Trying to get in the Christmas Spirit.

I just sat down to write.. and I have my coffee next to me... I went to take my first big ole swig and I felt something hard hit the roof of my mouth.....  I held my comosure not to spit it out on the ground right here in the dining room.. but, to run to the kitchen sink..  I projectile spit it out and what was in there... a damn lady bug.... I used to like lady bugs.. think they were cute and all that crap.. until they moved in last year....   now this year they haven't been as bad.. but on any given day I sweep up about 50-100 of them... where they get in.. I have no idea.. but this house is almost 100 years old... so there is no telling....  ugh..

So, this picture above is the picture we put on our Christmas cards :)

I'm trying to feel christmassy.. but, I'm not into it this year.... I got the tree up.. but that "yay it's Christmas"  isn't in my head..  I've been a last minute shopper and last minute sending out the cards..
I have no idea what to get people for christmas...  I don't even really want anything...  My Cowboy asked me what I wanted and I had no idea... soo I thought about it real hard..and I would like a nice filigre sterrling silver Italian Horn... so I found it on ebay for 18 bucks... and last night he said "is that all you want.. it isn't much"...  that really is all I want...

I felt kinda stupid telling him I wanted an elf on a shelf....  so I told my mom I wanted one.... I was thinking.. If I had one of those when I was a kid... I would have really enjoyed the heck out of that thing.... I think next year (granted I get one)  I'm going to make him the mischevious elf.. hahah

I also told my dad I wanted an automatic skeet thrower.... but, i'm going to buy that no matter what...

I made fudge yesterday :)  I had one piece and boxed all the rest of it up so I can give it away to some of my favorite patients..

I took my office staff and their husbands out for dinner last night... it was very lovely.. we laughed and had a great time, with some awesome food.  Tuesday Night, we all went to branson on the road christmas show at the opera house.. I would love to say that was awesome.. but, I think I could have watched that infomercial on RFDTV later on... lol...  So I will know better next time hahah.
and yesterday i finally mailed off some Christmas presents that will just squeek by in the nick of time to Georgia and Arizona :)

Well, That is about all on the ranch front over here... 


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