Well we woke up this morning, went to put out hay... And Clint started screaming my name and pointing.. I took off running because I was on the other side of the barn...  I turned the corner and I saw what he was yelling about.. I stopped dead in my tracks and went from panic ( because Maggie is out there in that pasture now) to shear jumping up and down joy.... 

remember back when, when I thought my buckskin mare, Sioux was preggers??
And the vet said no? Apparently she was bred.. And after a long debate of who could have bred her... It was stormy... 

I am so relieved she didn't have some crazy tumor.. Lol.. 

We haven't named the little filly yet.. But here she is ...


  1. Oh how cute! What a beautiful mare and baby. Congrats!!

  2. Thank you! I was completely shocked to see her.. but, happy shocked :)


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