Baking the day away

Saturday I took Spartan down to a jumping barn in lexington and we decided he would make an awesome kids horse...  we were talking about him and said he needs to have pink splint boots and being loved on by a little girl.. he's such a sweet horse...
I'm sad to see him go though.. I'm going to show him either the first or second weekend in January..

I also go told I needed to run the SC jumping circuit... so I agreed.. and decided that Kizzy and I need to get back in shape..  and start doing that next year.. since we are only hitting up the big big competitions next year shooting...
I also have an opportunity to ride a 150k horse show jumping.....  :))

we are also going to get into aqua jumping... so I'm going to see if my Ragnarok will jump good :)

I love horse show friends..

Sunday there was a break in the weather and I decided that.... I had enough time to go for a short ride...  I hooked Ragnar up in the trailer that I call the English show trailer.. and off we went..
I get to this 4 mile loop.. and met a friend of mine up there... well we were at about 3 miles and it started raining.. I looked at her and she took off running, we ran about a mile back to the trucks.. I was a drowned rat by the time I got back :)

So after that mess I got home, Fed charlie in the rain... then the horses... and viola... I was drenched..
but, after I cleaned up and dry.. I decided to do some baking therapy...

baked Flounder, cabbage and Asparagus for dinner

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cranberry Bread

Bailey's Irish Cream Fudge


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