battling letting go and running real fast.. then the third stage I ran like a scalded dog and figured out that I couldn't shoot as fast as she ran.. and the 4th stage the wind was blowing the balloons around like mad so, I didn't do so good on that one.. but, it was a fast and fun time..

That night, we ventured over to the fair to check out the rest of the fair food...  I had a half of a chicken and some curly fries.. then we barreled on over to the apple crisp stand.. and I got an apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon... mmmmmhmmmmmm that was good!!!!
but, this morning, when I got up.. I was so sick to my stomach.. all that bad food doesn't sit well with me.. it's crazy...

Gracie and I on the last stage..she ran me out of my hat! look at the smile on my face haha

I had a blast.. so much so.. that I am now going to the Pennsylvania state shoot after the Georgia State and then to Amarillo Texas for the worlds...  this weekend in Georgia I will slow down a bit and hit my targets.. Pennsylvania I will fine tune my speed and then I hope to win at the worlds :)

Stopped here for fuel on the way home... haha


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