Thanksgiving Weekend.

Cocaine's First time crossing a river

Ragnar checking out the river we were about to cross
Thanksgiving was awesome..
I think my mom made the most bestest juiciest turkey ever.  we had Green Bean Casserole, Mac n Cheese, Oyster stuffing, Mom's stuffing, sweet potato casserole, home made cranberry sauce, Collards, broccoli and cheese casserole and giblet gravy... it was all very awesome..  For desert we had Cannoli's, Cheesecake,  pumpkin pie, some wine cake and Brownies....
mmm mmm everything was great :)

Except I started to feel sick.. like my whole body was aching... but, the next day we got up and drove to the mountains to ride the horses...
I grabbed Ragnarok and My cowboy got the stallion..  we decided to break these guys into the mountain life..

standing in the river

we had a good time riding.. but the best part of this story is at night, sitting around the campfire with this girl that claimed to be an expert on the cuban mafia, dobermans and chickens...
she started off by talking about how if her dad knew what happened in her last marriage, that the cuban mafia would have been involved...  not real sure how that would have happened, because she is about a whitebred as they come and she is definitely not Cuban... so I told her the Sicilian's were way more cooler than the cubans... she didn't agree.. but, whatever...
then, we got around to the subject of chickens... she really told us that she has a hen that lays 2 eggs a day... Which I told her that was impossible, and so did our friend Robert.... she insisted that her chicken lays two eggs a day... I told her she was smoking crack.. and she still insisted... so I told her to shut the hell up....  I was really getting pissed off about all that..  then she goes on to tell me that doberman's mature at 6 months old.... and blah blah blah.. I explained to her that I didn't feel they matured at 6 months... then she began to explain showing dogs... I told her I didn't give a rats ass about dog shows....  I mean it was ridiculous.. some people just should shut up and not have something to say about something they don't know.... seriously...
she also told me that my mini doberman was the furthest thing from a doberman that I could have bought...  there may be some truth to that.. but, I'm pretty sure she is an idiot.. and I think her moocher boyfriend was figuring out that I was about to get hostile towards her.. and he made her leave... hahah that was the end of Friday night.

Saturday we had a short ride in the woods and came home, I wasn't feeling too good..  I spent the rest of the night on the couch trying to stay warm... Sunday, we went to church, went to my parents for some leftovers.. and then came right back home.. I put on my pajamas and I went into full on couch potato mode...  I was sick..
I'm at work today I feel pretty good.. just stuff and crap.. but, We have the end of year cattleman's meeting tonight and tomorrow we have tickets to Charlie Daniels :)
Cannoli's from Thanksgiving! 


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