What a Fiasco...

Cassanova (Cocaine) and his maidens...
Yesterday, I rode Ragnar for a little while.... and I had a great time...
Woke up this morning... and couldn't find the Stallion..... then found him out in the pasture with Maggie, Charly and Ragnar....  Ragnarok didn't care.. but, Maggie was acting like a hoe bag and who knows what happened between them... I found him mounted on her when I came back home with T-posts to fix the fence....
Lets talk about the fence...  dude got all caught up in the hog wire or something... but, he's ok, no problems.. just crushed the hell out of the fence..
I went to get a t-post hammer... since some jerk face that we know borrowed ours... so I get to the retarded store of Tractor supply.. and found out the hammers are only 29.99... who has horses and doesn't own fence repair tools?  obviously a cheap jerk face..  and I digress.. so.  I get into this crap store.. and all they have is the slide hammer with a spring... wtf.. is the spring for.. and its 49.99.... well that was the only one they have.. so after asking the sales guy why they didn't have any.. and why they ran out.. I just got that one..... and I found out why that was left there.....  IT SUCKS... I was going to return it after i used it anyways.... now I'm going to tell them what a POS it is.. haha
So I had to have my dad to help me... he got on the back of the truck and drove the t posts in with a sledge hammer.... and then we electrified the fence... now Cassanova can't get over with Maggie anymore....  and while I was putting up the wire.. he's following me around the yard.. and I kept telling him he was a bad horse and I was mad at him and he needed to leave me alone.. but, he wouldn't.... I think he knew I was mad at him....
I was pretty mad when this was going on.. but, now that I'm writing about it.. I really wasn't that mad overall.. haha   I was supposed to ride Kizzy today.. that will wait until tomorrow..
Last night


Ragnar and I last night

Ragnar all dolled up

Pretty Trees

The pond

Tuna casserole

Applesauce cake I made last night.


  1. Had to laugh at the hardware store hammer. As hubby says, consumer crap! LOL! He has a hell of a time looking for shovels! ha ha ha...


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